Best Silicone Pipes for Ultra Smooth Hits on the Go (2023)

Best Silicone Pipes for Ultra
Smooth Hits on the Go (2023)

Silicone pipes are indestructible, easy to clean, more affordable, and even cleaner than glass.

We spent a week testing some pretty awesome silicone weed pipes to find out just which ones were the best. Take a look for yourself!

EYCE Hammer

silicone pipe

Best Overall
Silicone Pipe

4-in-1 Clobb

silicone water pipe

Best Premium
Silicone Pipe

EYCE Spoon

silicone pipes

Best Budget
Silicone Pipe

Best Silicone Pipes of 2023

Silicone pipes are becoming the new trend as they are easier to clean, maintain, use, and most importantly, won’t go breaking or shatter on you. They are a great alternative for those who are looking for a more portable or discreet smoking option compared to standard weed pipes and silicone bongs. We loved testing these silicone weed pipes for their performance and how well they were able to deliver powerful yet smooth hits.  Take a look at our top 3 recommendations for best silicone pipes:

Best All Around Glass Pipe for Overall Use

silicone smoking pipe

Eyce Hammer Hubbler Silicone Pipe


This beautifully designed hammer bubbler pipe from DG was exceptional when it came down to smoke quality and overall performance. It did not lack in any key qualities and delivered smooth and clean hits every toke! You won’t be disappointed with this silicone weed pipe, as it functioned remarkably well.

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Best Silicone Pipe on a Budget without Sacrificing Quality

silicone weed pipe

EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe


It really doesn’t get better than this when price is factored in. Not only is this silicone pipe an affordable option for every stoner out there, but it also produces powerful hits of THC while being small enough to be discreet when needed. There are multiple color options and the design is unbeatable for what you’re paying!

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Best Premium 4 In 1 Ultimate Silicone Pipe

silicone pipe with glass bowl

EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe


This Clobb from Ooze functions amazing well considering it has 4 different options and uses to smoke from! With amazing versatility and design, this one of a kind silicone pipe goes above and beyond to satisfy both dry herbs and concentrate lovers! Easy to clean and its material makes it virtually indestructible.

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3 Reasons the EYCE Hammer is the Best Overall Silicone Pipe

eyce silicone pipe
  • Amazing Design
  • Platinum cured silicone
  • Snap in borosilicate glass bowl
  • Steel Poker
  • Water chamber includes an ice chamber
  • Versatile to use as a portable rig if needed (requires 10mm glass collar & 10mm titanium nail)
  • Hidden Jar
  • Indestructible
  • Portable
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Water chamber is small

This silicone weed pipe from DankGeek caught our attention because of how well it functioned and how easy it was to use. We were happy and very satisfied with how this functioned on an overall scale. This silicone pipe did not lack in consistency and delivered powerful hits that were easy to take in. Keep reading below to see how we tested for the best overall silicone pipe.

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Weed Pipe Design and Performance Breakthrough

"For a pipe with a small water chamber, it deff hit wayy smoother than expected. I used it with both the ice and water and my hits were never harsh on my throat. Perfect size for me to carry around and I love how easily it fits right into my hands."

Hyleana Z.

This silicone pipe not only had a water chamber to cool down the smoke, but it also came equipped with a built in ice chamber! Hits were exceptionally smooth and easy to inhale, making for a great way to get powerful hits without the crazy coughs. Not to mention it also came equipped with a steel poker to unclog your bowl and a built in stash container to discreetly hide and store all of your delicious herbs. It is not common to find a piece like this for the price, which made it the most ideal for overall performance. This silicone water pipe can be used on the daily, on the go, or even for a smoke sesh with friends!

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Quite Simply the Best Silicone Pipe Ever Released

Let’s be real, a silicone pipe that can deliver and produce the same smoke intensity as a bong or waterpipe is beyond amazing. These silicone pipes are portable and small in size making them the perfect method to smoke discreetly while still obtaining powerful hits of THC without any harshness. This EYCE hammer pipe is also easy to clean and maintain so you can easily keep build up and residue away from your piece. 

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Try This Silicone Pipe and You Will Love It

"I've been using this pipe for quite some time and I dont think I plan on going back to my previous piece. I love how I can store my weed within the pipe itself which makes it easier for me to quickly pull out and smoke when I need to without the hassle of opening my mason jar for everyone to see and smell."

Newman Y.

The star point of this silicone pipe is that everything is already built in and equipped inside, such as the steel poker, snap in bowl, stash container, water and ice chamber. All you’ll need to do is add water and ice if you prefer, and pack your cannabis! Since everything is already in one place, you can easily whip it out of your pocket and toke away with ease. You also won’t ever have to worry about this beauty breaking or shattering on you since it is virtually indestructible. 

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Research Behind Best Budget Silicone Pipe

silicone pipe glass bowl
  • Amazing Design
  • Pipe bowl made of durable borosilicate glass
  • Metal tool (used to unclog bowl)
  • Built in storage area sealed with top
  • Replaceable bowl
  • Indestructible
  • Multiple color options
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • No water chamber

It’s tough to find a quality silicone smoking pipe when there are many poorly made ones online. Despite how cheap they can be sold for, they aren’t great for longevity and will most likely break down on you before you know it. This beautiful but classic silicone weed pipe design was amazing in quality and performance while staying within an affordable price range. Keep reading below to see how we tested for the best budget silicone water pipe.

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Are You Still Buying Cheap Silicone Weed Pipes? You May Regret It

"Precision moldings, and platinum silicone curing, solid-built spoon! Love the quality of the molds, and the silicone curing. Silicate glass (Pyrex) removable, and replaceable bowl. The built-on poker is a plus, and the stash compartment (if your traveling) is nice, also. I thought I disliked silicone pipes because I tried those cheap, thin, soft, metal bowled spoons. I was right to give the original silicone people (Eyce) a shot, because it's all net with this one."

Paul D.

There are many options out there for a silicone weed pipe, but determining if they’re worth the quality boils down to what they offer in comparison to what you’re paying for. We have found many sites that have listed their silicone smoking pipe for super cheap, but what we noticed was how cheap their silicone material was as well. Silicone has an extremely high melting point but can still get damaged and melt if in contact with direct flame or torch. Cheap silicone weed pipes online will typically be made poorly or with a mixture of other materials with it, such as an acrylic bowl as to a high quality borosilicate one. This EYCE silicone spoon pipe had the perfect design that was optimal for performance and durability. With a super low price tag, you are getting way more value than what you’re paying for.

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A Powerful Hit of Cannabis at the Fraction of the Cost

We loved this silicone water pipe in specific because it very much resembles the standard or classic design of what you would think of when you hear silicone weed pipe. When testing, we quickly realized there was much more to this piece than meets the ye, such as how powerful this pipe can produce strong hits. Despite the absence of a water chamber, smoke was still intense as ever and surprisingly smooth given the fact that there was no filtration in place. This is what blew us away with its performance and smoke delivery. 

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Great Silicone Pipe Design and Functionality

"Absolutely loving this piece and how well it works! Great relief for someone who is constantly dropping things left and right. Doesn't have one scratch on it and hits like a freakin champ! Will be using this as my daily hitter. "

Attikon N.

This silicone pipe was perfectly designed to allow for huge rips without the need of a huge bong. Not only were the hits consistent with quality every trial, but it was super easy to use. It functioned just as a regular dry pipe would, only except its silicone, which makes it last much longer since it isn’t prone to breaking. It is small and compact which makes it easy to bring with you everywhere you go and comes in assorted colors to choose from. You will be getting more value than what you’re paying with this bad boy!

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Research Behind Best Premium 4 In 1 Silicone Pipe

silicone weed pipes
  • Amazing platinum cured silicone
  • High versatility
  • Can be used as: Hammer style bubbler bong, hammer dab rig, vaporizer rig, & nectar collector straw
  • Can be used with a cartridge vaporizer
  • Powerful Water Filtration
  • Removable diffused downstem
  • Quartz Banger & titanium nail included
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Includes dry herb bowl
  • 90° angle (Great for balance and support)
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Pricey

Finding the best premium silicone water pipe was super fun and exciting for the team. There were so many cool and fun styles out there but this one in particular took us away with its amazing multi-purpose function design. It’s no surprise this one took the title as the best silicone pipe. With its cooling features and add ons, it was a no brainer this was going to be our pick. Keep reading below to see how and what we looked for in the best premium silicone pipe. 

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A Silicone Pipe With Crazy Versatility Features

"Wow, I LOVED how I was able to use this pipe for my concentrates!! As much as I enjoy hitting my dry flowers, being able to dab with this pipe has been a life saver. I also love how I can easily swap or switch our parts to make it into something entirely different. I have confidently shown this piece off to my friends and family and they loved it as much as I did!"

Lance F.

We were super excited to have found this one of a kind silicone pipe. Despite the many silicone weed pipes out there on the market, we have yet to see one that had a versatility such as this Clobb from Ooze. You get the benefit of using both your dry herbs or concentrates depending on your mood. No matter how you disassemble and reassemble them, they are easy to take apart and super easy to use. If you’re feeling for a more intense high, we suggest hitting it as a rig or if it’s more preferable, you can use it with a cartridge vaporizer. With so many options and different features, this silicone smoking pipe was hard to beat. You won’t find many like this in stores so it’s best to get your hands on one now! 

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How This Premium Silicone Pipe Delivers Cool and Smooth Rips

"I couldnt believe how amazing this pipe hit. I like to pack large amounts of weed and I was shocked how much smoke I was able to get from something so small. I didnt cough my lungs out and appreciate the concept and convenience of a 4 in 1 design. I have yet to try it for dabbing, but for dry herbs, this thing is amazingg!"

Da'morion H.

As mentioned before, not all silicone pipes will come equipped with a diffuser let alone a percolator. This Clobb pipe from Ooze had a removable downstem that can be used to filter both smoke and water to ensure there is a smooth hit for every toke. Smoke is harsh and hot without the presence of water, and even when there is water present, it doesn’t always mean your hits will be optimally cooled down. Not only did their downstem function remarkably well at reducing the hotness of smoke, but it made the inhale much easier to go down, which in turn helps reduce throat or lung irritation.

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Simple and Easy Cleaning Time With Using a Silicone Pipe

Silicone is probably one of the easiest types of materials to use and maintain. Build up and residue take longer to form on silicone than it does on other materials such as acrylic or even glass. With just a simple wash, you can expect all of that yucky and nasty particles will come right off! Not only will you be cleaning your silicone pipe much less, but you will also be saving a huge amount of time. This 4 in one silicone pipe cleaned exceptionally well and was a breeze to put everything back together. 

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What is a Silicone Pipe?

A silicone pipe can also be referred to as a hand held pipe or even a mini bubbler. It can function with or without water, and delivers powerful hits of THC. Due to the typical size of these silicone weed pipes, more smoke production is able to be produced and therefore resulting in large direct and instantaneous hits. The material itself also makes them virtually indestructible which is awesome for those who tend to drop their pieces more often. They are portable friendly and are the perfect travel item to take on the go. Depending on the silicone pipe, there are other added benefits such as diffusers or ice chambers which will allow for a more optimal cooling of smoke so that your hits are smooth upon inhalation.

How to Use a Silicone Pipe

Using a silicone pipe is simple:

  1. Fill silicone pipe with water if there is a water chamber present
  2. Place the cannabis in the bowl chamber 
  3. Place finger over carb hole if there is one present
  4. Light the cannabis and fill the pipe with smoke
  5. Release your finger from the carb cap to clear the smoke into your lungs

    Heat can effect material when in contact with direct flame. Do not expose flame directly with silicone.

How to Clean Silicone Pipe

Cleaning a silicone pipe is extremely easy:

  1. Place silicone pipe inside a zip lock bag.
  2. Fill bag with one cup of isoproyl alochol.
  3. Put in 1/4 cup of sea salt.
  4. Close the bag and shake the contents for 5 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes take your silicone pipe and rinse off.
  6. Detail any remaining build up or residue with Q-tip.

What Makes a High Quality Silicone Pipe?

Silicone pipes are unique in their design simply due to the material in which it’s made of. Silicone is known for not just adjusting well to heat, but it’s also indestructible and very easy to clean in comparison to other types of materials. Carb holes while not essential, are very beneficial to your overall smoking experience. A carb hole allows for smoke to be trapped in while inhaling so that it can be produced on a much larger scale as to without one. With a carb hole your hits will be 2x as powerful and intense. The rest of what makes a silicone pipe high quality depends on the the extra features where user experience is catered to. Take a look at what makes a high quality weed steamroller.

Using Thick and High Quality Borosilicate Glass For The Bowl

As great as silicone is for heat on a general level, it is highly not recommended for using silicone as a bowl. Acrylic, plastic, or even metal are all alternatives to glass, but we are here to tell you that borosilicate glass is the way to go for the best experience possible. Glass does not alternate flavor, taste profile, or release any toxins upon inhaling. All of our hand picked silicone pipes have a high quality borosilicate glass material for the bowl and for good reason! Stay away from other types of materials. 

Having Built in Features in the Silicone Pipe Design

Silicone pipes are great as they are, but ones that have added extensions or features such as a water or ice chambers make your silicone pipe even more amazing. They give more value such as smoothness of hits, cooling of smoke, and an easy inhale. This makes using a silicone weed pipe more preferable since they can function as a bubbler or even as a small water pipe would, only except they are smaller, lighter in weight, and are much more discreet. Some even have cool little add ons such as a poker or scraper to help unclog any residue in the bowl.

Presence of a Carb Hole

Carb holes are a wonderful way to produce intense and powerful hits without the need of using a large bong or water pipe. Carb holes function as a way for smoke to be trapped in while being produced so that when you are ready to release and inhale, all of that smoke gets shot directly into your lungs. Nothing hits harder than when that hole is released and you take that breath of huge smoke vapors, and with the presence of a diffuser or water chamber, you can bet that hit will be super smooth!

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Silicone Pipe?

As your reviewer and researcher, I have over 10 years of experience with cannabis products. I help research and curate content for some leading industry cannabis products with one-hitters, chillums, and yes, even silicone pipes! In order to find the best silicone pipes of 2023, I had to carefully go through all the reviews, both positive and negative, and put them to the test to find out for myself. I look forward to new silicone weed pipes being created and released so we can run this test again next year. If you have any recommendations for great silicone water pipes that we have not tested please feel free to reach out.

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