3 of the Best Rolling Trays for the versatile stoner (2023)

3 of the Best Rolling Trays
For the Versatile Stoner (2023)

As every stoner grows up there comes a time when we have to toss out that resin-covered, magazine we have been using as a rolling tray.

Rolling trays were designed to give your hands stable support to roll the perfect blunts and joints while helping to preserve trichomes.

These are the top 3 best weed rolling trays you will find on the market today:


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Best Overall
Rolling Tray


rolling trays

Best Premium
Rolling Tray

Digital Design

weed rolling tray

Best Budget
Rolling Tray

Top 3 Best Rolling
Trays You Must See

Knowing what makes a great weed rolling tray is what is going to make the biggest difference in the quality of your smoking experience. Here is   Take a look at our top 3 recommendations for best weed rolling trays of 2023:

Best Smoke
Tray for Daily Use

cool rolling trays

CC Custom Rolling Tray Set


Brought to you by the wonderful world of Etsy, this custom weed rolling tray has everything you need to efficiently roll up, on a daily basis. This rolling tray got the job done, effectively, for a great price. Plus it is handmade and elegant. You will love the following features of this cannabis rolling tray: Skip below to see our research on best custom rolling tray.

Best priced
marijuana tray

smoke trays

Digital Design Cannabis Tray


When it comes to making purchases while on a budget, the truth is you need to get a rolling tray that works beautifully with no hassle, and that’s your main issue to tackle. Rolling Tray brought to you by Grass City. With several options at great prices, we found this weed smoking tray to be the most functioning for the absolute best price and a great, famous digital design. Skip below to see our research on best custom rolling tray.

Best organization
cannabis tray

best rollling trays

Raw Triple Flip Rolling Tray


When you need the absolute best features in a rolling tray because you are just that guy or gal, then you definitely need this raw rolling tray. Smoke Cartel brings you the best of the best with this multi-functioning, multi-compartment, triple flip raw smoke tray. Skip below to see our research on best budget rolling tray.

What Makes This Smoke
Tray The Best Overall


When it comes to the best fully functioning smoke tray that is best for every day use, we found in our research and testing that this one has everything you need and was most preferred for best basic functions with most compartments. With the looks that say “high end” and the functions that will get you high most efficiently, there’s nothing that beats this custom rolling tray for best overall daily use.

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Craftsmanship you can feel

A design and quality material that looks like you just picked up this rolling tray from the Gucci store but for a fraction of the price. This weed rolling tray has given us high end vibes and has the functionality that matches all of that. This custom rolling tray is crafted with all natural high quality wood.

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Everything you need in one tray

Whether you are rolling a joint, rolling a blunt, taking dabs, or packing a bowl, this weed tray gets the job done, in style. This wooden rolling tray has a compartment for everything. There is a compartment for weed grinders, there’s a dab mat, and it comes with a little cut out on the corner for easy clean up. What more can you ask for?

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Zero excess balanced rolling tray

When you have a rolling tray that looks the part but that also functions just as gracefully, you really don’t need to look any further. This tray offers the ideal balance of style. The sections are deeper than your average smoke tray so you don’t have to worry about spillage of buds. With an added bonus being this weed tray is easy-to-clean and maintain. 

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Weed Rolling Tray That Brings The Bang For The Buck

weed rolling tray

So let’s say you’re new to smoking weed and you’re not familiar with a rolling tray and the functions it should come with. This is based primarily on preference so it’s best to go with the most basic smoke tray design for your first time around. Then you can slowly start to feel it out and see what added features you might need that suite you. Continue to see what makes small rolling tray so great and what we found in our research and testing.

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The cult classic rolling tray

When looking for a cool rolling tray when you’re just starting out, you might wonder what makes a rolling tray function. For beginners, the answer is going to be a sturdy, flat surface that keeps your ground bud in one place, to get the job done. You don’t have to get a fancy shmancy one! Unless you’re just that guy. This smoke tray will get the job done, plus it has a cool digital design.

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Amazing price and function

"When you have equipped yourself well with this rolling tray and you already know what you're doing, this design is basic but for those that are familiar with rolling and require very little to get the job done. I love the function adn design of this weed tray."

Andy Camp

When taking a look at smoking trays, it may be hard to determine what makes a weed tray a good weed tray. While testing, we wanted to bring you the best priced weed rolling tray, made from aluminum, that was easy-to-clean and provided the best surface for rolling up the goods. We found that with the Digital Design Rolling Tray brought to you from Grass City.

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A no-fuss weed tray you'll love

With all kinds of smoke trays on the market, it can be hard to determine which might be the best. We’re here to tell you, you can choose any of them that makes you the happiest. There’s plenty of designs out there that speak for your personality just be sure to pick one that is at least big enough for the method of smoking you choose to do most often. We found in our research that the Digital Design was a great rolling tray because of the famous design.

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What This Weed Tray Has That Others Don't

rolling station

There were so many choices we had to choose from to bring you the best premium rolling tray. When it comes to finding the best smoke tray there’s a number of things that smokers look for. It was a tought call for us. The top results were brought to you through a room full of daily smokers that tested all the following functions:

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A rolling tray with an ash tray - yes

"Been smokin 25 years trust me I have every shape and size, make and model of rolling trays. This my friends is by far the best. Very nice, rich looking and really makes things easier. Great product. Very versitile. You will not be disappointed!"

Chrissy S.
Before you even begin rolling up a blunt or joint, one of the first things you need to do is gather all of your rolling necessities. But what if all of these things could be kept in one place, and were there waiting, ready-to-use. Raw does it again with their new invention that sets this marijuana tray aside from the rest. Complete with removeable metal ash tray.

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Designed with discretion in mind

Every stoners dream is to be able to do as little work as possible during and after a smoke sesh. When you’ve got everything you need in one place, this smoke tray can’t be beat. Plus, it is a discreet design that hides away your stash when you are not using it and it fits almost anywhere. This weed tray was a hit during testing and made the most sense for us to call the best premium rolling tray of 2023. Best all-in-one-tray.

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Customers Rave About this Amazing Rolling Station

"Bought this for my son and had no idea how cool it was going to be. It is such a versatile box with rare earth magnets to make it stick together. Super cool. He really enjoyed it. "


They major winning point on this product is that you literally have everything you possibly need built into one fully functioning weed rolling tray. Chrissy is a reviewer that says she has been smoking for 25 years and has had every make, model, and design of weed tray and this one is the absolute best. In our research, we concluded that it was very nicely made and a very versatile smoke tray. 

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What is a Rolling Tray?

A smoke tray or a weed tray makes your rolling experience the absolute best from beginning to end. When you have everything you could possibly need to roll up, smoke, and ash, you’ve got the best smoking accessory on the market. The things you need to roll up are a grinder, rolling papers, or blunt wraps, and the most important, a firm foundation to roll on that catches your loose buds. That is exactly what some of these rolling trays include. Depending on your preference, maybe all you need is that firm foundation that catches buds. In that case a basic smoke tray will work for you. Choose based on your needs.

How to Use a Rolling Tray

Using the cannabis tray is quite simple:

  1. Get your weed from your grinder and place on rolling tray
  2. Lay paper or blunt wrap flat on smoke tray
  3. Roll up (or pack your bowl, if that’s more your vibe)
  4. Light up your joint, blunt, bowl, or all 3
Remember, clean up is a breeze when using smoke trays.

What Makes a High Quality Cannabis Tray?

Rolling trays that are on the market today can confuse you on which one to purchase next to add to your smoking accessories. The thing about a smoke tray is that it must be made of the best quality material to get the best job done when rolling up. The most efficient designs are wooden rolling trays, some are made from high quality wood and others from bamboo.

High Quality Wooden Rolling Tray

High-quality wood makes for a high-quality rolling tray. The best of the best smoke trays come from high-quality wood and bamboo. The thing about wood, when storing weed, is that the temperature is more controlled and the smells of the weed is more contained. When it comes to high-quality rolling trays, you want to look for one made of a high-quality wooden rolling tray.

Deeper Sections That Keep Rolling Clean

The deeper the section the more efficient. When you are new to rolling up and smoking weed, there’s a high tendency to be messy. There’s nothing more frustrating that blowing your freshly ground bud all over the carpet. With deeper sections, your buds are more secure and you have a better chance of not wasting a single bud. It’s great to choose a smoke tray that has deep sections.

Versatile Compartments To Smoke Any Method

Are you a joint smoker? Maybe you prefer to roll blunts? Or possibly packing a bowl is more your vibe. A dab will do ya? No matter which method of smoking you choose, a high quality rolling tray will provide you the foundation to roll up or pack using any method. When you have options and versatility, you have top quality.

Why Trust Our Research on
Finding the Best Weed Rolling Tray?

I’ve loved and enjoyed smoking weed the majority of my adult life, and rolling trays have been a staple in my daily stoner life. Finding the best rolling tray was about finding the best device to make the entire preparation stage seamless. From breaking up your favorite strains such as Dolato strain, RS11, White Truffle strain, or Gumbo strain a rolling tray’s job is to make sure you prep the cleanest and fattest blunts, joints, or bowls.

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