3 of the Best Large Steamroller Pipes You Will Find Today (2022)

3 of the Best Large Steamroller Pipes You Will Find Today

(We Bought 10 of the Most Popular Steamroller Bongs to Find the Best)

If a bong and a pipe had a baby and that kid grew up mean you would have a steamroller bong.

A large steamroller pipe is notorious for delivering powerful hits of THC . We put our lungs on the line testing 10 of these large weed pipes.

How harsh was the smoke? Are they beginner friendly? Is bigger really better? Keep reading to find out more.

Roor Steamroller

large steamroller pipe

Best Overall
Large Steamroller Pipe

Grav 18" Steamroller

big steamroller pipe

Best Premium
Big Steamroller Pipe

Gspot Steamroller

large glass steamroller pipe

Best Budget
Large Steamroller Pipe

A Large Steamroller Pipe is like a Pipe that Has the Heart of a Bong

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 large steam roller pipes?

  • We Reviewed over 30 large glass steamrollers.
  • We Bought 10 of the industries leading large weed pipes.
  • We Tested the 10 big steamroller pipes to find out which ones were the best.
  • We Contacted previous customers to ask how the product was doing.
cannabis products

We tested 10 large weed pipes of various types. We also tested 10 regular steamroller pipes that you should check out. We found primarily borosilicate glass steam rollers and made sure to buy only the largest we could find. While there were other great large steam rollers, we tried to make sure the products we tested were also affordable and readily available. We measured how harsh the hits were, how great the dose of THC was, and how practical it was using such a large device.

If you are new to the steamroller world, then we recommend you skip below to learn: what is a steamroller bong so you can learn the basics and make the best decision when purchasing. If you’re interested, you can read our ultimate guide on using a steamroller like a pro or learn how to clean your steamroller bong.

Pro-tip: This article is equipped with Quick Skip function so you can save time and navigate to what section is most helpful. Click here to skip below and get started and find out which huge steam roller pipe we felt was worth the spend. 

Constant Variables: we tested each of the 10 large cannabis pipes on separate days, totaling 10 days of testing. We made sure to get a feel for just how high each of the steamrollers got us if that was the only device we smoked from the entire day. In our research, we only used one constant variable for strain: CBX Blueberry 26.26% THC with .15% CBD. Total cannabinoids was 26.84% in this strain and we packed the same amount bowl for every pipe (.25gram).

Finding the best large steamroller pipe really comes down to preference. There are thousands of pipes on the market so we tried to find the most practical, affordable, and readily available large marijuana pipes.

In our research we tried to find the best overall large weed pipe, and also the best budget and premium pick as well. In doing so we hope we have helped you make a much easier purchasing decision because you can rest assured that the products we picked were bought, tested, and approved in quality and function.

Best Big Steamroller Pipe Index

Best Large Steamroller Bongs 2022

A large steamroller pipe is a unique kind of weed pipe. The design usually puts the bowl at the way end of the pipe along with a large opening. The large opening serves as a carb hole in which you place your hand over the hole while smoking, and once you are ready to clear the smoke from your large steamroller pipe, you remove your hand and the entire pipe clears the smoke into your lungs. 

We tested 10 big steamroller pipes and they were extremely powerful. If you are looking to get the most out of your stash, a large cannabis pipe is definitely a great way to go.

Best All Around Large Glass Steamroller Pipe

big tube glass steamroller pipe

Roor Large Steamroller Bong


Created by German glass blower Martin Birzle in the ’80s the Roor pipes provide amazing quality and function. This large steamroller delivered in such a potent hit of THC that we couldn’t help to name this best overall. The bowl allows you to fit an entire 2 grams of cannabis and is made with high-quality borosilicate glass.  Skip below to see our research on this steamroller bong.

Best Budget Big Steamroller Pipe

large glass steamroller pipe

Roor Large Steamroller Bong


The only reason this is a “budget” big steamroller is that it had the best price compared to the rest. Other than that you will not be sacrificing any quality as this pipe smokes great and is made from high-quality glass. Not only that it was oven tempered to train the piece to be tension-free. Skip below to see our research on this steamroller bong

Best Premium Large Glass Steamroller Pipe

high quality large steam roller pipes

Grav Large Steamroller Bong


This is, in our opinion, the definition of a large steamroller pipe. The Grav boasts 18 inches of the highest quality borosilicate glass. This thing is the size of a bong but delivers a powerhouse hit of a steamroller.  Skip below to see our research on this premium nectar collector.

Research Behind Roor Large Steamroller Weed Pipe

large steamroller bong
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Powerful Water Filtration
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Ice Pinch Features
  • Geometric Ice Pinch Works as a Splash Guard
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Fairly Large Bong Make Sure You have Room

It was a tough call to make between the 10 mega steamrollers. Roor stood out primarily because of the high quality make and the ever powerful THC hit. We loved the quality with this device and Roor has been around for quite some time delivering exceptional products. We highly recommend this large cannabis pipe, but just be warned if you hit this thing get ready to get a high like no other.

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"When it comes to glass bongs or pipes, Im not exactly the greatest at maintaining it for long before breaking or shattering it. Thats why I loved this bubbler in specific because I don't ever have to worry about it coming apart into a million pieces. I also love how easily portable it is and I bring it with me almost everywhere."

Korye L.

Truly A High Quality Big Steamroller Pipe (Borosilicate Glass)

I love this quote from cannaconnections.com. High-quality borosilicate glass is everything! Most “trusted headshops” actually sell bongs made with a very low % of borosilicate glass. Not only that it depends on the thickness as well. 

The Roor steamroller pipe is amazing as far as quality. You can feel the weight of the glass in your hand and the thickness in quality. 

We reached out to past customers and found out that none of them had broken this pipe in anyway from a 2-7 month range and this can be due to no accidental droppings but also because this large weed pipe is made at such high quality. 

We put fire to the test, literally, and kept heating the bowl area up to see how well it did. This cannabis device is truly heat resistant and high quality.

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High Quality Steamroller Bowl with 2 Gram Cannabis Capacity

Let’s talk about bowl capacity here! This big glass steamroller pipe has a whopping 2-gram capacity! Our team set a constant variable of .25 grams of Blueberry Strain cannabis for every hit. 

Just a quarter of a gram of weed smoked through the Roor pipe was absolutely nuts. In our research, we found many people who would load a full gram and take two power hits from the Roor cannabis pipe and was absolutely set. 

We loved the quality in the bowl and how it was tall rather than shallow. The Roor pipe has it’s own “feet” that help hold the pipe in place with the weed without fear of rolling off. 

For those of you that want to try out a full 2 grams inside of the pipe, please let us know how that went!

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How Harsh was the Hit and How Strong was the THC?

"This thing is really strong and takes time getting use to. I recommend using a Mooselabs mouthpiece on this. But yeah I love the hell out of this thing"

Allison M.

Allison was a previous customer we found through social media hashtag posts on the product. She had a great recommendation about using this pipe with a Mooselabs MouthPeace. 

It is a silicone attachment with a triple-layer carbon filter that helps smooth the smoke. All steamroller pipes large or mini are expected to have very harsh hits. 

We loved how surprisingly smooth the Roor delivered the hit for what it could be. Some of our experts coughed and some did not, so it’s all very dependent on your tolerance for heated smoke in your lungs.

The THC delivery with the Roor large steamroller pipe was exceptional. I was as high as I could ever be off of just one hit and I do believe, in my personal observation, that this pipe delivers with the same strength as a bong if not more!

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Research Behind Best Budget Big Steamroller Pipe

best large steamroller pipe
  • Easiest to use because the entire product was built as one structure.
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass.
  • The entire product was oven-tempered to produce tension-free heat resistance.
  • Great functionality with design and “feets” to prevent rolling off table.
  • Pricing was the best
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • The carb hole at the end is extremely large and takes time to get used to

While most of our budget picks were picks because the price point was low and a bit of quality was sacrifice this was not the case for the Gspot Steamroller. 

This was an amazing high-quality large glass steamroller pipe that could have been best overall but because the price was so great we chose it as the best budget value. You will be sacrificing zero quality if you choose this product.

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Oven-Tempered, Tension Free, High Quality Borosilicate Glass

"The creme de la creme of glass is high-quality borosilicate glass; it is the same glass that is used to make premium grade lab equipment. Borosilicate glass is also significantly more durable than the cheaper Chinese offerings that some head shops offer."

Reference: https://www.cannaconnection.com/

We love that the Gspot large steamroller pipe was made from high quality borosilicate glass. 

Not only that the team at Gspot took the extra step in oven-tempering their products so that they are tension free! 

This pipe may be a budget pipe but it has amazing quality. You can feel the smoothness of the glass, the perfect joints, and the weight and thickness of the borosilicate glass. We took fire to the bowl to test to see if any flexing or warping would occur and the Gspot steamroller did amazing and held its ground.

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Best Design and Functionality for Large Marijuana Pipe

Airflow was superb on this pipe. It works just like a bong where you light the dry herb in the bowl and you inhale to fill the mega steamroller with smoke. Your hand should be placed over the carb hole at the end of the pipe the entire time. 

Once you have filled the pipe up completely you simply remove your hands from the carb hole and inhale all of the smoke in one powerful blast. I particularly loved the large feet design on this cannabis pipe because it truly held the pipe in place even with flower inside the bowl. 

The other pipes we tested the feet were questionably small and we did perform a “shake” test in which we laid all ten pipes on their feet and shoot the table a bit. All 10 pipes remained positioned but only the Gspot steamroller didn’t even wiggle. 

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How Great of a High Did I get with this Large Weed Pipe?

"Yes sir it's still doing its job. I personally love it. Just warn your readers that this thing is really strong. Definitely start small and more shallow pulls"

Hector A.

We found Hector through Youtube comments and reached out to see how well his product held up over the months. 

Like him and many other people who purchased this product there seem to be no complaints just a lot of warnings. 

We took heed to cautionary tales as we tested with only .25 grams of Blueberry strains. Just a quarter of a gram in this steamroller with the carb function gave us a eye-watering blast of THC. 

If your sole purpose is to get a cannabis product that gets you much higher with much less, then this is it guys. Not one member in our team marked down less than 5 stars as far as THC delivery goes.

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Research Behind Best Premium Steamroller Bong

best big steamroller pipe
  • Easiest to use because the entire product was built as one structure.
  • Entire product made from premium borosilicate glass.
  • The largest pipe we found 18 inches
  • High-Quality female bowl
  • Amazing carb and mouth design
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Better to smoke in an upright position like a bong (takes time getting used to)
  • More Expensive because twice the size

If you are looking for a big steamroller pipe, then the Grav 18inch is one of the biggest you can find that still maintains rigorous quality checks by the experts at Grav Labs. This large cannabis pipe was ginormous, well crafted, and beautiful. Let’s take a look at some of the notable mentions in our testing of this amazing mega pipe.

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The Amazing Quality and Artistry in this Large Marijuana Pipe

"If you are unsure of which type of glass the bong has been made from, an excellent way to determine the quality is by observing any joins or wields. Smooth, uniform, clean joint welds are sure signs of not only a skilled glass blower but a superior quality glass. Cheaper glass would likely crack under the same circumstances."

Reference: https://www.cannaconnection.com/

One of the first things we do when testing any glass cannabis product is to check the joint welds for smoothness and strength. The Grab Labs 19 inch large steam roller had amazing craftsmanship. 

With 100% premium borosilicate glass from top to bottom and well-constructed joints, this large weed pipe is definitely worth the price tag. It’s a piece you would be proud to display on your shelf. 

While we did not perform a drop test on this we did subject the bowl under a 1-minute heat test to see how well it performed. 

There was not a sign of tension as this thing is very well built. Besides this pipe being well crafted the design was by far the most beautiful out of all the 10 large steamrollers we tested.

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How Strong Was a Hit From an 18 Inch Steam Roller Pipe?

So the big question of course is did this 18-inch steam roller get me higher than the other steamrollers that were smaller?

To answer that question quite candidly: yes.

We noticed in our testing that it took longer to fill the 18-inch pipe with smoke for obvious reasons, but once we lit the .25 grams to its full potential, the hit was extraordinarily strong. 

It seems that because the pipe was longer (don’t quote me on this one) the carb shot gun hit was much more potent. So more than 70% of the team claimed this pipe was the strongest out of all the 10 we tested. 

Even though it was extremely strong and powerful, the hit seemed to be much smoother than most of the pipes we tested as well and that was absolutely amazing.

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Maintenance is Important on a Large Steamroller Pipe

"Yeah I just recommend cleaning the bowl as much as you can. Maybe because I pack a lot per hit or I dunno but sometimes it gets clogged. I've also had this thing for quite some time but yeah for sure still love it."

Jeremy H.

We found Jeremy via Facebook and he has almost had this pipe for a half of a year now. 

He mentions that it still functions great but because he packs quite a bit of marijuana in his bowls, he has noticed that he has to clean his bowl more often or else it reduces airflow. 

We made sure to test against this complaint by smoking 7 days in a row without cleaning the bowl. 

We did not notice any clogging but perhaps Jermey was using a much stickier strain and the crystals of the bud were coating the airways of the bowl. Either way, it’s great to keep regular maintenance on your steamroller bong.

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What is a Steamroller Bong?

A Steamroller Bong is a large steamroller in which you light dry cannabis. It has an open face carb at one end that allows you to clear the entire pipe in one strong and swift hit. Think of this large carb as a giant shot gun hit.

What Makes a High Quality Steamroller Bong?

We only look for the best of the best when it comes to products. If you are still not happy with any of the recommendations above this section is to help you find your next favorite big steamroller bong. Look for the following qualities:

Using High Quality Glass for a Steamroller Bong

Avoid cheaply made glass steamrollers and search only for high-quality borosilicate. Try to pick from reputable companies such as Roor or Grav Labs to name a few. 

The issue with most online headshops is that they source their products from China and slap a new name on it. 

Don’t get me wrong, these products still work great but you see a noticeable difference when comparing high quality to a cheaply sourced steamroller. Look at the joints for smooth and flowing welding and also make sure the thickness of the glass is optimal. 

Too thin is no good!

Great Functionality and Design in Steamroller Pipe and Bowl

If the pipe is very big does it configure its bowl so you can smoke the pipe at a more vertical angle? These are all important things when considering a purchase of a steamroller pipe. 

A common misconception is that you smoke these pipes as you would a chillum. It’s better to smoke it at the angle of a bong because you need to keep your hand on the carb and light the bud while keeping your mouth at one end. 

They are tricky getting use to but if the bowl is too shallow if you hold it at an angle the flower will drop out (yes this happened). 

So keep the end in mind as far as the experience when looking at the design. Also, the “feet” of these pipes are very important, do not get a steamroller without feet! It’s so important because most of the time you do not finish what you packed in the bowl and you will have to prop up your big glass steamroller against a book or wedge it between pillows. 

Not a good look. Make sure yours has feet to hold the pipe stable in between usage.

The Carb to Bowl Positioning for Strong Hits

Another important element to look for in a high-quality steamroller bong is to make sure that there is an open-ended carb hole at the opposite end of the pipe, and that the bowl is near that carb hole. 

The entire functionality of a large steamroller depends on these two positionings. If the bowl is in the middle or the carb is very small then you will not get the full benefits most large steamroller pipe have to offer.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Large Steamroller Pipe

Cannassentials is made of a team of cannabis experts from all fields and make. We have growers, edible bakers, 24-7 stoners, and weed connoisseurs. Our team has curated and researched products from some of the most famous cannabis niches in the industry from Daily High Club, Mooselabs, Resolution, and TheDART. We love taking research to the next level when it comes to cannabis products.

We reviewed over 30 big steamroller pipes, bought and tested 10, just to find you the top 3 steamroller bongs of 2022! We hope we have help you in your journey to find your next favorite large steamroller pipe.

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