The Best Wooden Stash Box of 2022 and Why You Need It

3 Truly Amazing Wooden Stash Boxes You Will Find Today

(We Bought 10 of the Most Popular Wooden Weed Stash Boxes to Find Which One Truly Was the Best)

When you really care about your weed, a wooden stash box is all you need.

Especially if you love staying organized and neat, or you just need to keep out the heat.

Enough with the rhymes, let’s get down to business. After more than 40 hours of testing industry leading wooden stash boxes our top 3 picks for best wooden stash box are:

Mahogany Stash Box

wooden stash box

Best Overall
Wooden Stash Box

Marley Stash Box

wood stash box with lock

Best Premium
Wooden Stash Box

Sigaro Stash Box

stash box wooden

Best Budget
Wooden Stash Box

Protect Your Buds Better Than Local Police With A Wooden Stash Box

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 wooden stash boxes?

  • We Reviewed 20 top rated wooden weed stash boxes.
  • We Bought 6 of the industries leading wood stash boxes.
  • We Tested the 6 wooden cannabis stash boxes to find out which ones met high standards.
  • We Contacted previous customers to ask how the product was doing.

We tested 6 wooden weed boxes of various types from those with humidity control, to those that lock, and some ones that claim to be smell proof stash boxes. We measured how well the smell of strong weed was contained and also the condition of the cannabis. 

If you are new to the discreet world of weed wood box, then we recommend you skip below to learn: what is a wooden stash box so you can learn the basics, gain a better understanding, and make the best decision when purchasing. For more options check out the best stash box 2022 page.

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Finding the best wooden stash box really comes down to personal preference and what your main desires are. When choosing a wood weed box, the main concern typically to be a smell proof stash box and the humidity control. But maybe you just would like to stay organized and that’s your main goal with your purchase of a wooden stash box.

Take a look at the results for best wooden box for weed of 2022 and make sure to check out the research behind the testing so you can find out for yourself just which wood weed box is right for you!

Best Wooden Stash Box Index

Best Wood Weed Box of 2022

For a wooden stash box to be set to our standards, it must keep smoking accessories and buds very well organized. Additionally, we tested to see if the smell of the strong White Walker OG must be contained inside the box and the temperature outside of the box should not have effect on the inside humidity to have the buds optimally kept. The level of humidity weed should be kept is generally 59% to 63%, this is what we based our research on.

Best Wooden Stash Box Overall for Daily Use

wood weed box

Signature Mahogany Lock Box


Looking to up your wooden stash box to something you are truly proud of? Look no further. The Signature Series Wood Weed Box is best overall due to the price and functionality and built for security. Skip below to see our research on this wooden stash box.

Best Humidity Control Wood Weed Box on a Budget

wood stash box

Sigaro Personal Wood Weed Box


The best bang for your buck wood weed box is here! Look no further than the Sigaro Personal Humidity Control Weed Box to keep your personal stash as fresh as it can possibly stay for the absolute best price. Skip below to see our research on this wood weed box.

Best Premium Wooden Stash Box With Lock & Rolling Tray

wooden weed stash box

Marley Natural Lock Wood Stash Box


The Smoke Cartel Marley Natural Wood Weed Box comes ready to roll up with a rolling tray. Plus with a simple locking system, you can keep others out of your stash. For those that care about their weed!  Skip below to see our research on this premium wooden weed box.

Research Behind Signature Series Stash Box: Best Wood Weed Box

wood weed boxes
  • Comes with lock for optimal protection.
  • High Quality Material
  • This stash box was crafted using heavy MDF+2 wood
  • Pricing for Functionality is reasonable
  • Comes with rolling tray and lock
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Smell recognizable with older hand pipe with built up resin

When it came to testing for the best wood weed box, the Signature Series won for overall due to the quality of materials this wooden stash box was made, the price, and the functionality. Testing for the quality of buds and how they were kept over multiple days at a time was what helped us decide on this wooden stash box.

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Wooden Weed Box That Keeps Others Out

"The way that this wooden stash box looks on my coffee table is what I originally got it for but the way it keeps others out is why I kept it."

Angie Kirkland

We wanted to be sure we were able to make the claim that the lock works to keep others out. So in testing we decided to try to break into the wood stash box using typical methods like a safety pin and a bobby pin. The lock did not budge with either method. As long as you keep the key hidden, you should be able to keep others out with no problem.

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A High Quality Wood Weed Box Keeps Cannabis Fresh

During the search for the best wooden weed box we wanted to find a great box for marijuana that would keep herb fresh for an extending amount of time. When we actually did the testing, we had the wood weed box placed in rooms of various degrees and humidity levels. We saw that this wooden stash box was able to keep the bud kept fresh and at an optimal percentage of RH.

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Organization Of Wooden Weed Box

Some of the best wooden weed boxes have compartments but this particular wood weed box has 3 compartments. 1 large compartment to hold blunt wrappers, dab tools, and other longer shaped weed accessories. A medium container for weed grinder, strain jar, and joint papers. A small compartment for concentrate jars, lighters, or small weed grinders. You really get a lot of room in this large wooden stash box.

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Large Wooden Stash Box that Comes With Large Rolling Tray

"The product has been holding up well due to the high quality Mahogany wood it is made out of. It looks nice but functions beautifully."

Andrew Daniels

We can say that we wanted to try this wooden stash box due to its elegant looks but were pleasantly surprised with the functions of the wood weed box. With a lock that keeps others out and smell proof that keeps potent strains contained, we found that the only single downside to this wooden weed box was older resin that had been burnt was somewhat recognizable to smell. With a single drawback like that, we were very pleased with how well this wooden stash box with lock compared to other competitors.

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Why The Reclaim Catcher Dab Straw was the Best Budget Pick

wooden stash boxes
  • Cannabis was kept at optimal freshness due to humidity control system.
  • Comes with Hygrometer. Always know the RH of your wood weed box.
  • Hand crafted cedar wood interior
  • Kief collection tray included
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • No locking system

During testing for the best wood weed box we decided on wooden stash boxes that would do the most for the freshness and quality of your kept herbs over a period of multiple days. We wanted to be sure we were bringing the best set up and the best functions of controlling smell and humidity to keep your cannabis in premium condition. We found that we could count on these wooden weed stash boxes.

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Hygrometer and Humidity Control System

"When you really care about the quality of your weed and its freshness, this is the wood weed box for you"

Camila Loren

This wooden weed box comes with a hygrometer and has a humidity control system so that you can always check the RH and be sure your herb is kept at optimal humidity percentage. During testing, we decided this function made up for the fact that it doesn’t lock. Without a locking system, you may not be able to keep others out but the way your premium marijuana is kept, makes up for that.

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Can Cure Cannabis

With the humidity control system in place, this wood weed box will not only keep your bud at optimal humidity percentage, but it will also cure your weed overtime. Whether you want to keep your marijuana in the condition it is in or you want to get it to the condition it needs to be in, you can do that simply by leaving it in this wood weed box.

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Affordable Wooden Stash Box that Out Performs

"For the price, I have not been able to find a better experience with a weed storage box"

Carter Johnson

With this being such an affordable option for storing weed, this wood cannabis box makes for the best functions for the price. When we tested for the smell containment, we used the White Walker OG to make sure the potency was able to be contained and we were pleased. The weed was kept at optimal level of humidity during testing of various temperatures and humidity percentages.

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Research Behind Best Premium Wood Weed Box: Marley Stash Box

wooden weed box
  • Cleverly crafted with black walnut
  • Classy and long lasting
  • Discreetly store smoking tools
  • Made of Highest Quality Materials
  • Tubular cam lock
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Filtration System with bubbler you had to pull a bit
  • Must take extra precautions to travel with this item

We weren’t sure before testing if the price of this wooden stash box was going to be worth it or not, which is what made us need to try it out. With the only downside being the amount at which this stash box for weed is priced, you know this is the elite wooden weed box.

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Absolutely Smell Proof

"I've had the product for a year and a half and I always say you get what you pay for. I feel like when you purchase premium marijuana, you must keep it in a premium stash box."

Lee Roper

When only the best will do, this premium wood weed box is made for those that will accept nothing less. The most talked about subject when we researched was the quality of workmanship. This wooden stash box was made with long term and long lasting in mind.

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Tubular Cam Lock Function

"I can't say enough great things about this product. My money was well spent and time does tell this. I've kept cannabis in there to cure while moving from AZ to CA and it cured through various levels of humidity."

Candice Tanner

A very nice wooden stash box looks great as a centerpiece, but the main thing to consider is having a great looking and fully functioning with lock system wood cannabis box. Equipped with Tubular Cam Lock System, it is the most easy-to-use, most reliable lock system that doesn’t stick or get caught.

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Most Valuable and Unique Black Walnut Wood Stash Box

"My stash box has held up over time and looks very elegant. It is made from black walnut and that is something special to me. I can properly store my cannabis with confidence no one can get in."

Julia R.

Black walnut is very valuable and unique hardwood. It has a rich, brown, lustrous look to it making it appear top quality. Additionally, it is thick and does a phenomenal job at containing potent smells. The black walnut tree is one of the most expensive which is what makes its wood such top quality. Complete with a locking system you’ve got yourself a premium wooden stash box.

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What is a Wooden Stash Box?

If you are not sure what a wooden stash box is, you have come to the right section. You may need to gain a better understanding of what a wood marijuana box is to first be able to gauge which one will best suite you and your personal needs. A wooden stash box is used to keep all your smoking accessories together, organized, in one place. In addition to organization, you may need a wood stash box to contain the smell of potent weed. Finally, if you have roommates or children or live with others who may try to take your marijuana, it is best to purchase a wooden stash box with a lock.

How to Use a Wooden Cannabis Box

To use a wooden stash box that has a lock, you must first have your key to open it. Once, you’ve gotten into your wooden stash box with lock (or without lock) you want to check for the compartments to see which ones will best fit your smoking accessories. Most wooden stash boxes come with various compartments of different sizes that will work to store a number of your most valuable cannabis smoking accessories and devices. When you have finished your smoke sesh, simply reorganize all of your smoking materials back into your wooden weed box, and lock it back up if it is equipped with a lock.

What Makes a High Quality Wooden Stash Box?

If you still are unsure what wood marijuana box to get, then I highly recommend you read the section below to understand what features to look for in a stash box, and why it matters when it comes to real issues a weed smoker may have. With a solid understanding you can go out and try to find a weed stash box that best suites your needs.

Functionality and Design

Depending on whether or not you live with others that you need to keep out of your stash, you will need a fully functioning wood cannabis box that is equipped with a locking system. In order to keep others out, it must be hard to break into and only opened with the key designed to open the lock. The design of the wooden stash box should be set to your standards depending on your method of smoking and the amount of smoking accessories you use. It should be able to store everything you need for a successful sesh, in one weed box.

Smell Contained Within Wooden Bud Box

Especially when living with others who do not want to smell your potent marijuana, you may find that having a smell proof wooden weed box is ultimately what will keep you from confrontation and conflict. Whether you need to contain the smell to keep your marijuana hidden away from others so they don’t take it or you need to contain the smell because you need to hide the fact that you smoke from a parent, you will find that a smell proof wooden weed box is the way to go.

A Wood Weed Box With Humidity Control For Premium Weed

If you are the type that only purchases top quality cannabis, you will need a wooden weed box that controls the level of humidity within the box. This way, your marijuana is kept in optimal condition and will actually only get better with time. Cannabis should be kept at 59%-63% humidity. If you want to be sure your wooden weed box is doing the job, a hygrometer is needed to detect the RH.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Wooden Stash Box

Collectively, as a team, we decided to review the claimed best wooden stash boxes on the market. Of course, there was a lot of controversy in which one would function perfectly. When you’re dealing with a locking system, there is room for error. When choosing the 3 that we wrote about we found zero disfunction with the locking systems. We also found that our herb was left in better condition when kept in a humidity controlled wooden stash box. The smell being contained was the final factor that helped us score these 3 wood weed boxes as top rated.

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