How to Use a Steamroller Pipe (3 Tricks for a More Powerful High)

How to Use a Steamroller Pipe

(Learn 3 Tips that Will Improve Your Smoking Experience)

Knowing how to use a steamroller pipe is vital for for those looking to amplify their smoking experience.

We tested dozens of steam roller pipes from various styles and designs including the hard-hitting large steam roller pipes and in this article, you will learn how to use a steamroller pipe, why use a steam roller pipe in the first place, and as a bonus we even included 3 tips and tricks to achieve a better lasting high when smoking your steamroller.

Keep reading below to find out how to use a steam roller pipe and learn 3 tips to improve the intensity of your high.

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Why Use?

Why Use a
Steamroller Bong in the First Place?

How to Use?

how to use a steamroller pipe

How To
Use a Steamroller Pipe (Beginner Friendly)

Smoking Hacks

how to smoke a steamroller

How to Smoke a Steamroller Pipe (Expert Smoking Hacks)

A Quick Guide to the Importance of Knowing How to Hit a Steamroller Pipe

Learning how to correctly use a steamroller pipe will allow:

  • Less cannabis to be used each time so you can conserve.
  • Massive rips from each hit.
  • A seamless set up every time.
  • Hassle free clean up after every smoke sesh.

We tested various steam-roller smoking pipes including ones with the most basic styles. What we found was that no matter the type of steam-roller pipe, if used correctly, will deliver you the intense high you were looking for.  If you are new to cannabis then we recommend you read our guide for your first time smoking weed.

Learning How to Use a Steamroller Pipe really comes down to your understanding of smoking regular pipes, water pipes, and even bongs. Every method of smoking hits differently, but they all share the same foundation of pulling and inhaling your hits as well as making use of features such as the carburator (also known as the carb hole.) Knowing how this works along with knowing your tolerance and what works best for you will determine how you use your steam roller pipe. If you are interested in learning how to clean a steamroller pipe we have the perfect article for you! Keep reading below to find out if a steam roller is best for you and how you can improve your overall smoke quality in the process.

How to Use a Steamroller Pipe Index

Why Use a Steamroller Bong in the First Place?

what is a steamroller bong

A steam-roller bong is simpler and easier to use than your normal or standard pipe, and can produce the equivalent amount of THC intensity from that of a bong or water pipe. They are strong hitting pipes that do not require water as most smoking methods do and are more convenient in terms of set up, clean up, discreetness, and portability.

Using a steamroller is also great for those who are looking for a quick instantaneous high without the hassle having to get everything properly set up or finding water to add in. With a steam-roller, you simply just pack the cannabis into the bowl and light away!

Intense Hits of THC From a Steam-Roller Pipe

A steam-roller pipe is a powerful cannabis device that uses a large carb opening placed strategically for strong shotgun-like hits. (Not for the faint of heart)


Knowing the THC intensity of what a steam roller bong provides is vital, for getting the most out of both your delicious cannabis and overall smoking experience. Both steam roller pipes and steam-roller bongs are used interchangeably to describe the same smoking device. To better understand why use a steam roller bong for powerful hits, you first have to know the difference between a steam roller pipe and a regular standard pipe.

The huge differentiation factor between steamrollers and pipes is that steam rollers release huge hits after gathering all the smoke production in the chamber, while pipes give you a more gradual hit as you inhale.

This gives a huge advantage for steamroller bongs because they are simply able to hold smoke within the chamber until you are ready to inhale. Not to mention they come equipped with a carb hole which adds even more control on how strong or powerful of a hit you are trying to achieve. It is also important for us to stress to our users that a steam-roller pipe is not nearly as smooth or easy to inhale as other smoking methods may be. The purpose and main function of using a steam roller pipe is for achieving a harsh, but powerful, strong, and instantaneous intense hit. 

Unlike other smoking methods where you have to often take multiple hits to achieve the same result, a steam-roller pipe is the ultimate smoking device that delivers a strong and lasting high. 

This is great for those who are constantly on-the-go and don’t have the time to set up as well as those who are looking for a discreet but travel friendly smoking option that packs a punch of intense THC.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you can expect a steam roller pipe to be the best option for you!

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Save Money With a Steam Roller Pipe

Smoking devices and accessories don’t always come cheap, and at times, can be expensive. This is why you want to be sure you are getting the best bang out of your buck while getting the best high.

Other smoking methods generally not only requires more than one hit to achieve the same high as a steam roller pipe, but also typically uses more cannabis in the process.

With a steam roller pipe, you’ll only need a small amount of dry flowers in order for an instant and long lasting high, which is why a steam-roller is the perfect smoking device for those on a budget and those looking to make the most out of their precious buds.

Saving cannabis consumption equals saving money in your wallet. 

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Steamroller Pipe vs Bong - Comparing the Different Highs

What’s the difference between a steamroller pipe vs bong aside from their distinct sizes?

A steam roller pipe is a smaller more discreet method of smoking that produces powerful hits of THC at once- especially if you know how to use a steamroller pipe. A bong although comes in many sizes and styles, are generally larger than that of a steam roller pipe making them less discreet.Whipping out your steam roller pipe is much easier than whipping out that bong of yours any day.

Steam-roller pipes are much simpler than bongs, both in function and design, making them a great smoking alternative for those looking for that quick high without being so obvious. With a steam-roller pipe, there is little surface area to cover and for smoke to travel through making hits 2x as harsh as a bong while still delivering potent amounts of THC

Bongs on the other hand, are typically equipped with water chambers and diffusers giving them an advantage over steam roller pipes to optimally cool down harsh and hot hitting smoke. The downside however, is that some THC is lost in the process of all that filtering. Both smoking methods deliver and produce intense amounts of THC straight to your lungs in one hit, but one is without a doubt much easier to use and much more convenient to use; the steam roller pipe. 

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Which Steam-Roller Bong Best Fits Your Needs

Depending on your tolerance level and how well you are able to inhale large amounts of smoke, will determine which steamroller bong is best for you to use. This doesn’t mean that if you are someone who doesn’t like huge hits that you can’t use a steamroller. You will just have to portion it out into smaller hits.

A key factor in finding out what steamroller bong is easiest for you to use, starts with how huge of a hit you would like or is looking for. Again, for those who want that ginormous hit, a larger steam-roller pipe with a bigger carb hole will be perfect for you. For the beginners out there, start off with a smaller one and work your way up as you allow your lungs to get used to this method of smoking (a steam roller pipe isn’t for everyone).

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How to Use a Steamroller Pipe (Beginner Friendly)

how to use steamroller pipe

Not only is knowing how to hit a steamroller pipe extremely easy, but you will find that it does the job remarkably well in making sure you achieve the high you are seeking for. We will be focusing on two primary components in your steamroller to ensure a quick and instant high every time; the carburetor and the bowl piece.

The carb hole will control the amount of smoke that you are inhaling, and the bowl piece effects how much THC you are getting as well as how many hits you are able to get out of one fully packed bowl. So how do you use a steamroller pipe?

Learning how to use a steamroller pipe is simple:

  1. Pack your bowl with the desired amount of cannabis.
  2. Cover the carburetor
    with one hand using either your index finger or thumb depending on where the carb hole is placed (usually the large hole at the end of the pipe and sometimes it’s a hole on either left or right side).
  3. Use the other hand to light the bowl and begin to inhale.
  4. Pull smoke into the pipe until the chambered is filled.
  5. Remove your hand from the carb hole and quickly inhale for a powerful hit.

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Correctly Packing Your Steam Roller

Knowing how to correctly pack your steam roller pipe is important for making sure nothing is wasted or clogged. 

Often times, people tend to pack the bowl too tightly, and therefore allow opportunities for clogging to occur. Small buds that are tightly packed at the bottom are also more likely to get pulled right through the hole before it even gets lit.

Packing a bowl too loosely however, will result in scooby snacks to get through. All these result in a bad smoking experience where weed is wasted in the process.

Correctly pack your steam-roller pipe by evenly packing your bowl and without pressing down too hard. This will allow proper airflow and a much better inhale. It is best if the buds are not grounded up too finely as this will clog your bowl. We also find that breaking up your dry flowers by hand reduces the chances of blocked airways when lighting your cannabis. 

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Properly Covering the Carb Hole For Optimal Smoke Delivery

Smoke production in a steam roller can build up fast and quickly so depending on how long you hold that carb hole will determine how much smoke builds up in your steam roller pipe.

If you’re someone who takes little hits at a time and waits in between hits to smoke, your smoke chamber will not be filled up with much vapor before it is quickly inhaled.

For the most optimal smoke delivery:

  1. Hold or cover the carb hole while pulling smoke in until the bowl is almost completely burned.
  2. Quickly release the carb hole
  3. Deeply inhale.

You will quickly notice just how fast smoke builds up in the chamber, allowing for those huge hits a steam roller pipe is notoriously known for.

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How to Light Your Steam Roller Pipe

Knowing how to light your steam roller pipe comes down to two main points, how long you light your buds and where to let the flame hit the bowl.

These factors depend on the type of high you’re looking to achieve which will determine how you should light your pipe. If you want to enjoy a steam roller for all it has to offer, taking the flame and allowing it to hit the entire bowl will do the trick. This way, all of the cannabis gets burned through at once and you’ll end up clearing your bowl for a full on giant hit. 

If you want to dose with smaller hits, let the flame hit only one side of the bowl and then continue to repeat the process until the entire bowl eventually gets cashed. This makes it so that buds are still burned but only the edge will be hit resulting in a lesser smoke production and a more approachable inhale. This also allows for users to break in between hits if needed. 

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How to Smoothly Inhale Your Steam-Roller Pipe

Learning how to correctly inhale your steam roller pipe is absolutely essential if you want to avoid coughing up lougies for 10 minutes. Seriously though, how you inhale is detrimental to both you and your lungs. 

Luckily, inhaling from a steam-roller pipe is simple. Here are some tips on easing some of that harshness that a steam roller provides:

  1. Never half inhale. In other words, once you decide you are ready for that huge rip, do not by any means, stop half way (this will cause an almost immediate coughing session).
  2. Instead, prepare your lungs beforehand by taking deep breaths and when it’s time, deeply inhale all of the smoke at once.
  3. If for other reasons you cannot take the whole rip at once, you can alter and lessen the amount in which you are inhaling by using your carb hole to release the smoke before the entire chamber is filled (this allows you to dose your hits into smaller ones and also reduce harshness by not taking in a massive inhale).

Pro Tip: Taking short inhales or abrupt breaths when inhaling can cause excessive coughing or irritation with your lungs. Take deep inhales for every hit no matter if it is for small amounts of smoke being released or one huge one. 

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How to Smoke a Steamroller Like a Pro

how to smoke out of a steamroller

If you got the lungs for it, a steam roller pipe will become your best friend. 

Knowing how to smoke a steamroller pipe with added tips and tricks is essential for making the most out of your cannabis. 

How to smoke a steamroller:

  1. Pack bowl with desired amount of cannabis
  2. Begin to light the bowl as you prepare for a deep inhale
  3. Once bowl is lit, cover the carb hole with your finger and begin to inhale as chamber fills.
  4. Quickly release and cover the carb hole multiple times before taking in a sharp deep inhale.

If you want to find out our expert tips and pointers for smoking a steam-roller pipe, keep reading below for more benefits to your smoking experience!

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Reducing the Amount of Stale Smoke When Using Your Steam-Roller Pipe

"This is one of my favorite tricks for lowering the amount of stale smoke I get from my pipe along with the horrible taste that came with it. After learning how to section out my hits into smaller ones, I was able to clear my pipe out every time without experiencing any staleness. Not to mention, I still get completely blazed!"

Kamil R.

Reducing the amount of stale smoke entering your lungs have to do with how you use your steam-roller pipe and its carb hole function.

Stale smoke refers smoke that is left behind from not fully being inhaled and therefore, is exposed to fresh air where it then turns into that nasty not so good tasting smoke. If smoke is instantly stale, then it most likely means you overheated your cannabis (though this isn’t likely). If smoke is left in the pipe chamber (around 3-5 seconds), the smoke will naturally turn stale, in which case, nobody wants to inhale dry and bad tasting smoke.

For our first tip, use the carb hole function located either on the right or left side of your steam-roller pipe to cover and release your smoke into smaller inhales. This allows for smoke to be instantly cleared instead of lingering in the chamber. When covering and releasing the carb hole, make sure you do this rapidly after every single pull to ensure any amount of smoke produced is instantly inhaled. Also remember to pull hard to get that strong hit directly into your lungs.  

For the more avid marijuana smoker, you should have no issues clearing out that huge amount of smoke in one hit, nor should you have any issues with stale smoke. For my beginner friends out there, this can be difficult, especially if you aren’t used to the powerful harsh hits a steam-roller pipe provides. By breaking the hits down into smaller inhales, this will allow for the chamber to be instantly cleared so there is no remaining vapor or smoke.

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Utilizing Your Steam Roller Carb Hole Function for Optimal Smoke Delivery

Our second tip has to do with the carb hole on your steam-roller pipe.

There are various carburetor sizes, which will determine how intense of a hit you will receive. A larger carb hole will allow for larger hits and faster airflow circulation to go through the pipe whereas a small carb hole will actually restrict the amount of airflow, but in turn allows for users to experience a less intense hit from their steam-roller pipe.

Learning how to properly use the carb hole function can greatly benefit that desired instant high. For instance, the speed and rate at which you cover and release the carb hole will determine not only how much smoke is built up, but also how much faster you will feel the effects. 

Those who are new to using steam-roller pipes should get more familiar with smaller ones first before advancing to larger ones. Regardless of which one you prefer, holding the carb hole until the entire pipe chamber is filled with vapor and then releasing it, is the best way to achieve that intense and instant high. This also allows for a generous amount of smoke to be accumulated and directed into a single monstrous hit.

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The Best Trick to Get More Out of Your Cannabis

This last trick is solely for making sure all of your cannabis is smoked without any tasty flowers left behind.

More times than not, there is still a small remaining amount of cannabis in your bowl, whether you took multiple hits or one giant one. The issue is when marijuana is lighted from the top, it almost instantly turns the top layer of your bud to turn brown or black (ash), which then generally gets dumped out without looking twice.

What you don’t realize is, if you flip the bowl upside down, all the burnt ash will fall out and what you will have left is a small amount of sacred greenery left still stuck at the bottom. This of course, is still very smokable and shouldn’t go to waste. Next time you think you finished lighting your steam-roller pipe, flip that bad boy upside down to make sure you get the most out of your packed bowl.

I have seen many people, myself included, completely forget or simply being in a rush for a quick high and dumping out the entire bowl without thoroughly looking to see if there was still some weed left. Small bud is usually always still left at the bottom of the bowl since everything from the top portion is generally lighted and burned away. The bottom section hardly ever gets noticed or touched and if anything, it is pushed down more into the bowl where it stays until it gets dumped or eventually pulled through the bowl. Always remember to check for any remaining greenery! 

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Controlling THC Intensity in a Steam Roller Pipe

Controlling the intensity of your hits allows you to achieve the high you’re looking for. 

To do this, make use of your carb hole function on your steam roller pipe in order to control how much smoke is produced at a time. If you want a strong intense hit, cover the carb hole longer. If you don’t want to take the massive rip at once, release the carb hole sooner and smoke in smaller sessions.

Since steam-roller pipes are known for producing strong and powerful hits, being able to decide how much of that you inhale is important. If you’re someone who enjoys a strong instant high with the least amount of effort, using a steamroller pipe is the best thing for you.  

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Why Trust Our Research on How to Use a Steamroller Pipe?

As your cannabis expert, I have more than 14+  years of experience working with marijuana. My passion for glass wasn’t until later, which opened me up into a whole new world of some of the most fun ways to smoke. I hope to continue testing some of the best pieces of glassware and smoking products in order to share with you which ones are worth the time and spend. 

Understanding how to use a steamroller pipe is vital for those who love the instant highs and powerful hits. It was a blast testing steam-roller pipes and to fully share with you all that we have discovered along the way. After many tests, we were able to unveil some neat tips and tricks to amplify your overall smoking experience with a steam roller. We hope that this article helped you learn how to use a steamroller pipe effectively and efficiently. 

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