Best Coffee Mug Pipe for Wake and Bake 2023

Best Coffee Mug Pipe for Wake and Bake 2023

(We Bought 10 of the Most Popular Weed Mugs to Find Which One Truly Was the Best)

There is nothing better than waking and baking, first thing in the morning, with a coffee mug pipe.

Did you know that it’s scientifically proven that using a wake and bake mug can help transition you into your alpha state which is where you are much more focused and productive?

Caffeine and THC also have surprising physical and mental benefits to your body that we will discuss below.

After reviewing 40 weed mugs and testing 10 of them with our cannabis experts, we unraveled the positive effects of THC in your brain after waking up and which three coffee mug pipes were our favorite. Scroll below to see the best coffee mug bong for your needs to kick start your morning with a good ole wake and bake sesh.

Why You Should Wake and Bake in The Morning | 3 Benefits of THC and Caffeine

Skull Shaped

coffee mug pipe

Best Overall
Weed Mug Pipe

Roast & Toast

wake and bake mug

Best Premium
Weed Mug Pipe

Wake and Bake

wake n bake mug

Best Budget
Weed Mug Pipe

Wake & Bake The Right Way With A Coffee Mug Pipe

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 coffee mug pipes?

  • We Reviewed over 40 Coffee Mug Pipes
  • We Bought 10 of the best weed mugs.
  • We Tested the 10 weed pipe coffee mug to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their bong held up.
cannabis products

We tested 10 coffee cup pipes of various materials from ceramic to glass with many different bowl positioning’s as well. We based our decision off how big the bowls were, how well it functioned, and how easy they were to clean. As your coffee cup pipe experts, we have researched and written cannabis articles on various stoner accessories including weed gas masks and weed pipes. Which made it easier to compare them to the functions of other smoking accessories.

If you are new to pipe mugs, then we highly recommend you skip below to learn: what is a coffee cup weed pipe. These cool smoking accessories can be a fun way to wake and bake, by yourself or with friends.

Pro-tip: This article is equipped with Quick Skip function so you can save time and navigate to what section is most helpful. Click here to skip below and get started and find out which mug pipes we felt was worth the spend. 

Best Coffee Mug Pipe Index

Best Coffee Mug Pipe of 2023

Mug pipes are amazing. Their different designs tell a lot about your personality, and the function of them is great for knocking out two birds with one stone. Roasting and toasting. This gives coffee cup pipes a huge advantage over using a pipe to smoke and drinking out of a coffee cup separately. Take a look at our top 3 recommendations for best coffee cup weed pipes.

Best Coffee Mug Pipe for Everyday Use

coffee mug water pipe

Skull Shaped Ceramic Mug Pipe


The skull art on this wake n bake mug immediately caught our attention with its beautifully crafted design. Upon testing out this weed coffee mug, we found there were more to this wake and bake mug pipe than meets the eye. It has a bowl at the base and is made from 100% ceramic, making it able to withstand high temperatures. This makes it perfect for the freshest and hottest cup of coffee!.

Skip below to see our research on this best overall mug pipe.

A Premium Double Layer Ceramic Coffee Mug Pipe

Roast and Toast Coffee Mug Pipe


This premium ceramic pipe mug was the perfect wake and bake mug that was efficient and easy to use. It has a sturdy base for holding caffeine or tea, while allowing for the most powerful hits to the dome. The mouthpiece is in the perfect placement, making it easy to hit while drinking your coffee when needed. 

Skip below to see our research on this premium coffee mug pot pipe.

Best Coffee Mug Pipe With an Unmatched Price

wake and bake coffee mug pipe

Wake and Bake Coffee Mug Pipe


This wake and bake mug is the perfect pick for those looking for a quality duo pipe cup. You get to enjoy your mornings with your favorite cup of coffee and favorite weed strain at the same time!We loved this wake and bake mug pipe for its simple but sturdy and reliable design. Not to mention this weed coffee mug has a carb feature for controlling airflow to amplify your hits.

Skip below to see our research on this best budget mug pipe.

Science Behind Wake n Bake and Your Brain

coffee mug bowl

Have you ever been curious about how a wake n bake effects you so intensely in the morning? We have too, which is why we did some research on what exactly happens to your brains after using your wake and bake mug. 

Smoking weed in the morning has some surprising benefits to how your mood, productivity, and overall state of mind. 

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Using a Wake and Bake Mug Helps You Stay In Your Alpha State

Upon wakening, your brain waves transition from delta to theta, and lastly alpha.

Marijuana has been proven to enhance your alpha state and better improve your overall state of mind, especially in the mornings. It’s no wonder having a handy wake and bake mug for your first toke can do so much more than giving you an amplified high.

In a study done by Ana Lorga, two subjects were tested on their brain waves prior to smoking cannabis and after. According to another neurologist,

 “It was clear that the cerebral rhythm was faster after smoking and that wave amplitude was larger – which doesn’t  mean that things function chaotically, but that the brain is in a higher alert state.”  – Laura Craciun, neurologist commenting on Ana Lorga’s findings.

In addition to these findings, it is also proven that you tend to stay in the theta state for quite some time before fully transitioning to alpha. In other words, you are typically less stimulated and more groggy in the mornings before your brain is fully awake and alert.

Since alpha waves have shown a correlation between creative thinking while reducing depressive symptoms, we can conclude that increasing how long we can hold that alpha state for, will impact how you function or better yet, start your day. This is why a wake and bake mug can provide so much more benefits than simply getting you stoned. A coffee mug pipe allows you to not only get into your alpha state quicker, but it also allows you to stay in that state for longer periods of time than you would normally without smoking.

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How a Wake n Bake Mug Helps You Achieve Your Most Intense High

A wake and bake mug is the perfect way to reach the most powerful high of the day. There is nothing for cannabinoids in your system to compete with first thing in the morning, therefore, allowing THC to hit you much more intensely. 

When you wake up from sleeping and decide to hit your wake and bake mug pipe, THC is hitting an exhausted body with an empty stomach. The results are similar to why certain medications recommend eating before-hand to reduce the effects. When it comes to your wake n bake however, feeling that enormous high is exactly what you want!

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What Your Brain Looks Like After a Wake and Bake Mug Pipe Sesh

When you smoke marijuana, THC enters your bloodstream very quickly as compared to other methods of consumption. Therefore, delivering you an almost instantaneous high. When you use a coffee mug pipe for your first smoke in the morning however, THC is hitting a tired and drained body, which allows you to feel its effects much more intensely.

According to a study it was shown that “…marijuana users had more structural connectivity in the orbitofrontal cortex network…” which suggests that smoking weed allows users to be much more in tune and interested with their internal world more than there external. We’ve all heard how people have came up with some brilliant and creative ideas after smoking, and now we know why! 

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How Caffeine and a Wake n Bake Mug Can Set Your Mood For the Day

pipe mug

We can all agree coffee in the morning is a great way to jump start your day. What if we told you, you could enhance the effects of caffeine as well as cancel out the negative side effects by simply using a wake and bake mug?

Studies have shown that the combination of caffeine and THC tend to offset headaches, migraines, and a racing heart. Marijuana is known to have calming effects on the body which allows you to relax, while coffee on the other hand will provide alertness. Together, they provide an almost neutral effect that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds while being able to focus on what you need to, such as work. 

Wake n Bake and Caffeine Fights Unpleasant Moods ​

Caffeine is a stimulant that effects your central nervous sytem. This means, as soon as it reaches your brain, you are noticably alert. The issue is, it’s not uncommon for that alertness to bleed into an overwhelming amount of anxiety. This is where a weed pipe coffee mug comes into play. By using your weed coffee mug, THC will hit your body almost instantly, balancing out those anxiety driven feelings and alleviate the headaches that come with caffeine in the process.

If you’re someone who is easily frustrated or prone to anxiety, whether work related or personal, a wake and bake mug may be your solution to alleviating your discomforts. 

By choosing a wake n bake sesh in the morning with your handy wake and bake mug pipe, you can help level out or take away your unpleasant moods instantly. Not only are you likely to have a happier and more relaxed start to your day, but you will have an easier time maintaining that mood. 

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Using a Wake and Bake Mug Helps Mindfulness and Awareness

Using a coffee mug pipe to achieve your most intense high of the day also comes with other advantages. Because marijuana helps calm and keep your anxiety levels down, it allows you to be able to focus on things that need attention -This can be work related or personal priorities and tasks for the day. Caffeine also blocks the effects of adenosine which is what allows us to feel awake and alert. Too much of it, will give you anxiety which is why choosing to wake and bake with your coffee mug pot pipe is such a wonderful idea to level you out.

Not to mention a weed coffee mug pipe delivers powerful and strong hits since there is no water filtration or percolators to cool your smoke down. This makes your high that much more intense, allowing you to enjoy a more lasting high. A lasting high equals a longer lasting time frame of feeling good and being mindful along the way! Also, when your high, you tend to zone in more on certain tasks at hand, helping your level of awareness.

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Caffeine and a Wake and Bake Mug Aids in Productivity and Creative Thinking

Cannabis has been shown to contribute to divergent thinking. By using such a simple smoking device such as a wake n bake mug, you can easily tap into your creative thinking process and expand your thoughts. This can alleviate stresses from work, physical activities, and overall mental state, while allowing you to explore more of your genius side. 

Caffeine will help keep your body alert while THC will neutralize the negative effects. Next time you hit that mug pipe for your wake n bake sesh, grab yourself a journal and pen to jot down sparked ideas. You’d be surprised to find out what new things you’ll discover and ponder on with a coffee mug pipe.

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A Wake and Bake Mug Helps Alleviate Depressive Symptoms

It has already been proven that THC can help alleviate negative emotions and feelings such as intense anxiety or stress. A study done in 2014 showed that 64% of participants showed an immediate decrease in pain and anxiety which also suggested that “Introducing cannabis into the system may help restore normal levels and function. This may ease symptoms of depression.” – HealthLine

So if you ever thought a coffee mug pipe only served the purpose of getting you stoned, think again. A wake n bake mug has more healing properties and benefits than you’d think.

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The Perfect Daily Driver Weed Pipe Coffee Mug

wake and bake mug pipe
  • Amazing Design
  • High Quality Ceramics
  • Microwave Safe
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Use
  • Sturdy and Durable Design
  • Great Placement of Carb Hole
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • No Water Filtration Resulting in Harsher Hits

During the research to bring you the best coffee mug pipe, we learned that not all pipe mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. We found a great functioning weed mug that does all the things other coffee cup pipes can do but that also has additional pluses. The Roast & Toast sugar skull weed coffee mug bong won best overall due to multiple reasons. Find out all the highlights of this coffee mug bowl below.

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Great Design and Functionality in a Weed Pipe Coffee Mug

"The best thing to wake up in the morning to. I look forward to getting out of bed these days now that I have this cup to look forward to! I've tried a few other options but this one seems to be the besst functioning."

Samantha P.

This coffee mug pipe won best for overall daily use due to its remarkable yet simple design. Not only was this coffee mug with pipe in handle super durable and easy to use, but the mouthpiece was shaped perfectly for your lips to be rested on while smoking. We also can’t forget about the eye catching skull design!

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A Cannabis Mug Pipe With a Well Balanced Bowl to Cup Size

We realized you don’t really want to smoke out of a coffee mug bong that doesn’t have a decent size bowl, right? With the size of the bowl on the Roast & Toast Weed Cup we tested to see how much weed could fit in the bowl and it came out to .5 grams of finely ground weed. The size bowl to size cup ratio came out to about even. It took about the same time to smoke the weed and is it did to finish the coffee. You can’t ask for much more than that.

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An Accommodating Weed Coffee Mug With Easy Handling

"When it comes to smoking and drinking out of the same cup, the thing is, it must be easy and make sense to be able to do both. I've dealt with too many coffee mug pipes that just don't make sense to smoke out of. This is the first coffee mug cup that I've tried that is super simple to use!"

Gelly S.

The easiest to clean, the best bowl to cup ratio, and now, ease of use. When you wake up with a nice cup of coffee and at the same time, calm the anxiety with a great bowl of weed, there’s truly nothing better. The positioning of the carb, bowl, and mouthpiece, is what makes this coffee mug pipe so easy to use. We reached out to real customer, Tyler, who said smoking out of it his coffee mug bowl was “easy and clean”. 

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A Premium Coffee Pipe Mug With an Outstanding Ceramic Design

the wake n bake mug
  • Amazing Design
  • Made of Ceramic
  • Holds Approximately 10 oz.
  • Smoke Fills Up Handle to Mouthpiece
  • Enjoy a Smoke with Steaming Coffee
  • Designed With Two Layers of Ceramic
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping Arrived on Time and Packaging Quality Was Great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Carb Hole Placement Was a Little Awkward for Some Users.

We thought this coffee cup pipe would be great to try because it was designed to function simply, but also because of its durable and reliable design. We went through 92 reviews of this seller to be sure customer service was set to our premium standards in terms of functionality, efficiency, and overall consistency. 

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A Coffee Mug Bowl With Two Layers of Ceramic For a Better Smoking Experience

"Bought this for my hubby and he loved it ! "

Jessica U.

For the price, this premium ceramic mug pipe was a fan favorite. The other pipe mugs we tested were nice looking, but they didn’t have the design of this coffee cup pipe. With two layers of ceramic material, this weed mug pipe is one thing we were really impressed with. This allows you to have a better and smoother smoking experience.

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A Mug Pipe With a Functioning Carb Hole Placement

The carb hole being placed directly in the place your thumb goes when holding any original coffee mug is what gave this coffee mug pipe the best functioning. During testing we realized what makes a premium mug pipe. When you don’t have to change how you utilize the carb hole and hand placement, there’s not much learning you have to do to wake and bake mug sesh. Although the placement was slightly awkward according to some users, all it took was a little adjustment on how the mug was held.

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A Coffee Mug Bowl With Super Easy Cleaning and Dishwasher Friendly

"I bought this originally not knowing that you can smoke weed out of it. I smoke weed all day everyday which is probably why i didn't notice. So you can say I really surprised myself with this gift when I realized I could smoke my morning bud and drink coffee out of the same CUP!"

Jordan B.

In order for a mug pipe to function to our premium standard, the size of the bowl must be big enough, the place of the carb hole must be easy to access, the size of the cup must be big enough, and then there’s the add-ons we look for. In this case, the fact that this coffee cup pipe is dishwasher safe made for an easy pick to test. During testing we found that this one was the best for daily use. We tested how easy it was to smoke out of, how high we got, and then how easy it was to clean. We did scrape out the burnt resin before putting it in the dishwasher and found that helped keep the bowl part clean.

During research, we read through 13 pages of comments to come to the conclusion that this coffee mug pipe was easy to clean. The fact that it is made out of ceramic made it easy to get resin out of the bowl. 

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Best Functioning Budget Weed Pipe Coffee Mug

wake n bake coffee mug
  • Amazing Design
  • Includes Mouthpiece in Handle and Carb
  • Large Cup – Can Hold 11 0z.
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Enjoy Your Coffee at Any Time of Day
  • Smoke Weed and Drink Coffee Together
  • Shipping Arrived on Time and Packaging Quality Was Great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • No Water Filtration to Cool Down Hits

If you have done a bit of browsing you are going to notice that there are plenty of mug pipes on the market. There are some that are pricey, there are some that are cheaper, and there are some that are in between. In order to try a coffee mug pipe, we recommend starting out with one on the lower end of the price spectrum, just to get a taste. You can certainly upgrade to premium later. In our research we found that the less expensive coffee cup weed pipe got the job done, just as nicely.

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A Nice Toke of Marijuana at the Fraction of the Cost

"Bought this with little expectations and as more of a gag. Love this thing and cannot have a morning without it. Worth its price and more."

Jon G.

Being able to dose and drink coffee simultaneously is a great invention. When we tested this mug pipe for bowl size, we found that it doesn’t hold but about .3 grams of coarsely ground weed and up to .5 grams of finely ground weed. During testing, we found when using premium cannabis, it doesn’t take that much to get a good little high rolling in the morning. Some like to microdose first thing in the AM. The size of this bowl makes for an easy way to do that.

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A Wake and Bake Mug With a Comfortable Mouthpiece Placement

There’s nothing like having a mug pipe with a proper and optimal placement for the mouthpiece. Some designs while may look cool, are not exactly designed for comfort. This pipe coffee mug allows you to easily rest your lips on the mouthpiece, making it easy to take the perfect inhale!   

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A Coffee Mug Pipe That Can Hold Large Quantities of Coffee

"This coffee mug was the perfect cup for smoking in the mornings and even at night. I take some massive rips in the morning with my coffee and switch to tea at night when im ready for my last sesh. Happy with my mug!"

Leena H.

Nothing is better than having a wake and bake mug that can hold almost double the amount of caffeine or tea. No more having to get up to make that second cup when you can double up with this awesome wake and bake mug pipe. Holding up to 11 oz. of liquid, this is a coffee mug you can smoke weed out of comfortably and confidently!

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What is a Coffee Mug Pipe?

A coffee cup weed pipe is a coffee mug and a weed pipe in one. This all-in-one function of smoking weed first thing in the morning at the same time and in the same thing as drinking your morning coffee. 

How Do You Efficiently Pack a Coffee Mug Pipe

Packing a weed bowl coffee mug is easy:

  1. Grind your weed.
  2. Pack finely ground weed into bowl.
  3. Pull slowly while releasing the carb hole.
  4. Blow out into mouthpiece to ash, or wait until you’re done with your coffee.

    Pro Tip: By quickly releasing and covering the carb hole on your coffee mug pipe while inhaling, you are producing more THC smoke for every hit. 

How to Use a Weed Mugs for Beginners

Using the mug pipe is simple:

  1. Place the cannabis in the bowl chamber.
  2. Place your fingers over the carb hole.
  3. Light the cannabis and fill the mug handle with smoke.
  4. Release your finger from the carb hole to clear the pipe smoke into your lungs.
  5. Sip your coffee, with a weed bowl coffee mug and enjoy a true roast and toast experience.

What Makes a High Quality Coffee Cup Weed Pipe?

Steamroller pipes have a very unique design. The entire functionality depends on the placement of carb hole to bowl ratio. Additionally, the size of the bowl to the size of the cup ratio is key for user preference in a weed pipe coffee mug. The rest of what makes a coffee cup pipe high quality depends on the material it is made from and also the ease and care of maintenance. Take a look at what makes a high quality mug pipe weed.

A Weed Coffee Mug With a Remarkable Carb Hole Function

Where the carb hole is in relation to the bowl is what makes the function of weed mugs high quality. The preference of where your carb hole and bowl is is what is going to help you determine which coffee cup pipe is right for you.

A Weed Pipe Coffee Mug That Will Stand the Test of Time

In addition to a coffee mug pipe being easy to use, the material it is made out of is going to determine how easy it is to clean and last. An easy function mug pipe with a durable design is a high quality coffee mug pipe. No one smoking and drinking out of the same thing at the same time is going to want to deal with a hard to clean pipe mug.

A Coffee Mug Pipe With a Balanced Bowl to Cup Ratio

When you drink a lot of coffee and you smoke a lot of weed, having a coffee cup pipe that has a big cup and a big bowl is ideal. When you microdose your coffee and your marijuana, you probably prefer a smaller cup with a smaller bowl. If you drink a lot of coffee and smoke a little pot, or vice versa, you will want a proper bowl to cup ratio.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Coffee Cup Pipe

As your reveiwers and testers with a full lifetime of weed smoking behind us, we’ve seen it all when it comes to crazy weed smoking accessories. As avid pot heads and coffee snobs, the invention of the coffee cup pipe made the most sense for us to try. When searching for the newest stoner accessories, the coffee mug pipe caught our eye immediately.

Now, testing for such a thing became part of our morning routine. When you have a cupboard filled with the best designed weed pipe mugs, it’s hard to choose which one you’ll use. After testing multiple carb and bowl placements, we were able to bring you what we thought to be the best pipe mug based on certain preferences. Now you can find the best coffee cup bowl for weed.

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