Best Weed Grinders of 2023 for Consistent Fluffy Buds

7 of the Best Weed Grinders
You Will Find Today (2023)

The best weed grinders we tested have a perfect combination of:

  • Teeth shape (what grinds the weed)
  • Tooth count (how many teeth)
  • Space between the teeth (determines clogs)

The best grinders will break your cannabis to the perfect consistency, and drop through the chambers without clogging.

Technique matters: Learn how to grind weed for the fluffiest grind every single time, but if you want to sit back and let technology do its thing check out our recommendations for the best electric weed grinders.

#1 Two years in a row!

best grinder

Two Strains
in One Grinder

Hands free device

grinder weed

The Cleanest
Weed Grinder

Non Stick Tech

weed grinder

Best Grinder
with Zero Clogs

7 of the best
weed grinders of 2023

We kicked many cannabis grinders to the curb (acrylic and zinc grinders did not make the cut)

A grinder for weed should break your buds down well, catch kief, and should have smooth twisting with little to no clogs (everyone we recommend below does).

Now it’s up to you to decide based on features and designs which will be your next favorite weed grinder.

The most infamous weed grinder

best grinder

If Apple made a grinder ...

Featured on High Times and Esquire and dubbed “The world’s most advanced grinder” the V2 is unbeatable.

Not only is it our #1 best weed grinder on the list, but also what I use to grind buds up to perfection at home.

This grinder has two separate grinding areas (meaning you can store two types of strains) plus a kief catching section. Think of this as a stash jar, 2-in-1 weed grinder.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg so check out my full testing below for all the features.

Best for allergies and function

fancy weed grinder

The only hands free grinder

The Royale marijuana grinder is jaw dropping beautiful.

Besides the amazing design and grind output, the reason this made our #2 best herb grinder was actually because of: functionality.

The gold spade (looks like a clip) is actually used as a spoon to pick up the grinded weed, and the tall design allows you to store much more bud.

It holds better, feels better, and just works better. Check out my testing below.

If you are allergic to touching cannabis or tired of sticky resin fingers, this hands free grinder will be a god send to you.

Zero clog technology


Best grinder for kief catching

Most grinders leave a ton of particles in the teeth and grooves, which leads to clogging over time.

This 4 piece grinder is not only affordable, but because of it’s Slick (non-stick) technology, you get zero clogs.

The smooth ceramic coating allows all the fine particles to get down to the chamber very easily – believe me this matters for bud and kief.

Tons of color options and equipped with a neodymium magnet this scratch  resistant 4 piece grinder is the most efficient weed grinder on our list. See testing below

Easiest grinder to use

herb grinder

Easiest to use bud grinder

Grinders can be complicated because of all the damn screwing and unscrewing.

This is the first pot grinder that doesn’t unscrew but instead swings out. This is huge!

For the lazy stoner that wants less steps in the grinding process, trust me you will love it.

If you want to smoke some herb and top it with kief you do it all in one step versus a traditonal weed grinder – and yes it has all the premium build and magnets as all the ones above.

Best for dry or moist grinding

marijuana grinder

Best grinder for dense buds

Originally our #1 pick this is the perfect cannabis grinder for people that smoke fresh and dense herbs.

This 4 piece weed grinder truly lives up to its name and shreds the densest buds down in just a few twists.

This is because of it’s patented “tooth technology” plus the tooth count ratio that grinds weed to the perfect fluffy consistency.

The textured grip allows for easy holding and the friction ring can grind away the densest buds with ease. 

Best for heavy smokers

best grinders

Perfect for larger grinds

The Home Grown weed grinder is most popular for it’s 4-way quick lock system, that allows you to grind excessively large amounts with zero jamming.

This patented technology replaces traditional threads on grinders and with the larger capacity storage and load area you can grind a ton with ease.

So if you are a heavy smoker  and you like to grind a ton of weed at once, this is the best weed grinder for you.

Other features: 210 micron screen for kief and made from 6061 aerospace aluminum.

Cleanest weed grinder
with maximum storage

best grinder brands

This is a beautiful marijuana grinder.

Black with gold trim or white with gold trim are the only color options available.

Full disclosure: So the pictures make it look big but it’s actually thin and tall. This grinder fits perfectly in your hand. This made the #2 best weed grinder because of how well it functions, but the design is a huge plus.

Here is a quick visual break down of the grinder so you know exactly what you are getting.

best grinder for cannabis

That gold clip on the side is not a clip, it’s one of the reasons I love the grinder so much: the scooper (and I go into detail about that below).

So I do love that it has two separate storage areas, but the V2 (our #1 pick) has two separate storage areas with their own grinders.

For this device you have to switch around the storage areas because it only has one grinder, but it has much more storage space than the V2 so that’s a huge plus.

Still it’s a huge plus because you can store two types of strains in one grinder making this a grinder and a double stash jar.

Let’s take a closer look.

Air tight stash system

large herb grinder with kief catcher
The most grinder weed storage!

The extra storage can simply screw and unscrew – definitely appreciated the simplicity.

We use our grinders literally every time we smoke and they sort of become our stash jars as well – daily smokers you know what I’m talking about.

The cool thing about this device is the stash compartments boast an “air tight” feature which is super important to keeping fresh buds.

Every time your buds is exposed to UV lights (regular house lights) or oxygen the THC degrades. So this grinder is the better pick for keeping your buds fresh as well when compared to the V2 (our #1 pick).

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Allergies? No problem

grinder for cannabis

One of our employees here is allergic to touching cannabis

After handling weed she may accidentally rub her eyes provoking a fury of sneezes and runny noses.

She loved how the ring sits outside the jar (never touches the weed) and allows her to scoop up weed while keeping her hands free.

Yes you can even take this scooper and break up buds, then scoop the buds into your grinder – we tried.

So if weed allergies or sticky fingers is something you want to be free of, this grinder for weed has the best scooper I have ever used.

The scooper has so much control we honestly feel this is the best grinder for joints and blunts – more on that next.

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Best for joints and blunts

best grinder for joints

Thank you to whoever engineered this scooper.

It literally allows you to get the exact amount you need every time.

I’m not much of a joint or blunt roller, but here at the office they said this is literally the best grinder for joints.

It allows you to lay out the weed perfectly on your papers.

You can use the scooper to push and position the buds the way you want, then roll up without ever having to touch the cannabis.

This makes it the cleanest marijuana grinder we ever got our hands on.

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Research behind the Cali Crusher "Slick"

best cheap grinder

The Slick herb grinder was our best budget option and comes in some amazing color waves.

Full disclosure: Even with the lowest price point this non stick weed grinder delivers results the same as the most expensive grinders on this list.

Basically you get the function of a premium grinder for a fraction of the price.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this the best grinder for kief and so much more.

best non stick weed grinder

This 4 piece grinder is made here in America and that little extra bit of craft and care makes a huge difference.

When you put weed in the top you want to get as much back on the bottom.

This grinder was the best at grinding the weed and getting as much from the top into the bottom storage.

This is due to the non-stick technology and the ratio of teeth count to holes in the grinder.

Let’s take a closer look at the non-stick technology.

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90% return rate
on grounded weed

top weed grinder

A lot of herb grinders we reviewed claimed to be ceramic coating similar to that of a non stick kitchen pan.

A ceramic coated grinder doesn’t catch as much cannabis particles on the surface.

So when you grind and tap the grinder the grounded buds fall through the hole very easily.

If you place a gram in a bad grinder you may only get back .5 of a gram. 

This was the best weed grinder on our list for giving back over 90% of the buds on every grind.

It’s not just the ceramic coating it’s also the ratio of the diamond grinder teeth and holes. Let’s talk a bit about that.

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Perfect grinder teeth
to hole spacing

best marijuana grinders

If the grinder is small and has too many teeth with little to no space between, you get a ton of weed just jammed at the top.

This cakes the teeth and holes up making the grinder less efficient per grind and the holes eventually clog up.

The Slick grinder is very wide overall. This allows really good spacing between the awesome razor diamond teeth (which is also non-stick), to slice your weed up without catching and caking up.

This means you get very fluffy weed without having to clean this grinder often. 

It’s freaking awesome. I prefer the V2 (#1 on our list) because it can house over three strains in one grinder body.

But nothing can top how well this Slick grinder can grind.

Most importantly it gives you back a return on your investment: your weed!

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The best grinder
for kief collecting

best budget weed grinder
Great grinder weed color options

This 4 piece grinder also excels very well with the kief catcher.

While I didn’t test this for more than a month (I didn’t collect a ton of kief), it was very obvious when comparing the grinders that this one moved the most kief down.

The reason again is the non-stick technology that allows the particles to drop down with ease.

What I loved as well was just that these grinders had some modern color options.

Soft pastel purples, blues, and orange was a nice touch.

If you are looking for a grinder that will look good, perform well, and for an amazing price I would definitely recommend the Slick as it’s our #3 best grinder for cannabis.

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Testing the most
famous cannabis grinder

best weed grinders

The V2 is beautiful and brilliantly weighted, and it’s literally what I use each day at home.

Full disclosure: it can be a bit complicated when you first get this weed grinder, but after about a week of use it becomes second nature.

Now that I use this grinder I really can’t find anything better, mainly because I can store various strains in one grinder (and this just doesn’t exist elsewhere).

Here is a quick breakdown on the best pot grinder of 2023 visually:

4 piece grinder with kief catcher

Even looking at the above image I know it still seems complicated.

Let’s think in terms of how many products you actually get inside this one grinder: 2 grinders, 3 to 4 storage areas (depending on how you use it), kief catcher, and a stash jar.

Yes this made #1 on our best weed grinder list, but the main reason I use it at home is because it’s practical.

Since my partner smokes at home with me we sometimes like different strains.

This is an easy way to use just one grinder and house multiple strains. I keep a little sativa at the bottom and two types of Indica.

What would normally take three grinders I can do in one without any stash jars!

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This grinder gave me
consistent fluffy buds

flower grinder
Grinder weed results: fluffy as hell

So here is my first grind with the V2. I use a simple double twist and tap method for all my grinders (skip to article to learn about it).

A few stems were left at the top which is normal but the amount of grounded cannabis that dropped through was amazing.

On top of that the bud was extra fluffy, take a look at the way it sits “fluffed” on each other – that’s the best grind you can get.

Why fluffy? If you grind too fine the particles just fall through and burn way too fast.

Fluffy buds hold well in position together, sort of locking each other in place making rolling paper, sitting in bowls, and many other means of smoking so much easier.

good weed grinder

Why does it grind so smooth?

Well the V2 has three frictionless residue rings. 

Usually grinders have one thread and residue particles clog it and it causes jamming or very abrasive grinding.

Grinding with this pot grinder feels like air and it really glides.

Also the diamond teeth is placed in the perfect position in relation to the other teeth and the holes.

Just take a look at how diamond teeth sit’s at an angle to support the actual motion of the grind.

This is dubbed “the world’s most advanced grinder” and I can definitely validate that.

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Perfect for
on-the-go travel

best pot grinder
Grinder weed puck for easy on the go smoking

I don’t use this feature much but it’s worth talking about for the travelling or on-the-go cannabis smoker.

You can break this grinder down in the following ways:

  1. The standard V2 body (all the bells and whistles of a double grinder)
  2. A standard grinder focused primarily on kief catching.
  3. Or take both bottom and top lids to create a little on-the-go puck storage.

You can grind your weed at home and then take it with you in the puck for the day!

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You got options:
interchangeable plates

Finding a great grinder is tough because generally they are all the same.

This is the first weed grinder that offers interchangeable plates for medium to fine grinding.

The plates are labeled on the outside so you know exactly which grind type you are using.

I personally use the fine for dense buds and the medium for more aged and dry buds.

The product was designed to keep the vapers in mind, but I didn’t vape during testing.

The anodized aluminum makes this scratch resistant and is literally the perfect weight.

Consolidate three stash jars and two grinders all into one device that delivers consistently fluffy buds effortlessly.

I stopped buying stash jars and now I have three of these which houses me 9 different strains!

Perfect for the person that likes to buy multiple strains each month.

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What is a
weed grinder?

A weed grinder is a device that grinds your cannabis into a smaller consistency, so that it can combust correctly when smoked.

There are a ton of different types of weed grinders. There’s the 3 piece weed grinder and the 4 piece weed grinder. Then you’ve got an electric weed grinder and the manual crank weed grinder. 

I only recommended 4 piece grinders as most of the other options couldn’t really compare.

Before purchasing a marijuana grinder, be sure you know how to use it!

2 piece, 3 piece,
4 piece marijuana grinder?

The most basic weed grinder is the 2 piece weed grinder. This grinder literally only grinds the pot. Simply put a bit of bud in the chamber that has the teeth and twist a few times. The material will be produced and held in the grinder weed chamber. Collect the goods, pack your bowl, and puff on mister.

With a 3 piece grinder, the same thing is done as the 2 piece grinder. But like the 2 piece grinder, your kief will not be collected.

A 4 piece grinder is the grinder that will collect your kief. Use just as you would a 2 piece grinder but this time, let that kief accumulate in the pollen collector chamber and then once you’re ready to enjoy it, open up, scrape with kief scraper, and enjoy the pollen!

Different types of
herb grinders

There are so many different types of herb grinders on the market. The 2 piece grinder, 3 piece grinder, and 4 piece grinder (aka weed grinder with kief catcher) mentioned above, is a general rule of how many chambers the bud grinders can have. Then you’ve got a your different materials such as, a wooden marijuana grinder, stainless steel weed grinder, aluminum herb grinder, plastic cannabis grinder, and acrylic pot grinder.

The option of hand crank weed grinder is there if your lazy to use two hands to twist you hand crank this grinder like you would a 90s pencil sharpener. Then if you’re super duper lazy, you have the option of getting an electric weed grinder that will do all the work for you.

If you don’t mind a little bud in your coffee, go ahead and use your coffee grinder for weed. 

What makes a high
quality grinder?

If you still are unsure what herb grinder to get, then I highly recommend you read the section below to understand what features to look for in a cannabis grinder, and why it matters when it comes to real issues a marijuana smoker may run into. With a solid understanding you can go out and try to find a grinder that best suites your needs.

and design

A great herb grinder that functions smoothly and with ease, plus a great looking and feeling design is what sets the best marijuana grinders apart from the rest. You want to be sure that you are finding a great functioning device that gives you a consistent grind each time you use it. You don’t want to choose just any cheap grinder you might see on the market. Trust from our research and you can be assured you are finding top quality materials.

Quality pot grinder is important
for a long lasting grinder

When you think of using a marijuana herb grinder for a lifetime, that usually comes with a hefty price tag. But when you trust our research you can be sure that when you spend the money you do, you will be able to get great quality. If you look for yourself, even though we chose some lower cost grinders, we are still confident that they are sturdy and made out of high quality material to last you a lot longer than purchasing random herb grinders online.

Durability of a
weed grinder

If you have dealt with a cheap poorly made cannabis grinder in the past, and you’ve witnessed the disfunction, you know how important it is to buy a grinder from a trusted source and to choose a durable marijuana grinder. If you’ve never purchased a pot grinder before, just trust us when we say you don’t want to cut corners here. You can still find a quality grinder that is durable for a great price, as long as you have done the research and chosen the bud grinder for your needs, you will be pleased.

Why trust our research
on finding the best bud grinder?

I invent bongs and pipes for a living and am considered a daily smoker. Grinders are an essential part of my life. Finding the best grinder involved a 30 day run here at the office. I do not recommend 2 piece grinders or 3 piece grinders, and every bud grinder on our list is a 4 piece grinder. You may have to spend a bit more but once you try it you will never go below a 4 piece grinder with kief catcher.

We use these grinders at the office and I use one of them personally at home. I know you genuinely will be happy with any of these marijuana grinders so pick one that speaks to you! A pot grinder will be something you will use literally everyday whether to grind the weed or just store your grounded cannabis! So pick one that will work with your lifestyle.

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