8 of the Best Weed Pipes You will Find Today (2023)

8 of the Best Weed Pipes
Tested and Rated (2023)

Written By: Jay Hyung
Bong Engineer

The best weed pipes of 2023 are absolutely mind blowing.

I had the honor of testing some cool weed pipes: from ash-catching weed bowls to patented cough free pipes, and even ice cooling pipes for weed.

Not only that, our team of experts found out why a pipe for weed delivers more THC than bongs (check it out for yourself).

If you are new to pipes for smoking weed, check out our guide to all the weed pipe types below.

The best weed pipes you can buy right now

Best Marijuana Pipe 2023

best weed pipes

Triple Waterless
Filtration Cooling

Best Cooling Weed Pipes

No Cough
Weed Pipe

Best Glass Pipe

weed pipe

Classic Weed Bowl
with Best Price

The best pipe for weed
you can buy today

Pipes for weed are amazing because they are “simple” and simple is a luxury with cannabis products.

Don’t be fooled as our top 8 best pipe for weed are simple in nature but fierce in innovation.

#1 Best Weed Pipe
on the Market


Invented by a Freaking Scientist

I had the pleasure of talking with Michael Barenboym (CEO of Weedgets) and inventor of the Maze-X pipe. He is a scientist in the field of mechanical engineering with over 100 patents in life saving technologies.

Yes, he is bad ass. And so is his ground breaking indestructible cannabis pipe with waterless filtration.

The genius with this pipe is the maze the smoke is forced to travel, which cools the smoke tremendously. Let me not blow smoke up your … pipes and just check out our testing with this product below!

#2 Best Priced Glass
Pipe Two Years in a Row

pipe weed

A $20 Pipe that Rips Like a Beast


Grav Labs has taken the #2 position for best weed pipe two years running – and for good reason. The Grav 4 inch glass spoon pipe was an amazing THC pipe with high-quality build and function at just a fraction of the cost.

Even though this is a great deal doesn’t mean Grav Labs sacrificed any quality. Check out our testing for more details on this classic glass spoon pipe below.

#3 The Perfect Pot Pipe
for Sensitive Lungs

glass pipes

Frosty Hits You Can Feel


I’ve owned this cannabis pipe for over a year now and it’s amazing. While it’s not winning five stars for travel and durability, it sits snug in my freezer ready to deliver what most glass spoon pipes can’t: a large rip without the cough.

The smoke is forced to travel through glass coils surrounded by frozen glycerin. You can take much larger rips than usual here, and yes you can still feel a burn but the cough just doesn’t come. Keep in mind I suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis! Check out our testing below

#4 Best Spoon Pipe with
Large Capacity Bowl

best pipe for weed

Perfect Pot Bowl for Cornering


Are you a fan of cornering your bud? This is where you load your bowl to maximum capacity, and smoke different portions (or corners) throughout the day.

The Marley collection creates beautiful and durable cannabis pipes, and the way the bowl is engineered here allows for extra swirling of smoke. You can think of this as an extra cooling feature.

If you want to take huge rips, pack less, and clean less, this is the best weed bowl for you or for sharing.

#5 Cool Weed Pipes
Innovation and Design

marijuana pipes with filters

The Most Innovative Pipe


The Genius pipe is a compact weed pipe that uses the same technology for cooling nuclear reactors through turbulent flow.

Constructed from anodized aluminum and pieced together magnetically, this cannabis pipe is indestructible and the best for traveling! The pipe boast features for preserving terpenes and no slip stream smoke loss.

The smoke on this weed pipe was smooth and tasty. The anodized aluminum added a bit of extra cooling as well. One of the biggest wins here is how easy this is for travelling and since it does not look like a spoon pipe you can practically carry this in your pocket, loaded with cannabis (legally of course). 

#6 -A Beautiful Weed Pipe
with Suspended Bubbles

best glass pipes

Prettiest Cannabis Pipe


Sometimes you just want a classic glass spoon pipe with a touch of jaw dropping beauty.

Pulsar is known for creating excellent cannabis products, but they some how figured out how to create a glass pipe with floating bubbles suspended throughout the walls.

Looking for a beautiful weed pipe with a great price and smoke? Then this is a steal. There are no cooling features here so it hits like a classic weed pipe but other then that this was an amazing smoke.

#7 - Best Pot Pipe for
Smoking Back to Back

pipe for weed

A Timeless Cannabis Pipe


This unique weed pipe is made with high-quality borosilicate glass that was engineered with a rounded downstem. This amazing feature allows for the glass pipe to stay much cooler allowing you to have more consecutive hits in a row without the glass over heating.

I loved the high-quality real oak wood infused into the design and even though it has a glass core, this weed pipe was extremely easy to assemble, disassemble, and travel without breaking.

This truly is a quality cannabis pipe for those that enjoy the finer things,

#8 Cannabis pipe inspired
by the scales of a shark

best pipe for marijuana

Anodized Aluminum Pipe


It’s not often where you see beauty and innovation so masterfully crafted.

When you smoke this pipe the aluminum helps to cool the smoke as well as many vortexes the smoke must travel through (inspired by the scales of a maco shark).

This pipe has a very smooth and cool smoke, and most importantly it’s a weed pipe your proud to leave out on the counter because it just looks so damn beautiful. The only con of this is the heavier price tag – buy hey if you got it you got it!

Weed pipe types from
beginner to advanced

weed pipe types
All Weed Pipe Types (pros and cons below)

When shopping for a pipe for weed there are a ton of options.

Weed pipe types can be a bit confusing, but in this short section we will break down each type of marijuana bowl and the pros and cons of each!

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Glass Weed Pipes

Glass bowls for weed (most widely known as spoon pipes for it’s spoon like shape) is the most popular smoking tool for cannabis.

Glass pipes are most widely used for it’s smooth and clean rips. If you enjoy the taste of the terpenes in your bud then a glass weed pipe will give you the richest flavor profile and smoothest smoke.

Glass pipes have great igniting and air flow. Also it’s nice to see the smoke building up in the chamber so you know when to release your finger from the carb hole.

The downside to a glass piece is that if you drop it it will most likely break. I own two glass pieces and both have never broke because I take care of them. 

Here are the two glass pieces that I personally own and use till this day.

The Freeze Pipe: think of this as the no cough weed pipe, perfect for sensitive lungs. Check out this cough free pipe.

The Grav Pipe: This is the best glass pipe based on price alone. If you drop one you only need to spend $21 to buy another. Check out this glass pipe.

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Glass Chillum Pipes

If you are more into stealth smoking or a compact pipe for weed then a chillum is perfect for you.

The advantages of smoking with a chillum pipe is that you can take small hits. This is great for on-the-go or micro-dosing and keeping your tolerance lower.

The disadvantage is after a few weeks you grow a tolerance to the smaller hits and you either have to take a break to lower your tolerance or smoke from a larger weed bowl. 

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Silicone Weed Pipes

Silicone pipes are amazing. They are by far one of my favorite simply because silicone harbors no micro-bacterial growth. They are the best pipes for weed when it comes to travel, durability, color, art, price, and hygiene. 

The only downside is most of the market is filled with cheaply made products and because it is not see through you cannot see the smoke building up in the chamber.

I recommend an amazing hybrid (metal/silicone) that has triple waterless filtration built for ultra smooth rips. 

Check out this top rated weed pipe here.

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Steamroller Herb Pipe

Steamroller bowls for smoking weed are just like what the name implies. The design places the carb hole at the far end of the pot pipe and the carb hole is much larger as well. 

Think of this as the best weed pipe for very large and strong hits. So if you have a strong lung and are looking for an upgrade in rips this is it.

The downside is the hits are extremely harsh and you will probably cough a lot. Check out our list of best steamroller pipes.

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Glycerin Pipe for Weed

Know as the cooling weed pipe or the no cough pipe, this is one of the best weed pipes to use if you have sensitive lungs.

The hot smoke is forced to travel through frozen glycerin making for the coolest glass pipe – literally.

The smoke is cooled down tremendously giving you ultra smooth rips that most bowls for smoking weed can’t provide.

The con of owning one (which I do) is they are very delicate and you have to keep putting them back in the freezer each time.

So if you don’t mind this I highly recommend if you have asthma or bronchitis to use this amazing glass pipe.

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Aluminum Marijuana Pipe

Anodized aluminum has been growing in  popularity in stoner pipes.

When smoke passes against the aluminum it helps to cool it. Also it is near indestructible weed pipe as well.

The downside is that after one hit the metal begins to heat up so the hits get harsher and harsher.

So if you don’t plan on ripping back to back marijuana bowls then a metal dry herb pipe is perfect and easy to clean and use.

Check out our recommendation for best cannabis pipes made from aluminum.

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Interested in How We Tested for the Best Weed Pipes?

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. Our search for the best weed bowls took weeks of testing to determine. Our viewpoints come directly from our experiences when testing for the best cannabis pipe. We may earn a commission at no cost to you, this helps fund out efforts to test more high quality smoke shop products from electric weed grinders, stash boxes, electric dab rigs, you name it! We appreciate your support!

  • We tested multiple cannabis pipes, including glass spoon pipes, sherlock pipes, silicone pipes, metal pipes, wooden pipes, ceramic pipes, and many more.
  • We scored each marijuana pipe for: cooling, THC delivery (the igniting and inhaling of dry herbs), pricing, carb hit (air flow of ground dry herbs) function, portability, and durability.
  • If you are new to a marijuana bowl, then we recommend you skip below to learn: what is a weed pipe. to learn the basics of marijuana pipes as there are many different types. Most bowls for smoking do not use water-based diffusion so there is no added flavors to your smoke. Check out our guide on weed amounts and how I save $200 a month buying an ounce of weed.
  • Not sure if a weed bowls are for you? Here are three things you probably didn’t know about spoon pipes that may change your mind, and if you need help deciding which pipe for weed to buy then check out our section on weed pipe types below.
  • Also, our experts found 3 of the best hacks for cleaning your weed pipe.
  • If it’s your first time smoking weed we have a great beginners guide as well.

Constant Variables: We tested only spoon pipes ranging from glass pipes, portable weed pipe, wood weed pipe, metal bud pipes, but we did not include one hitter pipes, chillums, Sherlock Pipes, and Gandalf pipes. We tested using CBX Ice Cream Cake Strain with 28.04% THC and .81% CBD with every weed pipe.

Finding the best pipe for smoking weed comes down to your personal needs, smoking preferences, and budget. We found the best weed bowls with waterless cooling, large bowl capacities, and even classic glass spoon pipes focused on purely aesthetics. Our top 8 best weed pipes will have an option for everyone!

Looking for More? If the harshness of the hit is too much to deal with then we definitely recommend a hammer bubbler for a smooth but portable hit. If shatter-resistant, portability, and pricing is a concern then we absolutely recommend a silicone pipe. If you have any recommendations for best bowls for weed please send us an email so we can test your recommendation.

3 things about cannabis pipes
you probably didn't know

cannabis pipes

We take our weed pipes for granted.

Some may think they are the budget options but the truth is …

if you are looking to save money, cannabis, and get a stronger high, cannabis pipes are the only way to go!

Let’s dive into what our cannabis experts had to say about why the best bowls for weed are the most efficient cannabis smoking devices.

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The best weed bowl delivers
more THC than a bong

Did you know MAPS and NORML invested $25,000 into researching the effect of marijuana water pipes and vaporizers?

In their research they found that water actually filters out more of the psychoactive compounds of THC than it filters out tar and resin.

So by using water filtration you may get a smoother hit but you reduce your THC transfer rate drastically!

So by using cannabis pipes you increase your THC transfer to body, compared to a water bong!

That means when you smoke with a weed pipe you also save cannabis compared to smoking with a water filtration pipe.

It also means while the hits are a bit harsher you get high off less hits than a water pipe.

Pretty cool, right?

If you are interested in the strongest hitting pipe, a steamroller pipe is carb-powered and uses no water filtration as well. For lighter options, you can always opt for a chillum or hitter box.

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The best pipe for weed
use venturi force

We love bongs because we feel like we get that “rip” feeling

The rip feeling is done from the combination of the carburetor (more on this next) and also a principal called the Venturi effect.

The Venturi effect is the study of fluid pressure (or in our case smoke), from one larger area through a choke point into another larger area.

So when you are smoking from a marijuana pipe, and you see the pipe has a unique shape like the Gravs Pipe we recommend, they are using Venturi effect to help give you a much stronger hit!

Not only that, it slows the smoke down just a bit to give it a bit more cooling time before it hits your lung.

So don’t sleep on the underdog of the cannabis smoking market, a good weed pipe is still a force to be reckoned with!

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Your weed pipe carburetor
can save you money

All good cannabis pipes have a carb hole.

It’s that tiny hole you see on the side of the bowl where you place the grounded cannabis.

A carb is named after “carburetor” which is rooted from the portion of your engine that mixes fuel and air.

So with your cannabis pipe, the carb regulates the amount of air that comes in contact with the burning flower in the weed bowl.

If you learn how to use your carb correctly you can actually save money by smoking your flower more effectively.

Remember the magic here is the rate at which air impacts the lit flower.

When you light your weed pipe make sure you thumb is placed over the carburetor so the only air impacting the flower at the moment is the air you are inhaling into your lungs while lighting the cannabis.

Once you see a “cherry” (when the cannabis goes to an ember orange), move your thumb off and on the hole to give your cherry more oxygen to ignite more .

Sort of like when you are sending oxygen into a fire pit the flames stay lit longer.

This allows you to get much more out of each hit!

Experiment with different carb finger combinations and try to get that cherry to stay lit longer on less and less cannabis!

In no time you will learn how to smoke with much less just due to the fact that a good weed pipe has a powerful THC transfer rate and carb system.

Interesting enough, a gas mask bong is actually one of the best devices for getting the most out of your stash per hit- FYI!

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The pipe for weed
that shut the game down

best pipe ever

So many new weed pipes hit the market claiming to solve the one big problem all spoon pipes share: harsh hits.

When you light your dry herbs the distance in which the smoke travels to your lungs determines how hot (or harsh) the hit will be.

The longer the travel time the cooler the smoke – pretty simple!

We had our eyes on the Maze-X pipe for quite some time and finally got our hands on it for testing. (Thanks Michael)

So let’s dive in because we have a ton to say about this one!

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Weed Pipe Design and
Performance Breakthrough

maze x weed pipe
Product Received July 2022

I’m a huge fan of silicone – I use it daily over glass (personal preference).

We all know silicone is near indestructible and shatter proof, but it also promotes no micro bacterial growth, which means this pipe is extremely clean on a microscopic level.

(I talk more about this in my article on safest way to smoke weed.)

Silicone bongs and silicone pipes have got a bad rap due to all the cheap knock offs from China. It’s really nice to see silicone being used to it’s full potential here in such an amazing hybrid design.

The product comes in a very nice plastic container that locks the pipe in place (see the image above).

The maze feature of this marijuana pipe is incased in the center by a large anodized aircraft grade thick aluminum. 

So how this works is the maze cools the smoke by forcing it to travel a longer distance, but the heated smoke also travels against aluminum which further cools the smoke. (double cooling in the center).

So did the maze-X actually cool the smoke? We focus on the maze in the next section.

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Throw Your Glass Pipes Out
Because The Maze is a Beast

maze pipe testing
Silicone Maze Used over 10 Times

Above are photos I took of the patented maze feature.

The left side image shows a close up of the maze where the smoke is forced to travel through.

We used this weed bowl over 10 times you can see traces of resin on the maze.

The image on the right side with the arrow shows where the maze is located (covered by the anodized aluminum frame in the center).

When smoking the Maze-X pipe it was the first pipe for smoking weed, where you could actually feel the waterless filtration.

Let me explain.

Most bowl weed pipes claim waterless filtration and cooling, but you sort of just take their word for it as there is no notable difference that you can see or feel.

When you smoke this weed pipe you can tell 100% that the travel time for smoke has increased because there is a delay in which the smoke hits your mouth.

It can be best described as a bubbler (where smoke is cycling with the water bubbles) but minus the bubbles and water.

So yes, the Maze-X feature works and it’s something you can feel working.

Does it prevent people with respiratory issues from coughing?

It definitely helps a ton but if you struggle with coughing don’t expect miracles with a smaller smoking device – regardless this is the best out there.

Make sure to check my article on how to inhale weed properly because I suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis and I explain in the article tips on how to smoke without coughing.

I also compiled a full guide with all my tips and tricks on how to not cough when smoking weed as well so check that out.  With those tips and this herb pipe you will definitely have a cough free pipe.

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What the Heck is
Triple Waterless Filtration?

maze x cannabis pipe

The Maze-X pipe boast a triple filtration system:

  1. The heated smoke travels through the glass bowl and slams into the bottom in search of the hole.
  2. Once the smoke flows through the hole it must travel through a 12″ of maze surface filtering more resin particles.
  3. Finally the smoke hits a metal screen filter tip to catch any remaining particles.

This result is an ultra smooth and clean rip. 

Coughing occurs not only from heated smoke but from particles such as resin entering into your lungs. The Maze-X weed pipe drastically reduces your chances of this happening. 

We have not quite seen a product with this much “technology” packed in such simplicity.

Makes sense, a scientist invented this, right? 

Water filtration is known to reduce your high and this device uses waterless. Check out my article on how to get higher off weed and you will see this pipe was designed to increase the THC transfer rate.

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Best marijuana pipe
with internal ash catching

pipe weed

The Grab Labs 4 inch weed pipe delivers a whopping punch for a fraction of the price.

This marijuana pipe has remained in the #2 position for two years in a row. While I don’t use this at home this is the daily smoking pipe in the Cannassentials office!

Let’s get into why the cheapest weed pipe is still one of the best.

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An Inverted Ash Catcher
in a $21 Pipe - What?

ash catching weed pipe

The highlight of this product is definitely the inverted mouth piece. 

Think of it as an ash catcher, resin blocker, the point is it stops particles from flying into your mouth and potentially your lungs.

This prevents those nasty resin coughs and this feature usually comes at a premium price when dealing with larger cannabis products but you get it here for a fraction of the price.

If you don’t want to drop a ton of money but you want a sturdy glass spoon pipe, this is it!

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Stop buying
cheap weed pipes

I still can’t figure out how Gravs is selling this glass spoon pipe for such a good price.

This beautiful weed pipe is only $21 and you can feel, see, and smoke the quality here.

Made from medical grade glass, and hand blown to ergonomic perfection this is the perfect marijuana pipe for all users.

With a price this good there is no need to ever fall victim to a cheap weed pipe.

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A powerful hit of cannabis
at the fraction of the cost

What everyone in our office loves about this cannabis pipe is it’s built for powerful rips.

You ever smoke a pipe and held back because of the ash that flies into your mouth (aka scooby snacks)?

Sometimes the bowl and carb just doesn’t line up for that power hit.

Well Gravs made an inverted mouthpeice to stop ash from entering your mouth, and the ergonomic bowl to carb design allows you to take explosive rips with no holding back.

The only con here is there is no cooling so if you have sensitive lungs you may cough on these larger rips.

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Is this weed pipe
all frost or all hype

cool pipes

I received this cannabis pipe as a gift in 2021 so it’s been about a year.

I struggle with asthma so this spoon pipe was supposed to be my saving grace.

So was it all hype or did I finally find a cooling weed pipe that prevents coughing? Let’s break it down.

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This is the Only Glass Pipe
I Still Use Even to Date

cool weed pipe
Product Purchased 2021 (Used for a Year)

I’m not a huge glass owner, mainly because I break them a lot.

Full disclosure, this weed pipe was docked a few stars because it is fragile and not the best for travel.

See the left side image, this pipe for weed comes in a nice little box with foam insert. This is why after a year it still has not broke so if you buy this product keep it in the case.

I leave this case in my freezer as it’s the perfect size and it for some reason never smells. 

The right side image is the freeze pipe after almost a year of use with no cleaning! Looks pretty damn great, right?

If you plan on using this at home and not for travel then I absolutely recommend it as you can see I have not broken it. #knockonwood

Thank goodness for the case which is an example of how Freeze Pipe goes the extra mile.

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A weed pipe designed
for sensitive lungs

best pipe for pot
Used weekly for about a year (never cleaned once)

So the big question: did this stop my coughing fits?

Yes it did!

The hits are very smooth and that is because there is actually three areas of cooling in this device – four if you count the added distance.

Let’s walk through how this is the coolest weed pipe on the market:

  1. First the smoke travels in the large round bowl and cyclones as it finds the coil entrance
  2. The smoke travels through the coil surrounded by frozen glycerin (see the front part of the coil in the image catching all the resin).
  3. Because it is a coil it extends the travel time before the smoke reaches your lungs cooling the smoke more.
  4. Lastly the smoke cyclones a tiny bit in the mouth area as it finds the exit hole into your mouth.

If you have sensitive lungs then this cannabis pipe takes the heat low enough where you won’t cough.

Check out my article I wrote on how to inhale weed, I give tips on how to correctly inhale especially for sensitive lungs to reduce coughing.

If you do not have sensitive lungs, this pipe can let you take massive hits without coughing – more on that in the next section.

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A Weed Pipe Built to Take
Large Rips with No Coughs

Don't leave your bowl insert in the freezer because when you light it cracks.

This weed pipe was built for ultra smooth hits.

If you don’t have coughing or lung issues like me, then you can finally enjoy very large rips without the coughing.

Think bong size rips in this pipe with zero coughing.

Sure you still feel the heat and it can be a bit harsh if you are hitting large marijuana bowls, but the frozen glycerin coils truly take the edge off and eliminates coughing.

Pro-Tip: In the image above you can see a cracked bowl, a tip here is don’t leave your bowl in the freezer with the pipe, because when put fire to it it will crack so leave your bowls outside in room temperature!

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What is a Weed Pipe?

weed pipes

A weed pipe is palm sized cannabis smoking device. The anatomy of a glass pipe usually consist of the bowl, carb hole, and mouth piece.

Marijuana pipes are easy to use, affordable, and with all the 2023 innovations they are much smoother to smoke than they were a few years ago.

How to Use a Cannabis Pipe

how to use a weed pipe

Using a marijuana pipe is easy but takes time to master the carb hole function:

  1. Place your grounded cannabis in the bowl chamber (how to grind weed)
  2. Place your fingers over the carb hole and keep your finger here.
  3. Light the cannabis and inhale the weed to fill the pipe with smoke (the smoke does not enter your mouth yet)
  4. Release your finger from the carb cap to clear the pipe smoke and move it into your lungs.

What Makes a High
Quality Weed Pipe?

Weed pipes have a very unique design. The entire functionality depends on the placement of carb cap to bowl ratio.

The rest of what makes a cannabis pipe high quality depends on the material it is made from and also all the extra cooling features that you can find in the more modern spoon pipes of 2023.

Take a look at what makes a high quality cannabis pipe.

Good weed bowls use
high quality borosilicate glass

Size and quality matters. The thicknesss of your glass in glass weed pipe is what is going to make it durable and long lasting. There’s no need to settle for a flimsy lightweight glass pipe when there’s plenty of high quality borosilicate glass smoking bowls on the market.

Pro-Tip: read reviews on the pipe you are about to buy, if you see complaints of it breaking from very minor movements the glass is way too cheap.

Cooling features in
your weed pipe design

Smoking from a hand held cannabis pipe means that generally your device is fairly small.

The smaller the weed pipe the hotter the smoke, which means you may experience coughing fits.

This deters people from smoking larger rips.

Now spoon pipes are coming fully loaded with cooling features, extension features (such as coils and mazes), so if you want a smoother hit you can now take bong size rips with a smaller spoon pipe.

The Placement of the
Carb Cap to Smoking Bowl

The placement of the carb hole is what is going to make the biggest difference in your smoking bowls experience when using a hand pipe.

To have a carb hole in the right place is the major feature that matters. When choosing your next marijuana pipe, be sure that you pay attention to where the carb hole is placed.

Drawing a hand pipe up to your mouth and lighting should be done effortlessly and fluid. When using a high quality glass pot pipe, the carb hole is placed exactly where it is comfortable for your finger to go.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Weed Pipes?

The journey to find the best weed pipes was a fun one. We not only tried to find the best weed bowls but also we tried to find out what made cannabis pipes truly shine as a smoking device for cannabis.

We spent dozens of hours reviewing what others would claim to be the “Best marijuana pipes” but we have no bias and no ties to any company so we let the smoking and experience of the weed pipes tell us everything.

A pipe for weed can come in many shapes and sizes from large marijuana bowls to frozen glycerin weed bowls. We tried to find the best functioning pipes for smoking weed so you can have a weed pipe that will last the ages and deliver you the exact high you want.

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