8 of the Best Weed Pipes You will Find Today (2023)

8 of the Best Weed Pipes
Tested and Rated (2023)

Written By: Jay Hyung
Bong Engineer

The best weed pipes of 2023 are absolutely mind-blowing.

  • If you want the best pipe engineered by a scientist I recommend the Maze-X.
  • If you want a pipe that uses freeze tech to eliminate coughing then I recommend the Freeze Pipe.
  • If you want a no-fuss pipe for around $20 built with an internal ash catcher then go for the Grav spoon.

Did you know? A cannabis pipe delivers more THC than bongs (check it out for yourself). If you are brand new to spoon pipes check out our full visual guide on how to smoke a bowl.

Maze X

best weed pipes

Triple Waterless
Filtration Cooling

Freeze Pipe

No Cough
Weed Pipe

Grav Spoon

weed pipe

Classic Weed Bowl
with Best Price

Interested in How We Tested for the Best Weed Pipes?

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. Finding the best cannabis pipe was a challenging process as there are hundreds of options to choose from. I tried to find a pipe based on if it could deliver you a better experience than just a regular glass pipe out of any smoke shop. My viewpoints come directly from my experiences when testing these pipes. If you buy from a link we may earn a commission at no cost to you, this helps fund our efforts to try to find more amazing products. Make sure to check out some of other popular recommendations: best dab rigs, electric weed grinders, stash boxes, electric dab rigs, you name it! We appreciate your support!

Looking for More? If the harshness of the hit is too much to deal with then we definitely recommend a hammer bubbler for a smooth but portable hit. If shatter-resistant, portability, and pricing is a concern then we absolutely recommend a silicone pipe.

Learn: Got a dirty pipe? Make sure to check out our visual guide on how to clean a weed pipe in 30 minutes, using only household items. 

The best pipe for weed
you can buy today

Marijuana pipes are amazing because they are “simple” .

You don’t need water or any extra tools, and best of all they don’t smell and save you a ton of space, unlike bongs (see the full benefits of a weed pipe) Here is the complete list of the best pipes with full testing below.

New Drops: Check out these cool new Pokemon Pipes.

Best overall: Maze-X


Invented by a Freaking Scientist

I had the pleasure of talking with Michael Barenboym (CEO of Weedgets) and inventor of the Maze-X pipe. He is a scientist in the field of mechanical engineering with over 100 patents in life saving technologies.

Yes, he is bad ass. And so is his ground breaking indestructible cannabis pipe with waterless filtration.

This clever invention forces your hot smoke through a maze pathway surrounded by anodized aluminum, which cools the smoke tremendously without any water. Check out our testing with this product below with photos!

Best for most people: Gravs

pipe weed

A $20 Pipe that Rips Like a Beast


Grav Labs has taken the #2 position for best weed pipe two years running – and for good reason. The Grav 4-inch glass spoon pipe is an amazing pipe that houses an internal ash catcher giving you zero debris in your mouth – ever.

The beautiful borosilicate glass bowl feels sleek and scoops down perfectly so you can get your grounded cannabis packed super fluffy. Everything from the carburetor to the mouthpiece is all top-notch quality for a fraction of the price.

Best pipe for no coughs

glass pipes

Frosty Hits You Can Feel


I’ve owned this cannabis pipe for over three now and it’s amazing. While it’s not winning five stars for travel and durability, it sits snug in my freezer ready to deliver what most glass spoon pipes can’t: a large rip without the cough.

Your hot smoke is forced to travel through glass coils surrounded by frozen glycerin. This cools the smoke by 300 degrees giving you zero lung stress. You can take much larger rips than usual here, and yes you can still feel a burn but the cough just doesn’t come. Keep in mind I suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis! Check out our testing with photos below

Best for big bowls

best pipe for weed

Perfect Pot Bowl for Cornering


Are you a fan of cornering your bud? This is where you load your bowl to maximum capacity, and smoke different portions (or corners) throughout the day.

Marley Natural is known for their beautiful craftsmanship and you can really feel the weight in this wide-body glass bowl. The beveled edge mouthpiece gives you amazing placement and ample room for cornering your cherry on your dry cannabis herbs.

If you want to take huge rips, pack less, and clean less, this is the best weed bowl for you or for sharing.

Best travel pipe

marijuana pipes with filters

The Most Innovative Pipe


The Genius pipe is a compact weed pipe that uses the same technology for cooling nuclear reactors through a turbulent flow.

Constructed from anodized aluminum and pieced together magnetically, this cannabis pipe not only is indestructible it felt that way in my hands! The magnetic cover slides and locks in seamlessly with magnets, it’s a completely elevated cannabis experience.

The smoke on this weed pipe was smooth and tasty. The anodized aluminum will give you some extra-cooling as well. If you are travelling or on the go often, this pipe can fit in your pocket – perfect if you are a stealth smoker.

Best pipe to share

pipe for weed

A Timeless Cannabis Pipe


This unique weed pipe is made with high-quality borosilicate glass that was engineered with a rounded downstem. This amazing feature allows for the glass pipe to stay much cooler allowing you to have more consecutive hits in a row without the glass over heating.

I loved the high-quality real oak wood infused into the design and even though it has a glass core, this weed pipe was extremely easy to assemble, disassemble, and travel without breaking.

This truly is a quality cannabis pipe for those that enjoy the finer things,

Best crafstmanship

best pipe for marijuana

Anodized Aluminum Pipe


It’s not often where you see beauty and innovation so masterfully crafted.

When you smoke this pipe the aluminum helps to cool the smoke as well as many vortexes the smoke must travel through (inspired by the scales of a maco shark).

This pipe has a very smooth and cool smoke, and most importantly it’s a weed pipe your proud to leave out on the counter because it just looks so damn beautiful. The only con of this is the heavier price tag – buy hey if you got it you got it!

Best design

best glass pipes

Prettiest Cannabis Pipe


Sometimes you just want a classic glass spoon pipe with a touch of jaw dropping beauty.

Pulsar is known for creating excellent cannabis products, but they some how figured out how to create a glass pipe with floating bubbles suspended throughout the walls.

Looking for a beautiful weed pipe with a great price and smoke? Then this is a steal. There are no cooling features here so it hits like a classic weed pipe but other then that this was an amazing smoke.

What cannabis pipes are the best

cannabis pipes

You may be taking your pipe for granted.

Some may think they are the budget options but the truth is pot pipes can deliver super strong hits of THC if you know how to work the carburetor correctly.

One of my personal reasons I love pipes over bongs is because water filtration actually reduces THC. I can take two smaller hits with my pipe and get the same high as one uncomfortable bong rip that leaves me coughing and not inhaling all of the smoke.  I find as you practice using your pipe’s carburetor you can actually save money by smoking less and saving more.

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Water reduces THC

Did you know MAPS and NORML invested $25,000 into researching the effect of marijuana water pipes and vaporizers?

In their research they found that water actually filters out more of the psychoactive compounds of THC than it filters out tar and resin.

So by using water filtration, you may get a smoother hit but you reduce your THC transfer rate.

That means cannabis pipes technically pass more THC, bongs just force more THC into your lungs at once, unless of course you know hot to use your carburetor correctly.

So that means while the hits are a bit harsher you get high off fewer hits than a water pipe.

Pretty cool, right?

If you are interested in water-free pipes that deliver stronger hits than a standard glass pipe then check out a steamroller pipe is carb-powered and uses no water filtration as well. For lighter options, you can always opt for a chillum or hitter box.

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Venturi force in pipes

We love bongs because we feel like we get that “rip” feeling

The rip feeling is done from the combination of the carburetor (more on this next) and also a principal called the Venturi effect.

The Venturi effect is the study of fluid pressure (or in our case smoke), from one larger area through a choke point into another larger area.

So when you are smoking from a marijuana pipe, and you see the pipe has a unique shape like the Gravs Pipe we recommend, they are using Venturi effect to help give you a much stronger hit!

Not only that, it slows the smoke down just a bit to give it a bit more cooling time before it hits your lung.

So don’t sleep on the underdog of the cannabis smoking market, a good weed pipe is still a force to be reckoned with!

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Your carburetor can
save you money

It’s time to get to know your carburetor.

It’s that tiny hole you see on the side of the bowl where you place the grounded cannabis.

A carb is named after “carburetor” which is the portion of your engine that mixes fuel and air.

Your carb hole regulates the amount of air that comes in contact with the burning flower in your weed bowl.

If you learn how to use your carb correctly you can actually save money by smoking your flower more effectively.

Remember the magic here is the rate at which air impacts your lit flower.

When you light your pipe make sure your thumb is placed over the carburetor so the only air impacting the flower at the moment is the air you are inhaling into your lungs while lighting the cannabis.

Once you see a “cherry” (when the cannabis goes to an ember orange), move your thumb off and on the hole to give your cherry more oxygen to ignite more.

Sort of like when you are sending oxygen into a fire pit the flames stay lit longer.

This allows you to get much more out of each hit!

Experiment with different carb finger combinations and try to get that cherry to stay lit longer on less and less cannabis.

In no time you will learn how to get a great sesh off much less.

Interestingly enough, a gas mask bong is actually one of the best devices for getting the most out of your stash per hit- FYI!

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The pipe for weed
that shut the game down

best pipe ever

So many new weed pipes hit the market claiming to solve the one big problem all spoon pipes share: harsh hits.

When you light your dry herbs the distance in which the smoke travels to your lungs determines how hot (or harsh) the hit will be.

The longer the travel time the cooler the smoke – pretty simple!

We had our eyes on the Maze-X pipe for quite some time and finally got our hands on it for testing. (Thanks Michael)

So let’s dive in because we have a ton to say about this one!

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Weed Pipe Design and
Performance Breakthrough

maze x weed pipe
Product Received July 2022

I’m a huge fan of silicone – I use it daily over glass (personal preference).

We all know silicone is near indestructible and shatter proof, but it also promotes no micro bacterial growth, which means this pipe is extremely clean on a microscopic level and is one of the safest ways to smoke weed.

Silicone bongs and silicone pipes have got a bad rap due to all the cheap knockoffs from China. It’s really nice to see silicone being used to its full potential here in such an amazing hybrid design. The interior of the pipe that catches all the resin which makes this super easy to wash with some dish soap – no more Isopropyl alcohol!

The product comes in a very nice plastic container that locks the pipe in place (see the image above).

The maze feature of this marijuana pipe is encased in the center by a large anodized aircraft-grade thick aluminum shell. 

So how this works is the maze cools the smoke by forcing it to travel a longer distance, but the heated smoke also travels against aluminum which further cools the smoke. (double cooling in the center).

So did the maze-X actually cool the smoke? We focus on the maze in the next section.

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Throw your glass pipes out
Because the Maze is a beast

maze pipe testing
Silicone Maze Used over 10 Times

Above are photos I took of the patented maze feature.

The left side image shows a close-up of the maze where the smoke is forced to travel through.

We smoked this weed bowl over 10 times and you can see traces of resin on the maze (bottom left) and you can see the resin coats very evenly so there will be no clogging in the maze.

The image on the right side with the arrow shows where the maze is located (covered by the anodized aluminum frame in the center).

When smoking the Maze-X pipe it was the first pipe where you could actually feel the waterless filtration.

Let me explain.

Most pipes claim waterless filtration and cooling, but you sort of just take their word for it as there is no notable difference that you can see or feel.

When you smoke the Maze-X you can tell 100% that the travel time for smoke has increased because there is a delay in which the smoke hits your mouth.

It can be best described as a bubbler (where smoke is cycling with the water bubbles) but minus the bubbles and water.

So yes, the Maze-X feature works and it’s something you can feel working.

Does it prevent people with respiratory issues from coughing?

It definitely helps a ton but if you struggle with coughing don’t expect miracles with a smaller smoking device – regardless this is the best out there for waterless cooling.

Make sure to check my article on how to inhale weed properly because I suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis and I explain in the article tips on how to smoke without coughing.

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What the Heck is
Triple Waterless Filtration?

maze x cannabis pipe

The Maze-X pipe boast a triple filtration system:

  1. The heated smoke travels through the glass bowl and slams into the bottom in search of the hole.
  2. Once the smoke flows through the hole it must travel through a 12″ of maze surface filtering more resin particles.
  3. Finally the smoke hits a metal screen filter tip to catch any remaining particles.

This result is an ultra smooth and clean rip. 

Coughing occurs not only from heated smoke but from particles such as resin entering your lungs. The Maze-X drastically reduces your chances of this happening. 

I’ve never quite seen a product with this much “technology” packed in such simplicity – if that makes sense. 

Makes sense, a scientist invented this, right? 

Water filtration is known to reduce your high so it’s nice to finally get cooling in a pipe you can feel without the need for water.

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Best marijuana pipe
with internal ash catching

pipe weed

The Grab Labs 4-inch glass pipe delivers a whopping punch for a fraction of the price.

This pipe has remained in the #2 position for two years in a row. While I don’t use this at home this is the daily smoking pipe in the Cannassentials office!

Let’s get into why the cheapest weed pipe is still one of the best.

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An Inverted Ash Catcher
in a $21 Pipe - What?

ash catching weed pipe

The highlight of this product is definitely the inverted mouth piece. 

Think of it as an ash catcher, resin blocker, the point is it stops particles from flying into your mouth and potentially your lungs.

This prevents those nasty resin coughs and this feature usually comes at a premium price when dealing with larger cannabis products but you get it here for a fraction of the price.

If you don’t want to drop a ton of money but you want a sturdy glass spoon pipe, this is it!

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Stop buying
cheap weed pipes

I still can’t figure out how Gravs is selling this glass spoon pipe for such a good price.

This pipe is only $21 and you can feel, see, and smoke the quality here.

The medical-grade borosilicate glass feels smooth and always looks polished. It looks beautiful on the office counter displayed – not a hippie-themed pipe you would want to hide.

The craftsmanship is honestly why this pipe is still on this list. It’s all the elements of the classic spoon pipe but with much more modern aesthetics and a higher quality finish and build you can feel.

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A powerful hit of cannabis
at the fraction of the cost

What everyone in our office loves about this cannabis pipe is it’s built for powerful rips.

You ever smoke a pipe and held back because of the ash that flies into your mouth (aka scooby snacks)?

Sometimes the bowl and carb just doesn’t line up for that power hit.

Well Gravs made an inverted mouthpeice to stop ash from entering your mouth, and the ergonomic bowl to carb design allows you to take explosive rips with no holding back.

The reason we love this pipe here at the office is for this exact reason. We can pack the most bountiful bowl of bud and fire off without ever having to worry about ash flying into our lungs. This prevents unnecessary coughing, but the downside here is there is no cooling so larger rips were pretty hot and I did cough with this pipe.

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Is this weed pipe
all frost or all hype

cool pipes

I received this cannabis pipe as a gift in 2021 so it’s been about two years I’ve had it and I honestly still love using it at the very end of the night.

I struggle with asthma so by the end of the night I just want a powerful rip that will put me to bed without all the exhausting coughing.

So was it all hype or did I finally find a cooling weed pipe that prevents coughing? Let’s break it down.

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This is my primary glass pipe

cool weed pipe
Product Purchased 2021 (Used for two years)

I’m not a huge glass owner, mainly because I break them a lot.

Full disclosure, this weed pipe was docked a few stars because it is fragile and not the best for travel.

See the left-side image, this pipe comes in a nice little box with a foam insert. This is why after a year it still has not broken so if you buy this product keep it in the case.

I leave this case in my freezer as it’s a perfect size and it for some reason never smells. 

The right side image is the freeze pipe after almost a year of use with no cleaning! Looks pretty damn great, right?

If you plan on using this at home and not for travel then I absolutely recommend it as you can see I have not broken it. #knockonwood

Thank goodness for the case which is an example of how Freeze Pipe goes the extra mile. 

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A weed pipe designed
for sensitive lungs

best pipe for pot
Used weekly for about a year (never cleaned once)

So the big question: did this stop my coughing fits?

Yes it did!

The hits are very smooth and that is because there is actually three areas of cooling in this device – four if you count the added distance.

Let’s walk through how this is the coolest weed pipe on the market:

  1. First the smoke travels in the large round bowl and cyclones as it finds the coil entrance
  2. The smoke travels through the coil surrounded by frozen glycerin (see the front part of the coil in the image catching all the resin).
  3. Because it is a coil it extends the travel time before the smoke reaches your lungs cooling the smoke more.
  4. Lastly the smoke cyclones a tiny bit in the mouth area as it finds the exit hole into your mouth.

If you have sensitive lungs then this cannabis pipe takes the heat low enough where you won’t cough.

Check out my article I wrote on how to inhale weed, I give tips on how to correctly inhale especially for sensitive lungs to reduce coughing.

If you do not have sensitive lungs, this pipe can let you take massive hits without coughing – more on that in the next section.

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A Weed Pipe Built to Take
Large Rips with No Coughs

Don't leave your bowl insert in the freezer because when you light it cracks.

This glycerin pipe was built for ultra-smooth hits.

You can finally enjoy very large rips without the coughing. 

Think bong-size rips in this pipe with zero coughing.

Sure you still feel the heat and it can be a bit harsh if you are hitting large bowls, but the frozen glycerin coils truly take the edge off, and over time you figure out your limits on taking super large pipe rips without ever coughing.

Pro-Tip: In the image above you can see a cracked bowl, a tip here is don’t leave your bowl in the freezer with the pipe, because when put fire on it it will crack so leave your bowls outside at room temperature!

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Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Weed Pipes?

The journey to find the best weed pipes was a fun one. We not only tried to find the best weed bowls but also we tried to find out what made cannabis pipes truly shine as a smoking device for cannabis.

We spent dozens of hours reviewing what others would claim to be the “Best marijuana pipes” but we have no bias and no ties to any company so we let the smoking and experience of the weed pipes tell us everything.

A pipe for weed can come in many shapes and sizes from large marijuana bowls to frozen glycerin weed bowls. We tried to find the best functioning pipes for smoking weed so you can have a weed pipe that will last the ages and deliver you the exact high you want.

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