The Best Electric Weed Grinders of 2023 (Best Flower Grind)

3 Truly Amazing Electric
Weed Grinders of 2023

An electric weed grinder gives you the most consistent buds every time.

The best electric marijuana grinder can effortlessly grind weed better than any weed grinder without human error.

You get the perfect consistency with an electric herb grinder every single time, and this article we found you the most recommended electric grinders of 2023.


electric grinder

Best Overall
Auto Weed Grinder


electric weed grinder

Best Premium
Auto Weed Grinder


electric herb grinder

Best Budget
Auto Weed Grinder

The Best Electric Weed Grinder of 2023

For an electric herb grinder to be the best, it must function with ease and not get caught. A bonus is finding an electric grinder for weed that catches kief. Grinding buds should be as easy as the click of a button. Cleaning should come easy, too. Check out our recommendations for 2023 best electric weed grinders. If you have another recommendation please feel free to contact us so we can put your favorite electric herb grinder to the test.

Best Daily Electric Herb Grinder

automatic grinders

Vapor Electric Weed Grinder


Quant Vapor brings you their fastest, most efficient weed grinder yet. A deep chamber that allows you to hold enough weed for multiple sesh’s is what makes this electric bud grinder best overall for daily use. You will also love the following features of this electric bud grinder. Skip below to see our research on best electric weed grinder.

Best Cheap Electric Cannabis Grinder

electric weed grinders

V1 Portable Grinder


Mamba Grinders brings you the Mamba V1 Portable Grinder. This budget automatic weed grinder didn’t crack under pressure to its competitors and it didn’t get caught, either. You will love the following features of this electric herb grinder. Skip below to see our research on best electric weed grinder.

Best Premium Electric Grinder for Marijuana

pen herb grinder

Electric Smart Herb Grinder


Smoke Cartel brings you the Otto Electric Smart Herb Grinder that transforms your dry herb buds into a cone in seconds. Smoke more efficiently using this all in one electric herb grinder that fills a preroll cone. You will love the following features of this premium electric herb grinder. Skip below to see our research on best electric weed grinder.

Research Behind The Quant Vapor Electric Herb Grinder For Best Daily Electric Grinder

pen grinder weed
  • Shreds material at 24,000 RPM
  • Magnetic material dispenser cap
  • Efficiency grinds material in 10s
  • Stores material for multiple sessions
  • Battery Capacity: 1100mah
  • Charges in 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Micro USB charger
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Fine grind, if that’s not your steez this ain’t for you.

When you’re looking for something trustworthy that will always produce consistent results, in our researching we found the Quant Vapor to be the best and the most reliable even with the stickiest strains of weed. We tested each electric herb grinder using the same CBX White Walker OG strain that is super sticky. The Quant Vapor stood the test and produced a fine grind each and every time.

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Electric Herb Grinder That Can Store the Goods

"worked nicely charged quickly, worked nice right out of the box, I highly recommend it."

Daniel B.

We found that the Quant Vapor electric herb grinder can store the goods for multiple sesh’s in a row. You know how annoying it can get when you want to bring your portable herb grinder around but that means you jeopardize space? That won’t happen with this herb grinder.

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Won't Stick with Sticky Weed

If you’re really serious about your premium weed strains and you find yourself getting frustrated with an electric grinder you have to perform maintenance on often, then you’ll love this automatic cannabis grinder. To have an electric marijuana grinder that rarely gets stuck is a dream for premium weed lovers.

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Fast Charging So You Never Have to Be Without

Have you ever went to leave your house and suddenly you realize you didn’t charge your electric herb grinder? Don’t worry, this automatic cannabis grinder will be quick to charge for you so you don’t have to be without it. Sure, you might be a little late getting to where you’re going but at least you’ll be high!

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Very Effective and Highly Recommended Automatic Weed Grinder

"Works well for grinding those densely packed fresh buds. Cheap electric grinders just knock those buds around the chamber, but the Quant grinder makes quick work of the toughest materials. The battery seems never to run out as I have used it daily for about a week and saw no discernible discharging."

Paul S.

We found that the Quant Vapor works very effectively as long as you don’t stuff too much bud in the chamber at once. Once you realize the perfect amount for what you need to grind, you will have absolutely no issues with this automatic bud grinder.

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Research Behind The Mamba Chewy Herb Grinder For Best Cheap Electric Grinder

weed pen grinder
  • .5 grams storage capacity
  • User friendly free-standing design
  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum teeth
  • Grinds for a continuous 3 hours on full charges
  • Lightweight & portable handheld construction
  • Efficient teeth design for a grind 20x faster than manual grinders
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Can’t fit in pocket but can fit in a purse.

When on a budget, one does not want to necessarily give up certain luxuries. When it comes to saving money while still having your weed ground up by way of electric grinder for bud, we get it. That’s why we did the testing to find you the best cheap electric marijuana grinder.

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Testing the Truly Portable Electric Grinder for Weed

"Bro too solid! Im grinding heaps yo"

Joshie MC

When researching the Mamba V1 Electric Herb Grinder, we read reviews that stated this was the best portable grinder to take on-the-go. We tested this by taking this electric grinder for bud out of the house and on a day hike. It proved to hold true by being reliable while out and about.

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Fluffy Ground Herbs Every Time

In researching we read that this electric cannabis grinder has been said to provide a fluffy grind to herbs, every time. We wanted to test for ourselves since the price is too good. If you’re looking for an electric herb grinder that gets your bud down to a fluffy, fine grind, for a great price, we choose the V1 electric herb grinder.

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Clog Free Cannabis Grinding

Before testing, we saw that this electric grinder for weed wouldn’t clog. The bud that we chose to test with this electric marijuana grinder was sticky because we wanted to truly put it to the test. We were pleasantly surprised that for this price point that we didn’t have any mechanical issues grinding weed easily.

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Efficiency to Cost Ratio

"Probably the best purchase I've made in my adulthood lol"

Kim B.

We chose to test this electric herb grinder due to the cost of it. We wanted to bring you the best option electric grinder for weed, for the best price. The fact that this electric cannabis grinder is cheap but functions great is what helped us rate this one the best inexpensive electric weed grinder. We tested this one a number of times throughout a course of 4 days and every time we were so impressed with the results of finely ground herb.

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Research Behind OTTO Automatic Grinder For Best Premium Electric Herb Grinder

automatic herb grinder
  • Sleek and ergonomic
  • Transforms dry herb to cone in mere seconds
  • AI Adjusts The Direction, Speed, & Pressure
  • Compatible With All Short, Standard, Or King-Sized Cones
  • Engineered with a spring-loaded grinder that mimics human hand grinding gestures
  • Grinds to uniform perfection
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Fairly pricey

We absolutely loved how seamlessly the Otto Electric Herb Grinder ground our buds. The fact that this electric cannabis grinder can grind weed into a cone and you literally get to light up right after is what helped us pick this electric marijuana grinder. Winner! The price may be a little steep, but hey! You get what you pay for.

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An Electric Herb Grinder That Can Grind Sticky Buds

"The Otto is so easy to use & take care of. I highly (no pun intended) recommend this product as wwll as their cones. Customer service is one of the best I have encountered. A total win! :)"

Jeffrey W.

Finding an electric grinder that seamlessly grinds through sticky bud is essential. During our research, we found that reviewers were saying this electric marijuana grinder could handle their premium sticky weed. We read this enough times, we knew we had to put this electric grinder to the test with our sticky bud. We were not disappointed. It was like running a tree through a wood chipper.

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Extremely Easy to Use Electric Grinder For Cannabis

We knew when we were researching the top electric weed grinders to test that we wanted to give the Otto Automatic Herb Grinder a shot. We love the idea of the bud immediately being ground into a cone. This is what makes this electric weed grinder perfect for those just starting out smoking weed or for those who’s dexterity has become minimal. We were shocked when we saw how quickly and easily we could toke using this electric grinder.

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This Electric Bud Grinder Won't Jam

"Amazing!!!! I purchased this as I loss the use of my doninant hand and arm. I can now get a J in 5 seconds with this OTTO. So pleased!!!"

Derek R.

In testing, we had issues with certain electric weed grinders that were honestly frustrating with how easily they would jam. It was seriously no issues with this electric grinder for marijuana. No matter how thick or sticky our bud, we had no issues with a smooth, fine grind with this electric bud grinder.

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Automatically Readjusts Speed Depending on Bud Consistency

We were eager to give this electric grinder for cannabis a go because it uses AI to detect the amount, size, and consistency of buds and automatically adjusts the speed, pressure, and direction, based on the consistency of the herb. Wow! With this kind of technology, it’s no wonder the price tag on this one is a little higher than usual. But well worth it, in our opinion.

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How to Use an Electric Weed Grinder

Knowing how to use an electric weed grinder may not seem so easy, especially if it is your first time. Questions arise like, “how much weed do I add?” or “where does the bud even go?”. There’s several different automatic grinders on the market so its important to know how to use one before you purchase.

General use on how to use an electric weed grinder is actually quite simple. Make sure that your electric marijuana grinder is charged or has batteries. Open the canister to put your buds in. Close the canister and turn the electric weed grinder on. The bud will automatically grind.

Retrieve your ground weed from canister and roll up or pack your bowl, and smoke!

What Makes a High Quality Electric Herb Grinder?

We only want to bring you high quality products. When researching and testing the automatic weed grinders, we first did the research to find top quality material. And then further research showed how well the electric grinder for herbs would function. The design of the electric weed grinder is important, too. How durable is the electric cannabis grinder and how long is it meant to last, are some questions we asked.

Top Quality Material

In testing each of these electric marijuana grinders, we decided to choose the three that we did based on the material they are made out of. By using materials such as stainless steel, we were sure that the electric cannabis grinders we chose were made of top quality material.

Lifespan of Electric Herb Grinder

When an electric weed grinder is made of the finest material, we are rest assured that the lifespan of it will be long. For an electric grinder for herb to be high quality, it should be able to last you a while, even with repeated use, daily. We found that the electric cannabis grinders we tested all were sturdy and will last over time and with repeated use.

How Durable is the Automatic Cannabis Grinder?

The durability of the electric herb grinder is what makes it high quality. During testing, we did rough up our subjects here and there just to be sure we could check it off the list for top quality. None of the electric weed grinders we wrote about here were hurt in the process.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Electric Pot Grinder

Reviewing and testing the electric weed grinder was something that had already been done due to our love for weed. We just decided to bring past experience in and base some of our material on it but we did do extensive research to bring the best top electric marijuana grinders on the market. In combination of these two things, we found our results.

By testing 10 different electric herb grinders over the course of 4 days, we were able to use each electric grinder for herb for different methods of smoking and we did so multiple times to prove the quality of the electric marijuana grinder.

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