3 of the Best Weed Pipes You will Find Today

3 of the Best Weed Pipes You'll See Today

(We Tested Cannabis Weed Pipes to find the Best of 2021)

We can all agree that sometimes there is no beating the simplicity and ease of using a weed pipe.

If you want a portable weed pipe that delivers a great hit with zero hassle, then you are in the right place.

After reviewing 30 cannabis pipes and buying and testing 10, these are the top 3 best weed pipes you will find today:

Grav Upline

portable weed pipe

Best Overall
Weed Pipe

Black Walnut

cannabis pipe

Best Premium
Weed Pipe

Grav 4 Inch

weed pipe

Best Budget
Weed Pipe

A Cannabis Pipe is The Real OG

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 glass weed pipes?

  • We Reviewed over 40 Industry Leading Marijuana Pipes
  • We Bought 10 of the best pot pipes.
  • We Tested the 10 bowls for weed to find out which ones were the best.
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their weed smoking pipes held up.
cannabis products

We tested 10 glass spoon pipes of various sizes and makes from ceramic to borosilicate glass. Our key data points of evaluation were the ease of use of the weed pipe, the carb hole function, how harsh the hit was, the design, functionality, and how portable the marijuana pipe was.

If you are new to weed pipes , then we recommend you skip below to learn: what is a weed pipe. There are many great functions of a weed pipe and it’s best to first understand if this cannabis product is a fit for you. Also, our experts found 3 of the best hacks for cleaning your weed pipe make sure to check it that out!

Pro-tip: This article is equipped with Quick Skip function so you can save time and navigate to what section is most helpful. Click here to skip below and get started and find out which glass spoon pipes we felt was the best of 2021.

Constant Variables: We decided for practicality purposes that we would only test standard spoon pipes and not one hitters and chillums. We ran another test focusing solely on gandalf pipes, sherlock pipes, one hitter pipes, and chillums. Glass spoon pipes are a staple in marijuana smoking devices and have been around for many years.We testing using CBX White Walker OG strain with 31.04% THC and .11% CBD with every weed pipe to be sure we were comparing each product fairly. What we looked for in a great pipe for weed was how easy was it to use and how well did it smoke.

Finding the best weed pipe comes down to your personal needs, smoking habits, and budget.

Out of the 10 glass weed pipes we tested we found the best weed pipe for daily use, the best premium glass pipe, and also the best cannabis pipe on a budget.

Take a look at the results for best weed pipes of 2021 and make sure to check out the research hours behind our testing for more product tips and best practices with a portable weed pipe.

Best Pipe for Weed Index

3 of the Best Weed Pipes You Will Find Today

Weed pipes are amazing. There are so many cannabis products out there and sometimes you can get fatigued just looking at all the options. Not only that most bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, nectar collectors all seem to have quite a bit of set up, zero portability, and have so many additional add on’s. When cannabis shoppers see a glass weed pipe they think “simple”. Simple is a luxury as all hand pipes we recommend are easy to use and have zero set up time.  Take a look at our top 3 recommendations for best weed pipes:

Best All Around Glass Pipe for Daily Use

best weed pipes

Grav Labs Upline Weed Pipe


Grav Labs is an amazing company! This pipe is by far my favorite out of all the 10 glass pipes I tested. For one, this glass spoon pipe has an internal ash catcher that prevents ash from entering your mouth. Secondly, it is reinforced in the neck meaning this weed pipe is going to last the ages. Finally, my favorite part about this spoon pipe is that it is the only pipe that had some form of cooling for the smoke so your hits were less harsh. Skip below to see our research on this cannabis pipe

Best Glass Pipe on a Budget without Sacrificing Quality

Grav Labs 4 Inch Weed Pipe


Grav Labs has taken 2 of the top 3 spots in best weed pipes. The Grav 4 inch glass spoon pipe was an amazing cannabis pipe with high-quality build and function at just a fraction of the cost. Even though this is a great deal doesn’t mean Grav Labs sacrificed any quality. This smoking bowl delivers a powerful hit. Skip below to see our research on this marijuana pipe

Best Premium Unique Weed Pipe with Oak Wood Design

Black Walnut Spoon Pipe


If your budget is looking good then we highly recommend the premium option. This unique weed pipe is made with high-quality borosilicate glass that was engineered with a rounded downstem. This amazing feature allows for the glass pipe to stay much cooler allowing you to have more consecutive hits in a row. We loved the high-quality real oak wood infused into the design and surprisingly this pipe is the most portable out of the top 3 recommendations as the pieces can detach. Skip below to see our research on Black Walnut Weed Pipe.

3 Reasons the Grav Upline is the Best Overall Glass Pipe

smoke pipes
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Heavy Glass Upline spoon
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Left-hand carb
  • Focused mouthpiece
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Fairly Large Bowl Capacity Make Sure You Can Handle It

Finding the best weed pipe was quite an adventure. It was a tough call to make as we only bought the industries best smoking bowls to test against one another. 

Grav Labs is notorious for extremely well made marijuana pipes so it was not a surprise they took one of the top spots in our research. 

Take a look at some of the notable mentions in our research.

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Weed Pipe Design and Performance Breakthrough

"This is a great pipe to use if you are a bong person like myself. The percs in the neck help cool the smoke down so you don't get those harsh hits like a normal spoon pipe."

Alfred L.

We are seeing a common theme with Grav Labs. They seem to think of the user’s journey with their device from beginning to end, before creating products. 

This amazing weed bowl  was equipped with a very well crafted internal ash catcher. One of the biggest complaints in the past few years when testing weed pipes was the amount of ash that would get through into your mouth. 

It seems like this glass steamroller, no matter what, did not deliver any ash into our mouths, which was a huge plus. 

Not only that, it was just very simple, and easy to use. The release of the carb cap delivered a powerful hit as all the smoke rushed from outside of the weed pipe directly into my lungs.

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Quite Simply the Best Glass Pipe Ever Released

Let’s be honest, the whole reason we use a marijuana pipe is because of how classic it is and how powerfully it delivers THC without the need of water or accessories. 

This is a simple trade off, you get much harsher hits but more potent delivery. 

So if your lungs can handle this super weed pipe rips, then you are absolutely going to live how well this smoking bowl delivers as far as the high is concerned. 

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Try This Weed Pipe and You Will Love It

"Best pipe, very smooth draw, great experience!"

Craig B.

They major winning point on this product is that you don’t need any extensions, directions, or anything. Grav Labs has built out the perfect pot pipes that just deliver very well. 

From the moment you pick it up, to loading the marijuana bowl with cannabis, to lighting and releasing the carb cap, this pipe is just super easy to use. 

There is never a moment you have to question your usage with this device because there just aren’t any hiccups such as the hit not being strong enough or ash getting into your mouth. If you want a no-fuss weed smoking pipe then this pipe is it. 

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Research Behind Best Budget Weed Pipe

pipe weed
  • Amazing Design
  • Classic Spoon
  • Thoughtful details
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Inverted ash catching mouthpiece
  • Wide range of gorgeous colors
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • 4 Inches, which is a plus for those looking for portability.

If you have done a bit of browsing you are going to notice that there are plenty of steam roller pipes for sale. 

From larger weed smoking bowls to cute bowls for smoking, it can get quite difficult to pinpoint what is right for you. If budget is a concern we have made sure to test between three lower priced marijuana pipes to see which one is the best. 

The Grab Labs 4 inch mini is a small pipe that delivers a whopping punch for a fraction of the price.

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Are You Still Buying Cheap Weed Pipes? You May Regret It

"I bought this item over a year ago. It was my first ever glass purchase. It’s honestly the best. Very easy to hold and easy to clean. Never had an issue with it. I dropped it while cleaning it so I’m purchasing more! I also have 2 of the 6”inch spoons and those are my babies! If you’re looking for a spoon, look no further! Grav is amazing and so is their customer support. I truly love this company and their products :)"


The truth is, most people love weed pipes because of stealth smoking. We love that we can take our pipes with us anywhere, and at times potentially smoke it anywhere. 

The larger the cannabis pipe the harder it is to be a covert smoker. This small weed pipe was absolutely stealth and extremely portable as you can fit it in your pocket. 

You simply need grounded weed ready and you can load this thing up and smoke it all in just under 60 seconds.

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A Powerful Hit of Cannabis at the Fraction of the Cost

Every wants a weed pipe to take on-the-go when smoking in public. With that being the case if you get a budget glass weed pipe, do you sacrifice on the hit? 

The honest answer is: not with this bowl capacity. In the case of this 4 inch Grav Labs borosilicate glass smoking bowl it was still 2 to 3 times stronger than that of any other cannabis pipe, at almost the same price! 

So if you want efficient weed smoking, than this budget glass weed pipe is a great way to get power packed THC doses at a very low cost.

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Great Weed Pipe Design and Functionality

I think one of our favorite things about this glass weed pipe is the size of the smoking bowl! Meaning they kept the same size bowl even though this whole weed pipe is only 4 inches! 

With this much quality built into such a small design, I was absolutely shocked at how well it smoked for such a low price tier. You can pay the same price but get a much harder does of THC, now that is smart cannabis shopping.

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Research Behind Best Premium Steamroller Pipe

cool pipes
  • Created from handblown borosilicate glass
  • Refined black walnut wood
  • Rounded stem and heat-resistant glass bowl
  • Allow for consistent draws
  • Exceptionally smooth smoking experience
  • Unique, quality product
  • Durable, convenient maintenance, and premium design
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Pricing was the only complaint

We thought for a moment that we would explore much more premium options for a cannabis pipe. 

When we found the black walnut spoon pipe, we were eager to try it! The look, alone, was intriguing enough, but when we actually tested the functionality we were extremely impressed with this marijuana weed pipe. 

The looks of this marijuana pipe is what we came for but the portability of this cannabis pipe is, of course, why we stayed.

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There Are Less Expensive Glass Pipes, but There Are Also Thinner Steaks and Smaller Cars

Marley Natural offers an elevated line of products made from sustainably grown black walnut and hand-blown glass, ensuring durability, convenient maintenance, and premium design. 

Creating unique, quality products is what they are dedicated to. With Jamaican-inspired accents, this weed pipe looks the dopest while still functioning as a true cannabis pipe should.

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Why This Premium Weed Pipe is Cooler than Cool (Hint: Rounded Downstem)

If you’re looking for a new piece with a large, deep bowl to maximize your seshes, this Marley Natural walnut spoon has got you covered. 

The large-capacity bowl does not sacrifice in size, although it remains portable. We found the best thing about this weed pipe is the amount of weed it was able to hold in the bowl.

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We Need to Talk about the Internal Ash Catcher, It's a Game Changer.

"This pipe really has a way to class up the place. I appreciate the four-piece design with o-rings which should really help with cleaning. The ashcatcher is also a nice addition. Overall, $60 is a little steep for this, but I'm happy. Smooth draw and very generous bowl size make packing and lighting to save some green corners a breeze. "

Matt B.

When the only complaint is the price being a little steep, you know you’re in the right place when it comes to premium cannabis pipes. 

If you’re in the market for a smoking bowl that doesn’t sacrifice anything at all, then you’ve found the marijuana pipe for you. 

In our research we found that the Walnut Spoon Pipe was a favorite because of its high quality design and premium material.

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What is a Glass Pipe?

A weed pipe is cannabis pipe but the carb hole is placed at the opposite end in which you inhale from, and the smoking bowl is right at the end where the carb section is. This allows for you to smoke and fill the entire pipe, and when you release the carb cap you clear the entire pipe and deliver a potent hit of THC. 

How to Use a Glass Pipe

Using the steamroller pipe is simple:

  1. Place the cannabis in the bowl chamber 
  2. Place your fingers over the carb cap at the end of the pipe
  3. Light the cannabis and fill the pipe with smoke
  4. Release your finger from the carb cap to clear the pipe smoke into your lungs.

What Makes a High Quality Weed Pipe?

Weed pipes have a very unique design. The entire functionality depends on the placement of carb cap to bowl ratio. The rest of what makes a cannabis pipe high quality depends on the material it is made from and also about the extra features where user experience is catered to. Take a look at what makes a high quality cannabis pipe.

Using Thick and High Quality Borisicliate Glass

Size and quality matters. The thicknesss of your glass in glass weed pipe is what is going to make it durable and long lasting. There’s no need to settle for a flimsy lightweight glass pipe when there’s plenty of high quality borosilicate glass smoking bowls on the market.

Having Built in Features in the Weed Pipe Design

We love Grav Labs because they think of the user journey from beginning to end. When ash getting in the mouth was a huge complaint when using a cannabis pipe, Grav Labs decided enough was enough and made a glass weed pipe that had an ash catcher feature. Brilliant and helpful. You no longer need to worry about a slow pull when you smoke a hand pipe. Let the Grav Labs Upline do the ash catching for you, not your throat.

The Placement of the Carb Cap to Smoking Bowl

The placement of the carb hole is what is going to make the biggest difference in your smoking bowls experience when using a hand pipe. To have a carb hole in the right place is the major feature that matters. When choosing your next marijuana pipe, be sure that you pay attention to where the carb hole is placed. Drawing a hand pipe up to your mouth and lighting should be done effortlessly and fluid. When using a high quality glass pot pipe, the carb hole is placed exactly where it is comfortable for your finger to go.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Weed Pipe?

As your reviewer and researcher I have over 10 years experience with cannabis products. I help research and curate content for some leading industry cannabis products with one hitters and chillums and applied the same careful and thought out process to calculate all the the data – good and bad – to find out just which glass pot pipe is the best pipe on the market in 2021. I look forward to new weed smoking bowls being created so I can run this test again next year. If you have any recommendations for great glass hand pipes that we have not tested please feel free to reach out.

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