The Best Weed Stash Box of 2022 | Tested by Cannassentials

Best Weed Stash Box You Will Find Today (2022)

(We Tested 10 of the Most Popular High End Stash Box to Find you the Best)

We can all agree a stash box is key for organizing, protecting, hiding, and preserving your cannabis.

Looking for the best weed stash box? We found kief-catching, magnetized, hybrid, and cam lock systems – there’s no doubt you will love these high end stash boxes.

After reviewing and testing 12 marijuana storage boxes, our top 3 picks for the best stash boxes are:

How Weed Stash Box Preserve Terpenes | How a Weed Storage Box Prevents Mold

The StashTray

marijuana stash box

Best Overall
Weed Stash Box

Marley Stashbox

weed stash box

Best Premium
High End Stash Box

Sigaro Hygrometer

cannabis stash box

Best Budget
Weed Stash Box

A Well Designed Weed Stash Box Is Stoner's Best Friend

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best stash box?

  • We Reviewed over 10 Industry Marijuana Stash Boxes
  • We Bought 7 of the best weed stash boxes.
  • We Tested the 7 cannabis stash boxes to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their bong held up.

We tested 10 cool stash boxes of various types from locking stash box, and high end stash box, to wooden stash boxes and everything in between. We tested to see how smell proof the odor-controlling stash box actually is. By storing really smelly, skunky cannabis, we were able to keep the nosiest of Nancy’s out of the listed marijuana storage box.

If you are new to marijuana storage boxes we recommend you skip below to learn: what is a stash box, and if you are new to cannabis and it’s your first time smoking weed we wrote the ultimate guide to help you get started.

A stashbox has a few very important roles. If you don’t store your cannabis properly you will be subject to mold growth. “Mold usually has a grayish-white coating and can easily be confused for trichomes” Healthline, medically reviewed by Deborah Weatherspoon PH.d. A weed stash box helps maintain healthy cannabis shelf life.

Constant Variables: Reviewing different stash boxes for marijuana was interesting for us. We set each other up to see if we could find the stash box, based on smelling for it. And then we tested each other’s hacking skills to see if we could get into each other’s weed stash containers. Essentially, we were testing each other’s smarts in the process, as well. We tested each stash box using the same CBX Ice Cream Cake Strain (28.04% THC .81% CBD and very loud) in each of the stash box to see how well the smell was contained.

Finding the best stash box for pot really comes down to what exactly you need it for and personal preference. Some will say being odor-prood is most important, while others will talk about the locking system being top priority. Then you have those that need a high end stash box that does every function and has all the add-ons.

Take a look at the results for best stash box of 2022 and make sure to check out the research behind the testing so you can find out for yourself just which weed lock box is right for you!

Best Stash Box Kit Index

Best Stash Box of 2022

For those looking for a weed storage box that does it all, we’ve got the best pick, right here. With all the bells and whistles, a high end stash box will have a lock to keep scavengers out, be smell-proof keeping the loud strains concealed, and have humidity control to keeps buds from drying out or from getting too wet. Some of the stash boxes for weed we tested had a few, but not all of these functions. Some didn’t do as advertised. We weened out all the duds to bring you the best stash boxes of the year!

Best Overall Weed Stash Box - StashTray

high end stash box

Myster Weed Stash Box


The Stashtray was tested recently and immediately replaced the top spot as best overall stash box. This stashbox is not just a beautifully designed weed storage box but also has a premium double plated stainless steel tray and the weed storage, grinder, and ashtray all have magnetics that makes this just truly an organizational masterpiece. Literally, nothing get’s moved no matter what because of how strong the magnets in this weed stash box was. Skip below to see our research on stash box.

Best Budget Marijuana Stash Box with Hygrometer and Humidifier


Sigaro Weed Stash Box


We tested this August 2022 and we found our new best budget marijuana stash box! For a very fair price you can have premium wood (cedar wood interior). The best part is this was actually one of the most efficient marijuana storage box. For the true cannabis connoisseur this stash box has a humidifying system that prevents your flower from drying out and on top of that can be monitored with the hygrometer. The list goes on as it has an actual pollen screen to save and gather kief and removable glass plate for no mess: Skip below to see our research on stash box.

Best High End Stash Box with Premium Tubular Cam Lock

stash box

Marley Marijuana Lock Box


When only the best of the best will do for you and your buds. The Apothecarry Original Stash Box Kit, for the win. With features including a combination lock, 4 jars with humidity control lids, 4 dab jars, 8 humidity control packs, side nook for tools and papers, a removable rolling tray, middle split container for on-the-go, elastic straps for holding pre-filled oil canisters upright, and high density foam to keep your glassware safe. Skip below to see our research on this stash box.

3 Amazing Benefits of a Weed Stash Box

A cannabis stash box is super important for any cannabis smoker for a number of reasons.

Cultivators work hard to bring the best possible cannabis, packed with trichomes, terpenes, and density. Time is the enemy here and a weed stash box helps preserve all elements of your cannabis.

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty!

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A Weed Lock Box Preserves Terpenes!

Terpenes are the compounds found in plants that give their aromatic qualities.

Cannabis plants are rich in terpenes (if grown correctly), and just as the wine world has become somewhat of an art, cannabis is now following suit as more and more people appreciate the terpenes marijuana provides.

Extreme heat or freezing temperatures can result in the loss of terpenes. If temperatures are too cold you can actually burst trichomes and if temperatures are too hot or humid, your cannabis plant will dry out resulting in evaporation of terpenes.

A stash box helps keep temperatures and humidity in check. Most stash boxes are set up to have a humidity regulator and temperature gauge, and once you find the perfect setting you can eat easy knowing that every time you smoke you will get to enjoy the full flavor profile of your flower.


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Block out Harmful UV Rays with a Weed Storage Box

UV light is strong and can cause damage from overexposure and that means your cannabis, too!

It’s important to keep your stash in a dark environment as UV light rays can cause your precious terpenes and cannabinoids to break down.

A weed storage box s great as it always blocks out any UV light helping to keep your cannabinoid compounds intact!

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A Luxury Stash Box Prevents Moldy Cannabis

Stash boxes are awesome and they come in all different designs from metal, wood stash boxes, and some are even hybrid with a rolling tray as well.

While preserving terpenes and cannabinoids is important, preventing mold build-up is one of the most important functions of a stash box!

You want to keep your RH (relative humidity) at around 60%. A luxury stash box with humidity regulation will always keep your cannabis at optimal humidity levels.

If your weed stash box doesn’t come with humidity control you can easily buy one separately. It’s much easier to manage RH levels in a controlled environment such as a weed storage box.

They prevent UV lights, you can store them in a place where temperatures are consistent, and keep your cannabis quality at top-notch levels.


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Looking for Cool Stash Boxes - Look No Further

cool stash box

Myster is owned by Ben and Davis, true pioneers and inventors in the cannabis niche. They have made the infamous octave terp timer and the smoothest dab machine: the HAMR. It’s no surprise they came up with the coolest stash box in the world. It’s beautiful, it’s brilliant, but after 10 days of practical use how did it hold up? Let’s find out what our experts had to say.

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Wait it's a Stash Box and a Rolling Tray in One?

"The Stashtray bundle is an amazing and beautiful way to keep everything in one place. Nice look for your end table or bookshelf. The ashtray and strain container have nice tops which are easy to take off and put on. The 4 part grinder has a magnetic lid & a nice kief scraper. The stainless steel tray is WONDERFUL and keeps any spill confined t o the tray. No more Tupperware® for me! Will need to put a few more Strain Containers on my Christmas List. Received this as a GIFT, Thanks Myster!!!!"

Jp M
marijuana lock box

This thing is well worth the price. It’s a hybrid product. Both a rolling tray and a weed stash box after you own it you begin wondering why you ever thought the two should be separate. The tray is not just any tray, it’s magnetic grade stainless steel and made from two stamped sheets that were hand-welded with a mirror finish on the edges. Yes, it’s absolutely beautiful. I had the pleasure of speaking with owners Ben and Davis and they sent this product over and you could tell how much thought and care went behind it. The stash box it’s self doesn’t come with a lock but I love how it folds over and I just placed a standard combination lock (much stronger than typical weed stash box locks) and you can flip this bad boy to it’s side and it hides just like a book on a book shelf.

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How Did the Items Magnetize to the Stainless Steel?

So this cool stash box got much cooler once we realized that you could buy a sticker sheet from Myster. This sticker sheet allows you to put magnetic tape to any item you want. Lighter, grinders, anything you can think of can be stuck to the magnetic tray in this weed stash box. Everyone that tested this product said that no matter if they dropped the stash box everything was in place. For the true OCD cannabis collector, this thing will keep things organized down to perfection.

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Why Our Experts Loved this Weed Stash Box

So the verdict is in, this is absolutely the best stash box on the market. It works for stealth, smell, organization, and on top of that you get a rolling tray, grinder, ashtray, poker, and cannabis container. There are many more additional add -ons where you can customize it but to be quite frank we thought of removing all recommendations and just featuring this product because it blows every marijuana lock box out the water.

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Control Humidity With This Marijuana Storage Box

weed storage box

We got this stash box sent to us and it replaced our previous best budget cannabis box. People that truly understand what a stash box is meant for will see the beauty in this product. So how was the humidifying system? How did the hygrometer work and just how efficient was the kief system in this stash box? Let’s find out what our experts had to say after testing this product for 10 days.

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What Were the Humidity Levels in this Marijuana Stash Box?

"Does exactly what I hoped it would do. Keeps my tasty buds fresh and sweet, far longer than other methods I've tried. Looks great on my coffee table. Definitely a class piece.."

Lynn W.

59-63% is the optimal humidty levels for storing dry cannabis flower. Any higher you risk mold and also the trichomes will begin to become brittle and dry falling off much easier. So how were the levels of humidity with the humidifier in this cannabis stash box? With a standard 72 degrees house we found this marijuana stash box to hold optimal levels of humidity ranging in the 60%. That was actually the primary reason this cannabis storage box made our top 3 list. So if keeping your cannabis flowers super fresh and potent is very important to you then this is the stash box for you.

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Was the Kief System Awesome or Not?

I’ll be honest we were a bit confused on how to use the kief catching system at first. But after a few uses, it made a lot of sense. Break your weed on it, roll your weed on it, and it all falls through the screen into the glass tray which makes it super easy to collect. A grinder has a kief catcher why doesn’t a cannabis stash box? How much kief does a person waste in their stash box every year I wonder? This is a huge bonus for the avid kief collector!

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This the Avid Stash Box Weed Collector's Dream Come True

This cannabis stash box is truly for a stash box weed collector’s dream come true. You can finally save any kief that you may lose in a stash box, you can control humidity levels, and easily monitor it through your hygrometer. The weed stash box is very fairly priced and has a premium cedar wood finish. This isn’t a stealth box or a stash box that will keep your nosey roommates out, but for the true cannabis cornnasier, this is the perfect marijuana stash box.

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The Most Premium Weed Lock Box - Nobody Is Getting In!

best stash box

Looking for top-notch security in a weed lockbox? Let’s be really honest, in most cases, a weed storage box isn’t much for security. You can simply pry it open or just break the flimsy metal loop where the lock is placed. Well, this lockbox is not only made of premium wood (it is heavy), its locking system is just unbeatable. See what our experts had to say after playing with this weed storage box for the last 10 days.

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A Tubular Cam Lock System on a Weed Stash Box

"The lock is absolutely amazing, it's literally built so well and it's so secure. One would think this is so efficient to even keep dangerous items away from kids - love it"

Simon S.

If you had a grand father that was an expert carpetnder and you asked him to make the most premium weed lock box in the world, this is what he would make. We are so focused on the locking system we forget about the premium natural woods used here. Crafted from real black walnut (yes that’s a tree). The lock is a real lock. Like the quality you would have on a metal filing cabinet. And there is just no way in this thing unless you have a key or a chainsaw. I’m serious guys. Want to understand why it’s so secure. Then you are going to want to read about the sliding system in the next section.

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The First Sliding System Marijuana Lock Box

stash box weed
The reason why this cannabis lockbox is so secure is that not only is the lock so well made, but also because it’s not a standard cover as most stash boxes are usually built. This box was designed to slide in. So once the top is secure you simply lock it and there is just no way you are getting that top of. Not only that it doesn’t have any fancy cannabis logos on it so you can simply hide this thing in one of your shoe boxes and that is perfectly adequate for hiding from nosey roomates.

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This Weed Stash Box With Lock is Where You Hide Your Secrets

Thisweed stash box with lock is not only beauituflly designed it is just the ultimate marijuana lock box. It truly can be a place to hide your deepest darkest secrets, plus your dankest weeds! Unless someone literally takes this from you the chances of them breaking it open in your own house is very slim. Once that cover slides in and locks through the cam system it’s secure. All our cannabis experts agreed, this is the best high end stash box on the market.

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What is a Stash Box?

If you aren’t that familiar with keeping all your goods in one place, or maybe you’re new to smoking and have never heard of such a thing, allow us to blow your mind. If you want to get higher quicker, what’s the smartest thing to do? Keep absolutley everything you need in one place. Not to mention, if you live with kids, roommates or steal weed, pets, or your grandma who doesn’t approve of you smoking, we recommend you continue reading the following sections.

How to Use a Weed Humidor

Depending on which stash box locking system you choose, you have the option of using combination lock for entry, or your very own fingerprint. To have all your weed needs in one place and a stash box that opens only for you is what makes a stash box a must have.

Unlock the box, remove the rolling tray, lay out all your rolling necessities, and begin rolling up. If you are Type A personality, you won’t want to smoke any other way than using a stash box.

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What Makes a High End Marijuana Stash Box?

The high end stash box that we chose for the premium is the most high end stash box. But how can you tell quality of a stash box? First things first, the looks of a high end stash box may be intriquing, then comes the functionality and design. Maybe to have a high security system is needed and a wooden stash box that controls the humidity is important to. To have all these functions can be hard to find, but let’s dive deeper on what makes a high quality lock stash box.

A High End Stash Box has Functionality and Design

When you want to look really fancy to your friends and really get those oohs and ahhs, a high end stash box that screams high quality will be made of wood and control humidity. These wooden stash boxes look super fancy but also have the function of controling the humidity brought to your buds and keeping your weed strains in optimal condition with the taste being the same as the day you bought it, overtime. Furthermore, a high quality stash box is equipped with a proper security lock stash box system, to keep others out.

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Lock Box for Weed that Actually Keeps Others Out

To have a function like a biometric fingerprint technology locking system is what is going set your stash box with lock aside from the rest. When you don’t have to worry about your roomie peeping over your shoulder and learning your combination code, you are sure you are using a high quality stash box that only you can get into.

Organization of Stash Box For Weed Tells the Quality

To have a humidor that has all the compartments to keep you well organized is a great way to tell if a weed stash box is high quality. With add-ons like humidity lock jars, and a zinz alloy grinder, you can be sure you are purchasing a high quality locking stash box for cannabis.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Stash Box

As the reviewers and testers of these stash boxes for weed, we found only the most raved about stash boxes on the market.

We went through the reviews of over 40 different stash boxes for weed and tested on the ones that got the best reviews. In our testing, we spent the time running real-life scenarios to figure out which weed storage box was truly the best stash box.

In addition to the research for a stash box for weed, we have also helped rank through our cannabis SEO strategy for highly reputable companies such as Daily High Club, Moose Labs, and Resolution Colo. If you are looking for cool stash boxes or the best marijuana lock box every 6 months we update our products and are always looking for the best eye-dropping stash boxes. Contact us if you want to send us your product for testing!

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