A marijuana tent is an awesome way to get started with growing cannabis. As there are different stages of the growing such as seedlings, vegetative, flower, and harvesting cannabis tents allow you to separate light cycles, reduce smell, and help with discreetness with growing marijuana. We have tested some top industry grow tents to give you the run down on just how well they perform.

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Best Marijuana Tent and Cannabis Tent Kits

Looking for marijuana tents that have zero light leaks, great enhancement opportunities, and are smell proof? We reviewed all these grow tents to find you the best one for your needs. Are you just growing one plant or maybe you are going RDWC and need more room? Perhaps you plan on vegging much longer and need a grow tent that will extend higher. Take a look at all the marijuana tents we approved  and find the best one so you can get your harvest on.

Learn More About Marijuana Tents

Growing marijuana can be tough, so that’s why it’s important you have the fundamentals down. Whether you decide to build your own veg and flower room or you decide to start with a cannabis tent, it’s important you figure out how to set it up in the most efficient manner possible. Smell may be a primary concern so you will want to learn how to smell proof your marijuana tent along with the room containing the tent. Learn everything you need to about grow tents below.

Why Trust Our Research with Cannabis Tents

A few of our cannabis experts are, in fact, grow experts. They have worked with some of the biggest brands in Southern California growing premium strains such as Peanut Butter Runtz, Wookies, and Wedding cake strains. They understand what it takes for someone to succeed in their grow venture whether large or small. With over ten years of marijuana grow experience and a versatile understanding of growing 1,000 plant operations with LED and HID our experts take into account what you would need to have optimal success with your grow tent. From 2020 to 2021 we test three variations of grow tents on full harvest to give you the run down on what we think the best grow tents are. 

We also reached out to customers of grow tents through social media and comments to figure out just how they feel about their tent during seedling, vegetative, cloning, flowering, and harvest stage. We are looking for how well the grow tent measured in terms of air circulation, smell containment, plant height adjustment, sound, light leaks, and of course duration over time.

You can rest assured our product research will help you buy the best grow tent for your personal needs.

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