Best Rosin Press that Literally Crushes the Competition 2023

The Top 3 Rosin Press That
Literally Crushes the Competition

With the rise of so many rosin press machines now anyone can turn flower to rosin with a push of a button.

A rosin press was designed to extract and create some of the purest forms of THC concentrates. The amount of money you save from making your own concentrates makes these machines a sound investment.

Here are our top 3 picks for the best rosin press machines for 2023:

Helix Pro 5 Ton

rosin press

Best Overall
Rosin Press

Longs Peak

diy rosin press

Best Premium
Rosin Press

NugSmasher X

best rosin press

Best Budget
Rosin Press

Best Rosin
Press Machine 2023

A rosin press is certainly a revolutionary machine that was invented to extract and create the highest THC concentrates for all you dab lovers out there. Here are the best rosin presses you can find on the market for 2023 tested by our staff.

Best All-Around Rosin Press of 2023

rosin press machine

Helix Pro 5 Ton Manual Rosin Press


Manufactured in Denver, Colorado, this Helix Pro 5 ton rosin press was remarkable in terms of functionality, consistency, and performance, which made it the ultimate overall rosin press machine for both newbies and those who are more familiar. It’s smaller in size when compared to other ones on the market which makes it perfect for home use if needed.

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Best Budget Rosin Press

cheap rosin press

NugSmasher X 3 Ton Rosin press


This NugSmasher X rosin press machine was our favorite pick for best budget rosin press due to the fact that it was the lowest price point we found that still delivered high value, quality, and functionality. Though there are others on the market for lower prices, they either needed more attachments or scored very low on pressure performance, which for us, was not practical. 

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Best Premium Rosin Press

pure pressure rosin press

Longs Peak 8 Ton Rosin Press


This was our top choice for best premium rosin press simply due to the high efficiency of yields as well as exceptional consistency and performance. It was a tough call for us to make between this and the Helix Pro, but this won us over with their added features and benefits. The quality of rosin extracted from this machine was absolutely stunning and remarkable to our team, as we immediately fell in love with this 8 ton pressure beauty.

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Research Behind Helix Pro Rosin Press

rosin presses
  • Includes a drip tray (collects resin residue)
  • Product does not need an air compressor in order to function
  • Includes magnetic clips (helps keep parchment paper in place) and features two precisely-calibrated 7”x 2.5” aluminum plates that can heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Temperature accuracy to 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • Rectangle plates (shape maximizes the perimeter of your press)
  • Easy to twist press (manually operated)
  • Squishes less than other presses, but produces more yeild.
  • Great Pricing
  • Even heat distribution
  • Almost all previous customers were happy


  • Can only press up to 12 grams of flower or 20+ grams of sift or hash per cycle.
  • 5 tons of pressure force (10,000 lbf) output (maximum capacity)

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It was a tough call to make between the 10 rosin press machines we tested, as they all were lovely in their own way, each providing a different value and quality depending on what you are looking for.

The Helix Pro rosin press stood out particularly because of the high-quality rosin production, higher yields, as well as how easy it was to use. We loved the overall design and function of this device and how they include extra tools and items for you to utilize. Helix Pro will not fail you by any means when looking for an exceptional all-around rosin press. It was consistent with results which told us this was properly designed.

We highly recommend this pure pressure rosin press, but just be aware that this is a machine for the advocate smoker, hence the potency of the powerful THC extraction this machine will provide.

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Truly A High Quality Rosin Press (Precision of Rosin Output)

"If you are looking for a rosin press that was built based on extracting everything the cannabis plant has to offer, then you'll be happy with this product. The Helix Pro is my 3rd press that I have used. I have not used any of my other presses since my first extraction with the Helix. The software, plates, screw, gives greater control that far exceeds my other presses. My Helix pro allows me to save the specific strains that come from my licensed producer."

Arthur L.

I loved just how great of an experience this user had in regards to the Helix Pro, after all, it was our favorite pick for best overall pure pressure rosin press.

Just like Arthur, we had the same satisfactory experience with this device, as it did not lack any vital components in what makes a great rosin press, such as accurate temperature settings, high-quality consistency, and uniform heat distribution.

There are rosin presses out there that are cheaply made that have poor heat dispense among heat plates which leads to low-quality rosin production.

You are already using a decent amount of dry flower or cannabis product for your press, so you want to be sure you are making and getting the best out of each squish or squeeze.

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Even Heat Distribution Among Heat Plates

Let’s dive right into why even heat distribution matters and just how essential it is in determining the output of your rosin production.

Heat melts down the trichomes along with other vital compounds into a sticky thick-like consistency. Without a uniform heat distribution among the plates, you can count on low-quality rosin to be produced.

Aside from the fact that you are poorly utilizing your precious cannabis, you are also wasting your time when it comes to buying any cheap rosin presses online. This is a powerful process that shouldn’t involve shortcuts, for the only thing you will be shorting, is yourself.

The Helix Pro did an astounding job at making sure all parts of the plate were accurately and evenly spreading the heat across the entire surface area. Uneven dispensing of heat will never be an issue when using this pure pressure rosin press.

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What Was the Cannabis Input to Yield Ratio?

"This machine was absolutely awesome. I've been pressing concentrates for my own personal use and loved the outcome of each press. High quality and super easy to use!

Kareema C.

Since the Helix Pro had a maximum capacity of compressing 12 grams of flower, we wanted to aim for at least a 30% return or more, which would bring us to around 3 grams of rosin.

After setting up and getting the press to the desired temperature and pressure, we finally let the machine do its magic as the team waited with anticipation. The results came close to about 2.8 grams of White Walker OG rosin, which we were still happy with!

This was only the first trial and as we got more accustomed to the machine and settings, we were able to finally produce up to 3.5 grams of rosin in one press on our final day of testing.

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Research Behind Best Budget NugSmasher X Rosin Press Machine

electric rosin press
  • Accurate Digital Temperature Control NS710
  • NugSmasher® X bag, One size bag fits all (3g-14g) comes in 4 different micron sizes
  • Consistent Yields
  • Precision extraction plate alignment with rods & bearings
  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed
  • Guarantees precision extraction
  • Circuit Protection
  • Pricing was the best for value and quality received
  • All previous customers were happy
  • The Edges are Easily Scratched

Generally when people hear cheap or even budget, they are instantly deterred as they automatically associate it with low and poor grade quality.

We understand that and made a note to choose and pick the best affordable option without ever sacrificing value on your end. NugSmasher X was the perfect fit despite lower percent yields due to the capacity that it can press at a given time.

There were other higher-priced options and versions for NugSmasher X, but we factored in our users and found that creating large quantities is not ideal for the average smoker. 

After going through over 100 reviews, we noticed a pattern that there were many who appreciated being able to press in increments of 1/8ths at a time so that they can have the desired amount for how often they smoke.

Smaller amounts of rosin were also ideal for those who were starting out or just getting familiar with rosin presses, and therefore didn’t necessarily need or want to produce large quantities at a time.

Lastly, not everyone is walking around with endless cannabis, so NugSmasher X was the best budget pick for the average smoker who just wants to make delicious dabs and concentrates for themselves!  

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Consistent Rosin Quality Results are Essential

"I used to make my own presses with DIY methods but thankfully have made the transition to a real rosin press machine. I have never gotten more accurate results each time which is now my favorite method of extraction by far!"

Shaun L.

We’ve said it multiple times throughout this article because of just how important consistency is in all rosin presses. If you can’t count on getting the same results or even close, what is the point of spending money on a machine that doesn’t even function properly?

It’s more common for those using a DIY rosin press or even really cheaply made presses, and affects the overall experience you have with rosin production.

That’s why this NugSmasher X was so awesome because, for the great price, it not only gets the job done, but it gets it done efficiently and effectively while delivering high-quality results.

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Great Functioning Design and Portability When Needed

There are many large rosin presses out there that are more targeted to those looking for commercial use, which right off the bat, isn’t ideal for those who are just searching for a decent average size press that is more practical.

This NugSmasher X was big and powerful enough to produce quality rosin while still being the perfect fit to store in your home. This pure pressure rosin press is not only home use friendly, but if you need to, you can easily disassemble and put it back together, which makes for a portable machine.

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Ease of Set Up & Function

"This was my first rosin press I've ever purchased, and I can say I am sooo happy with it! Although not new to concentrates, I have never personally tried to make them myself. I thought it would take me forever to put together and assemble but it took me a total of 30min before everything was up and running! Can't wait to show my results and just how well this press works."

Anthony J.

We found Anthony through social media and were happy he was able to have a seamless time getting everything together and correctly set up. 

A rosin press no matter how big or small can be quite intimidating due to all the intricate parts and buttons involved, but once you slowly start putting everything together, the rest is just plug and play. On top of the simple setup, the function of the rosin press was also easy to handle and use.

You can choose your temperature setting along with their one-touch automatic operation for when you are ready to press.

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Research Behind Best Premium Longs Peak Rosin Press

portable rosin press
  • Equipped emergency stopper
  • LCD touch screen for more consistency and control
  • 29 Pre set recipes
  • 100% aluminum plates (each with its own thermocouple)
  • Rosin press comes with two orientation legs (allows for press to operated both vertically or horizontally)
  • 2x the processing output
  • Remarkable packaging quality
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Needs an Air Compressor
  • More Expensive because Press is Larger and Reaches Higher Pressures

If you are looking for a bigger rosin press with more pressure, this is the go-to. Longs Peak is able to produce and press more rosin than both the other options with 60% more force.

Over 80% of all contacted reviews were satisfied with this product and its overall performance. We personally loved this machine just because it had more versatility than the others and more beneficial features, such as their emergency stopper.

The design itself was also outstanding and not even near what you would call low quality. Not to mention the end result of using this pure pressure rosin press was absolutely amazing with its rosin production.

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The Amazing Quality and Design of this Pure Pressure Rosin Press

"More than happy with this pure pressure machine. Not only does it make the desired amount I'm looking for, but the consistency and quality was consistent every time!

Sean I.

We have said it before, that there are rosin presses out there on the market that although may get the job done, does it terribly. You end up cutting yourself short of cannabis products or wasting it all together.

Then there are some that may appear to be decently designed but completely lack quality, efficiency, and consistency, while causing you to do more work to press the rosin.

After opening and setting up the Longs Peak, we immediately noticed the remarkable layout of the device as we could tell there was much effort in every detail of the press, from the materials used to the added features such as the orientation legs.

It was also super easy to use and put together without any major complications, which truly made this piece a favorite for the team.

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How Consistent Were The Results for Every Trial?

Consistency is vital, especially when using a powerful machine such as this. That’s why we made sure to run each test with the same strain and the same settings each time, in order to get the most accurate data.

It took a couple of tries to get ourselves adjusted to the machine itself, but by the third run, we were able to get almost identical results for each pressing session after that.

This is what made us fall in love with this pure pressure press, as it did not fail by any means in delivering consistently high-quality rosin. 

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The Solvent-less Extraction in A Pure Pressure Rosin Press

The fact that this pure pressure rosin press uses a solventless extraction is by far our most favorite thing about this machine.

By method of a solventless extraction, you are getting an isolated product as compared to using a solvent derived one such as butane or alcohol and getting what is called dissolution-meaning more of the plant material (trichome head) is being dissolved into the resin instead of separating it.

It is best to stray away from using those types of products mentioned earlier such as CO2, butane, and alcohol as you want to get the most out of your cannabis and therefore press the highest extraction possible while retaining potency and quality.

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What is a Rosin Press?

A rosin press is a machine that is used to extract THC or cannabinoids using controlled temperatures and pressure. They have what is called heat plates that are used for heating up and extracting the cannabis into what we then collect and call rosin. What measures the effectiveness of a rosin press is if there is enough applied pressure so heat can be lowered enough to avoid any degradation. Too high of a temperature and you actually lose potency in your product, so it is best to stick with a high quality rosin press machine.

How to Press Kief Into Rosin

When trying to press kief into rosin, it is important to understand that it all depends solely on the type of rosin press machine you are using, since they all require different steps and instructions or operating. With that said, I can only give you pointers on factors such as temperature, pressure, and pressing time as a guideline to use for whichever device you currently have. 

  1. Start at 180°F with a pressing time of 65 seconds where you can adjust from there. (Ideally, you want to keep the temperature lower, but gradually increase the pressing time.)
  2. It is recommended to be between the pressures of 400 to 800 psi for kief
  3. Temperature recommendation is between 170° and 190° F.

By not degrading the terpenes from too high of a heat setting or temperature, you will be able to get good yields due to the longer pressing time.

What Temperature to Press Rosin

Just as we mentioned previously above, all rosin press machines are not only different from each other, but they operate differently as well. Therefore, we can only provide a guideline to refer to such as recommended temperatures to use no matter the type of device you own.

We recommend starting your press at 180 degrees (this helps evaporate moisture) and then slowly elevating to higher temperatures at a gradual rate. 220°F is the best pressing temperature for kief (but you mustn’t ever start out at that temp.)

Starting at too hot of a temperature on a moist product could potentially cause a “blow out” so avoid increasing temperatures too high, too fast.

What Makes a High Quality Rosin Press?

There is quite a lot that goes into what makes a high quality rosin press, just because there are so many intricate details and factors to look for. However, there are vital elements to note before purchasing one of your own. Let’s take a look through what really matters when finding a premium rosin press machine.

Using High Quality Heat Plates With Even Heat Distribution

Avoid any cheaply made rosin presses or even DIY methods unless you are well equipped and have all the proper materials needed for a quality extraction. While the process behind a concentrate  extraction may sound simple, applying or actually implementing it is a totally different ball game that should not involve shortcuts in order to achieve the best results.

A top factor in this are the heat plates. Size, material, and how well heat can be evenly distributed among the plates are absolutely vital when dealing with rosin press machines, as they are what determine the end result. Uneven heat distribution will also cause lower potency levels which results to lower grade or quality product.

Great Functionality and Design

Another key component to look for is if the rosin press machine itself functions not only effectively but also consistently. When we were going through the different rosin presses, we noticed almost instantaneously whether or not the machine was properly designed, just by looking at the materials, features, and seeing how durable the overall rosin press was.

Lacking in any of these areas should be a red flag since you ideally want a reliable machine and not one that will fail you halfway through. Aluminum heat plates are highly recommended for the best possible results. 

Quality and Consistency Must Match

Another important element to look for and possibly one of the more essential ones, is product quality and yield consistency. You should be able to know exactly what you are producing in terms of amount and your results should be identical every time or close, for it to be considered effective. Quality of the product should not be off or inconsistent regardless of the amount of presses.

It can take a few trials to find the right switching of temperature and pressure settings before finding that perfect consistency, so be sure to have fun with the different options and stay away from cheaply made rosin press machines!

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Rosin Press

Here at Cannassentials we make sure to only provide users with the best options for the best quality, so that you can make the most out of every penny, knowing what you get, no matter the selection, will be well worth the money.

This particular experiment was a very satisfying one, as we had the opportunity to be operate powerful rosin press machines that produced premium quality concentrates.

 I personally fell in love with the rosin press so much I ended up owning one myself, and it is the best thing ever. I’ve even used it in some of our testings for oil rigs, so I highly recommend this to anyone who loves THC concentrates, or even those who love CBD. It can work for both! We have reviewed over 20 rosin presses, bought and tested 10, just so we could give you the top 3 best rosin presses of 2023!

We hope our research and testing have helped give you a better understanding and knowledge about cannabis extraction while also providing you with the best available ones on the market. 

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