The Best Weed Stash Box of 2023 | Tested by Cannassentials

Best weed stash box 2023

A stash box is key for organizing, hiding, and preserving your cannabis trichomes and terpenes.

What separates your average weed stash box from the best is its ability to store not only your cannabis but also your grinder, ashtray, papers, lighter, and whatever cannabis essentials you need.

Our team tested a wide range of storage containers for marijuana, from terpene-preserving vaults to compact stealth storage solutions.

Stash Tray

marijuana stash box

#1 Stash Box
two years in a row

Marley Natural

weed stash box

Strongest locking
system in a stashbox

Humidity Control

cannabis stash box

Protect trichomes
terpenes and density

The 9 Best Stash Boxes of 2023

Looking for a weed storage box that’s perfect for you? Finding the ideal stashbox depends on your smoking lifestyle.

Are you looking for a stash box that is discreet and can blend in with your environment? Or do you need storage that has a locking system to prevent nosey roommates or children from gaining access to your goods? From metal, wood, and even plastic, there is a multitude of cannabis storage options in our recommended list that will fit your personal needs no matter who you are.

FYI: If you purchase through one of our links we may earn a commission at no charge to you.  We only choose products we back and you can see our photos from our testing of these products below. If you are new to storing cannabis then learn how long does weed stay good.

Voted #1 two years in a row

high end stash box

An organizational master piece

The Stashtray has been #1 best stash box for two years now.

CEO Davis Clayton Kiyo (featured in Forbes and Vice) is an inventor and hardware developer who wanted to bring a much more premium experience to the cannabis world.

This stashbox can be disguised as a leather-bound book and also has a double-plated stainless steel rolling tray that uses a magnet to hold your grinder, smell-proof jar, and ashtray in a deadlock grip

This is truly an organizational masterpiece for cannabis. Literally, everything stays in place no matter if you flip it upside down or toss it in the trunk of your car. Don’t take my word for it check out our photos from testing below

Best for humidity control


Prevents mold and dry buds


Equipped with a humidifier and hygrometer, this marijuana stash box is the best one on the market for preserving your cannabis terpenes, trichomes, and preventing mold.

Equipped with a humidifier that releases moisture you can keep your cannabis buds stored under the most optimal relative humidity settings which promotes your fresh buds to further cure and your old buds from drying out.

This marijuana box is meant more for the connoisseur that doesn’t mind breaking buds down in the box, as there is a 70-micron pollen screen that catches kief on a glass tray.

Check out my testing with photos below

Best locking system

stash box

The strongest lock system


If you want to protect your buds from parents or snooping roommates this locking stash box is the best on the market.

Equipped with a tubular cam lock which is more secure than standard key locks (uses a 4-pin system that only the most experienced lock pickers can break).

Not only that, this is made by the Marley family from all-natural black walnut wood, felt cased bottom, and black glass separating sheets. 

Oh yeah, and the lid is also made from black walnut wood which gave me one of the best rolling trays we broke bud on (zero static)

Skip below to see our research on this stash box.

Best for preserving cannabis

420 stash box

Do you buy an ounce?


This is actually what I use at home.

Each month I buy an ounce of weed, giving me about a gram of weed to smoke per day.

This is the best cannabis storage solution if you buy in bulk and also need it to be smell-proof.

I went with the 4-liter option and it comes with terpene packs you slide under the lid to help preserve your terpenes and cannabinoids as well.

The metal clamps latch down, pressing super secure into the O-ring to create an air-tight and smell-proof storage system.

Best premium on-the-go

best stash boxes

Hand made perfection


Are you a minimalist that doesn’t want a large boxy storage solution? The LEMN rosewood created the most space-efficient storage system ever for your cannabis – which makes it perfect if you travel and need something much more durable.

The lid acts as a rolling tray and the unique curve design tucks your grinder and stash jar in the most efficient manner, with zero wasted space.

The interior is lined with 100% Italian leather cushioning and uses neodymium magnets to lock the lid in place. It’s a storage solution that was truly designed to accompany you on your travels or just provide a space-saving storage solution at home.

Best storage with an entire kit

best weed storage case

Everything you need


This stash box is perfect if you are brand new and need not only storage but everything that the storage is meant to hold.

This is the best value purchase as you get: a stash box with a grinder, bamboo rolling tray, taster pipe, pollen press, two stash jars, metal rolling tray, lighter, and 2 keys.

The price is amazing and if you have a smoking spouse or roommates this is the perfect storage case that can hold the entire household down.

Lowest price with kief system

best weed stash box

Pulsar storage


Pulsar is known for making some of the best glass on the market.

If you are looking to spend less than $40 on a quality stashbox – this is an amazing option.

The three-part design includes a rolling tray/lid, a 125-micron screen for sifting kief (perfect for trim artists), and a tempered glass bottom.

So whether you trim buds or just need an affordable solution to house your fresh nugs, this is an amazing stashbox at a fraction of the cost.

Best stealth and portable

best weed stash

Jane West


Looking for something less boxy and more light and travel-friendly?

This stash kit has a dual compartment that stores two types of cannabis strains and includes a one-hitter, poker.

This is perfect if you need a smaller storage solution that blends in with your everyday life.  Carry this in your clutch, purse, glove department or even your pocket.

The Wu-Tang stash box

best stash box for weed

Wu-tang Vibes


Looking for at-home cannabis storage that brings you back to the 90’s? 

The official Wu-tang marijuana box is surprisingly affordable and made from durable bamboo.

I love the simple three-section compartment (two squares and one large rectangle). Most of the weed stash boxes actually didn’t have this form of classic organization.

The laser-etched Wu-tang symbol on the inside also has an area for storing blunt wraps and joint papers – because you know that’s how we did it in the 90s!

Do stash boxes really preserve your cannabis?

A cannabis stash box is super important for any smoker for a number of reasons.

Cultivators work hard to bring you amazing cannabis strains loaded with trichomes, pistils, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Cannabis degrades from environmental factors such as UV light, oxygen, humidity, and temperatures. Time is the enemy here and an optimal storage solution helps preserve all elements of your cannabis.

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty on just how a storage system can or cannot help your preserve your marijuana.

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Does it preserve terpenes?

Terpenes are the compounds found in plants that give their aromatic qualities.

Cannabis plants are rich in terpenes (if grown correctly), and just as the wine world has become somewhat of an art, cannabis is now following suit as more and more people appreciate the terpenes marijuana provides.

Extreme heat or freezing temperatures can result in the loss of terpenes. If temperatures are too cold you can actually burst trichomes and if temperatures are too hot or humid, your cannabis plant will dry out resulting in evaporation of your terpenes.

Look for stash boxes that have a hygrometer or an airtight seal. These are the type of storage solutions that will actually preserve your terpenes.

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UV rays degrades THC the fastest

UV light is the leading cause of cannabinoid degradation. So by keeping your buds away from kitchen lights and in a nice dark environment, you help elongate storage life.

Just about every stash box in our list does a good job at blocking UV light from penetrating your cannabis.

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Prevent moldy cannabis

While preserving terpenes and cannabinoids is important, preventing mold build-up is one of the most important and overlooked functions of a stash box.

You want to keep your RH (relative humidity) at around 60%. A storage solution with humidity regulation will always keep your cannabis at optimal humidity levels.

If your marijuana box doesn’t come with humidity control you can easily buy one separately. Another great option is just to store your stash box in an environment that has very little humidity (away from water sources like your sink or bathroom).

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Our 2023 testing of the Stash Tray

cool stash box

Myster is owned by Ben and Davis (featured in Forbes, Vice, and Medium), true pioneers and inventors in the cannabis niche. 

It’s no surprise they came up with the coolest stash box in the world. It’s beautiful and brilliant at the same time.

There are a ton of hidden gems that truly makes this our #1 pick for marijuana storage containers. Let’s dive in.

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high end stash box
Stashtray in package and with foam inserts/wrap on tray.

Lock your accessories down

luxury weed box

Stash boxes aren’t very travel friendly – but you can take this with you and nothing ever falls out of place.

The magnet is super strong, I mean vice grip strong.

The rolling tray is locked securely onto the top case lid magnetically, and then the rolling tray locks the grinder, stash jar, and ashtray in another magnetic power grip.

The magnet is so powerful you can flip this stashbox in the air and open it back up and everything is still in place.

Removing the accessories is easy but removing the rolling tray from the lid did take a little prying on my end.

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Tons of hidden gems

best weed storage

What really did it for me is the quality of all the included accessories.

Yes, you can source some cheap grinders and jars from overseas but they invented each accessory uniquely.

The ashtray is my favorite. Take the lid off and it’s a poker to clear bowls.

Then dump your ash from the bowl into the ashtray and if you need to rest your bowl the ashtray center has a bowl holder as well if you flip it upside down.

The grinder is four-piece aluminum and is heavy and grinds as well as any $60 premium grinder we tested.

The stash jar is sonic welded with a viewing port that also is smell-proof.

Everything in this high end stash box screams premium craftsmanship!

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Yes, it's a stash box
and a rolling tray in one

weed rolling box

The rolling tray is unlike any rolling tray I’ve ever seen, and when you hold it you will understand.

The rolling tray is laser welded and double-stamped to create a beautiful mirror finish.

There was zero static while rolling or moving fine particles on this tray which made clean up and rolling extremely easy for me.

Even the underside has four rubber grips that help you lock this tray down while you break buds.

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Yes it can be disguised as a book

weed box

You can flip this storage box vertically and it can hide on your bookshelf in plain sight.

Not only that you can even add preventive security with this storage system because there is a clasp to insert a standard lock.

If security is your thing then check out the Marley lock box instead because it focuses on a much more secure locking system.

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best weed box

Testing on the Hygrometer stash box

weed storage box

I loved the hygrometer stash box but it has to fit your smoking life style – so it’s not for everyone.

This cannabis storage solution was meant more for dumping all of your buds directly into the box without any stash jars, making it perfect if you like to buy cannabis in bulk.

weed storage case
Product unboxing

Also if you are OCD we don’t recommend it as well, there isn’t any way to organize or hold accessories.

This is essentially a curing station that keeps your buds in the perfect temperatures that protects the overall quality.

Let’s get into the best feature first: the hygrometer and humidifying system! Next we will talk about the kief catcher as well.

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Humidity control system

Keeping 59-63% is the optimal humidity level for storing dry cannabis flowers.

If temperatures are too high and humidity too low you risk mold and your cannabis becoming dry and brittle.

If your buds dry out the trichomes will begin falling off and the trichomes are what gives you the great THC high!

marijuana box storage

Temperatures in my house run at about 72 degrees and with this marijuana stash box, I was able to hold relative humidity ranging in the 60-63%.

I dropped about a quarter of weed in here and each day I came back the buds held great density because of the humidifier system.

You basically have to wet it every 4-5 days by taking a wet paper towel, squeezing it in your hand, and then pressing it up to the hygrometer to soak up the moisture – takes less than 10 seconds to do so it’s not a burden.

Leaving them in smell-proof jars the buds will dry out very fast or even the standard glass containers you get from dispensaries.

If you smoke more than half an ounce a month then I recommend just dumping it all in here! 

Your buds will stay in amazing shape, dense as the day you bought them!

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The best kief catching system period

box to store weed

I was a bit confused at first on how to use this stash box because I was thinking more “organization”.

This is meant for you to dump all your buds in and let the humidifier directly protect the buds.

So you do all you breaking up of your cannabis in this box. 

What happens is you are breaking it up on a 70-micron pollen screen. It keeps the finest particles at the top but just big enough for Kief to fall to the bottom onto the tempered glass plate.

This is also ideal for people that need to trim a ton of cannabis. After just a few weeks worth of trimming you’ll get a nice amount of kief at the bottom of this cannabis storage box- a bonus for your hard work.

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We loved the glass kief tray

cannabis storage

Quality of buds impact your high and if you invest money in more than an ounce a month this is the box that will protect your investment!

You can finally save any kief that you may lose from handling cannabis in your jars or rolling tray, you can control humidity levels, and easily monitor it through your hygrometer.

Overall it’s an amazing storage solution and the best for preserving your marijuana’s quality and potency – but as we I mentioned it’s not for everyone.

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Testing of the Marley Natrual locking storage

best stash box

Looking for top-notch security?

Let’s be really honest, in most cases, a weed storage box can be easily broken into.

Well, this lockbox is not only made of premium wood (it is heavy), its locking system is just unbeatable.

Let’s take a look at the four-pin tubular cam system and why this is the best for preventing nosey roommates or under-age family member from accessing your cannabis.

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weed locker
Product unboxing

Tubular cam lock system

If you had a grand father that was an expert carpenter and locksmith the result would be this weed lock box.

Standard locks suck but tubular cam locks uses a four pin system which makes it much harder to crack.

lockable stash box
The tubular locking system

Crafted from real black walnut (yes that’s a tree) the rolling tray slides in the top and adds further protection.

In order to break into this you need to pick the cam lock system and if that fails you have to try to pry the lid off from the sliding mechanism.

I tried. Fail.

But enough about the security, this is made of real black walnut wood which feels amazing and smells amazing.

It’s no wonder this made best stash box for security now two years – people just love it!

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We loved the sliding mechanism

stash box with lock
The reason why we love this lock box is also the rolling tray.
It’s heavy, natural, and beautiful, and when you break buds you can slide it back on the box and break buds on top of the box.
This gives you one of the most secure and firm rolling stations possible.
It slides in super snug, and it just has an amazing black walnut finish that doesn’t give any static to fine bud particles giving me a really seamless experience when I was breaking buds up.

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Amazing finish and versatile dividers

The Marley family box comes with two tubular cam keys you can put on your keychain and stash the extra somewhere else.

The bottom of this wooden box has a fine-felt finish.

Even the dividers are beautiful black glass. You can slide them out to customize the storage capacity to your needs.

This isn’t your average product and the craftsmanship is something you can feel, taste, and smell. If your going to store your cannabis do it with some pride and love.

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Final thoughts

If you aren’t that familiar with keeping all your cannabis goods in one place then you are missing out.  As you venture out with smoking cannabis you are going to try new strains, new methods of smoking, and eventually that means more and more accessories.

A weed stash box was made for organizing all of your accessories, so you keep all your Knick knacks in one easy-to-access spot.

There are many types of marijuana storage boxes and each has different purposes such as hiding smell, hiding weed, protecting your buds, and organization.

Finding the best stash box is all about your personal preference and our list of recommended and tested products should have a pick based off your personal needs – no matter who you are.

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