3 of the Best Chillums You Will Find Today (2023)

3 of The Best Chillums You Will Find Today 2023

(We Bought 10 of the Best Chillums To Find Just How Well They Smoked)

If the holy monks and Greek Gods used a chillum, isn’t it only right that you do, too?

Don’t be that guy that whips out a bong in public. Chillums are discreet, affordable, and help you to save money by controlling your weed tolerance.

We put a flame to the industry’s leading chillum pipes and these are our top 3 picks for best chillums of 2023:

GRAV Chillum


Best Overall
Large Chillum Pipe

GRAV Chillum Dugout

chillum pipe

Best Premium
Big Chillum Pipe

OG Chillum

glass chillum

Best Budget
Large Chillum Pipe

A Chillum is as Reliable as Your Own Jiminy Cricket

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 chillum one hitters?

  • We Reviewed over 30 chillums.
  • We Bought 10 of the industries leading one hitter chillum pipes.
  • We Tested 10 cool chillums to find out which ones were the best.
  • We Contacted previous customers to ask how the product was doing.

We tested 10 chillums one hitters of various types. Also commonly referred to as a hitter box we found primarily borosilicate glass chillums and made sure to buy designs that were most reliable. While there were other great chillums, we tried to make sure the products we tested were also decently priced and readily available for you. We measured how harsh the hits were, how great the dose of THC was, and how practical it was.

If you are new to the weed pipe world, then we recommend you skip below to learn: what is a chillum pipe  so you can learn the basics and make the best decision when purchasing.

Finding the best chillum one hitter really comes down to personal preference and needs. There are so many weed pipes on the market so we tried to find the most reliable, affordable, readily available, and practical chillums. For simplicity, we did not test against silicone pipes, ceramic pipes, or steamroller pipes to compare.

In our research we tried to find the best overall chillum, and also the best budget and premium chillum, as well. In doing so we hope we have helped you make a much easier purchasing decision because you can rest assured that the products we picked were bought, tested, and approved in quality and function.

Best Chillum Pipe Index

Best Chillum Pipes 2023

A chillum pipe is made for discreet use in public. The design usually puts the bowl at the way end of the pipe with a straight tube leading to the mouthpiece. The bowl end is packed with ground weed and you tap the flame to the packed bowl and inhale slowly carefully as to not get a mouth full of ash. We tested 10 chillums in public to see how stealth we could stay. If you are looking to keep your high rolling throughout the day, a chillum pipe is the only way to go.

Best Daily Use Chillum Pipe


GRAV Small Bell Chillum


This chillum was created with someone who wants to get really high on-the-go, in mind. The bottle shape has a large bowl so you can about .25-.5 grams. The “bubble” in the middle and right before the mouthpiece hole, allows for circulation of smoke for filtration and cooling time so your hits aren’t harsh.   Skip below to see our research on this chillum pipe.

Best Cheap Chillum Pipe

what is a chillum

OG Chillum Pipe


The OG Chillum is the most reliable chillum pipe for those wanting to find the best budget chillum. This inexpensive but genius design is such a classy way to smoke in public. It has an adequate bowl size and is easy-to-use and easy-to-clean.  Skip below to see our research on this chillum one hitter.

Best Premium Chillum Dugout

chillum pipes

GRAV Dugout Chillum


This is the best way to smoke stealth in public. Due to it’s smell proof dugout that comes with a poker, you can easily smoke discreet while on-the-go. In our opinion, you’ve got all you need in one place, readily available to you.  Skip below to see our research on this premium chillum dugout.

Research Behind GRAV Chillum Pipe

glass chillums pipes
  • Easy to use and perfect for on-the-go
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Double bubble make hit less harsh
  • .25-.50 Gram Bowl Size
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Customers loved the easy-to-hold shape
  • No Cooling features
  • Carb hole was huge at the end so takes some time getting use to

It was a tough call to make between the 10 chillums we tested. Grav Small Bell originally caught our eye due to the design but once we actually smoked from it we saw the ease and comfort that made us name it the best overall. We are always confident in GRAV as an outstanding company producing high quality and ergonomic designs. It’s safe to this chillum pipe is the best overall.

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Easy To Hold Design Made For Comfort

"I'm always on the move and need something worthy and reliable in any situation.. That's why I love 3 inch bell.. Perfect size and hits smooth... Feels great in the hand.." -Chris W.


This quote from Smoke Cartel says it all. GRAV produces some of the most reliable and high quality weed pipes. The size is perfect for on-the-go and the design makes it easy to hold so you can easily and smoothly puff in public, you sly guy. If you can imagine how this piece fits in between your fingers, you can already picture yourself using this while out and about. You’re halfway there.

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Overall Size Is Great For Stealth Smoking

And we can’t forget the bowl size for weed capacity! This big glass chillum bowl holds a significant amount of weed. When we tested, we used the White Walker OG that is very dense and really packs a punch with 31.04% THC, we were able to reach out desired high with a small amount. And that small amount fit in the bowl perfectly. The amount of weed inserted was .30 grams.

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Testing How Harsh The Hit

"...Smokes great for such a small pipe..... hits are cool if you finesse your draw a little.... overall I'm very happy.... "

Jonathan D.

Nothing is truer when using a chillum pipe. You’ve gotta learn to finesse the chillum. What we found while testing was that if we light the Bic away from the bowl and then draw the flame to the bowl, quickly making tapping movements with the fire, we are able to get a super smooth hit for such small chillum piece. And that is what we loved most about this chillum one hitter.

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Research Behind Best Budget Chillum One Hitter

chillum glass pipe
  • Easiest to use because the entire product was built as one structure.
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass.
  • Great size bowl to pipe ratio.
  • Very discreet for stealth smoking.
  • Pricing was the best
  • The real OG chillum
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Can get ash in your mouth if not careful

We found the OG chillum pipe to be the best budget weed pipe. If you are looking for something discreet, priced very reasonably, and easy-to-use, you’ll love the OG chillum. Made from borosilicate glass, it is high quality. The airflow on this piece is nice as long as you pack the bowl correctly. We also found during testing that you must pull very slowly and steadily as to not get any ash in your mouth.

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Keep Things Simple With the OG Chillum

"Arrived a little over a week after purchasing, in discreet and safe packaging. All pieces of my order were intact & correct. As for the piece, the glass is thick, symmetrical, and flawless. The "bowl" is about an inch long, maybe 1/2 inch in diameter. The hole preventing scooby snacks is maybe 1/4 inch in diameter. No screen needed so far. The logo isn't the best but it is also intact and a metallic silver color. Overall I am happy with the purchase, and I would definitely buy another."

Reference: Smokecartel

We agree with this comment, wholeheartedly. The size of the bowl is perfect. We realized while testing that the bowl can hold up to .30 grams which is great for a quick pick-me-up while out in public. When you want the most simple design, the og chillum is the best way to go. Especially with the price, it’s the best for first time users or beginner.

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Life Hack Of The OG Chillum

When you think about a chillum you think small hit. But while testing the OG chillum pipe we decided to get a little creative. We realize if you flip the piece and pack weed through what is supposed to be the mouthpiece, you can pack up to a gram of White Walker OG. Depending on how dense your weed and how fine your grind, you’ll get the most out of this one hitter chillum pipe.

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How High Can I Get With A Chillum OG Pipe?

"This thing is so neat! Super smooth but gives a lot of smoke. Perfect for slipping in your pocket on walks uses a good amount of herb without being too much. Takes about 5 minutes to clean and pretty heavy duty. My only complaint is that it doesnt come in other colors but other than that its great! "

Kyle O.

We found that when you need to get really high, you pack the longer end of og chillum pipe. When you want to get just high enough to carry you on throughout the day, you pack the smaller end of the chillum. It’s a great idea to clean it after each use. The make of the design of the og chillum is so simple to clean.

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Research Behind Best Premium Chillum Dugout

glass chillum pipe
  • Easiest to use on the go because you can pack bowl easily.
  • Entire product made from premium anodized aerospace aluminum.
  • Scratch & Dent Proof
  • Spring Loaded One Hitter Pops out for you
  • Beveled edges for easy grind
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Smaller Bowl best for microdosing
  • More Expensive because comes with discreet dugout

The original one-hitter with dugout is a staple in most veteran smokers. If you know and love a good one-hitter chillum with dugout, then you will love this upgraded version. The GRAV Dugout chillum is a perfect size and most easy to pack while in public.

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Amazing Quality in Such a Simply Device

"Very neat product with well thought-out features. Smart move to update the wooden approach. Couldn't be happier for the price."

Reference: 420science

This premium chillum comes with serrated edges so that you can easily grind weed in the dugout. The design of the dugout is equipped with spring-loaded one-hitter allowing device to pop out for an easy grab. The bottom of this chillum dugout comes with a poker for an easy clean. There’s a clear window you can see through to your weed to see exactly what your packin’.

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How Many Hits Can I Get?

A Big question when it comes to chillums is how many hits can I get from a one hitter chillum? If you’re counting by how many pulls you can get, the answer is 5-6, depending on how lightly you pull. It’s a good idea to use the flame tapping method with this chillum due to the size of the bowl being a little smaller than a typical glass chillum. We found during our testing that if you lightly tap the flame to the weed, you can get as many as 6 hits out of one bowl from this dugout chillum. If you need more, simply pack another bowl from your dugout.

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Maintenance is Important on a Dugout Chillum

"I got this dugout cause of the metal case and serrated one-hitter. The hits are full and tasty. I also love the little baggy it came with! The only thing is... keep the one-hitter in the case, otherwise, you'll lose it lol. WOULD ABSOLUTELY recommend it"


We found Aussy as a Verified Purchase of the GRAV dugout one hitter. During testing this chillum we decided we agreed. With the serrated edges, it automatically makes for a more discreet and easier pack while in public. Easy maintenance is important so that you keep your dugout chillum in great condition. With the poker this chillum comes with built into the dugout, the maintenance is made super simple.

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What is a Chillum?

"A Chillum is a one hitter pipe that is easy-to-use and great for stealth smoking while in public."


Chillum pipes are most known for their ability to provide a stealth smoking experience while out in public. You will be able to get away with smoking around others more easily because chillums are hard to see or tell what you’re smoking out of due to their small size. Easy to use, chillum pipes are also great for those just beginning to smoke.

Additionally, microdosing is one of the other benefits when smoking with a one hitter. You are able to reach your desired high, slowly, so that you do not overindulge and waste more weed than actually is needed.

How to Use a Chillum

When using a chillum it is important to note that packing a chillum is subject to change based on the chillum one hitter you choose.

  1. Place ground dry herb into chillum.
  2. Light flame and gently tap to packed bowl.
  3. Gently and slowly pull through mouthpiece with your lips. (Do not pull hard)
  4. Inhale smoke into lugs.
  5. Repeat until desired high is achieved.

How to Clean a Chillum

Cleaning a chillum is super easy and can be done in 60 seconds:

  1. Use Resolution Ooze gel
  2. Shake gel pouch for 5 seconds
  3. Place chillum inside shake bag.
  4. Swish the chillum around in the solution until enough resin has been knocked off.
  5. Grab a pipe cleaner and poke through entire chillum, be sure to get all resin out.
  6. Rinse out chillum and accessories in warm water and your good to go!

What Makes a High Quality Chillum Pipe?

We only look for the best of the best when it comes to products. If you are still not happy with any of the recommendations above this section is to help you find your next favorite chillum one hitter. Look for the following qualities:

Using High Quality Glass for a Chillum

Avoid cheaply made glass chillums. Be careful with certain headshops that may not be as reputable that sell glass weed pipes. Some of these companies sell products from China and they tend to break easily. When shopping for a high quality chillum, be sure to choose borosilicate glass. The thicker the glass the sturdier the chillum will be.

If you choose to go with a different material other than a glass chillum, anodized aerospace aluminum is recommended to avoid overheating your chillum one hitter.

Great Functionality and Design in Chillum

Does the chillum allow you to easily and discreetly pack a bowl while in public, so as to not appear like you are smoking weed. The functionality of the chillum pipe is going to be the main selling factor. If it is easy to pack and easy to smoke, this makes the chillum functioning to high quality standards.

Easy Clean Makes for a High Quality Chillum

When you’ve got a chillum that is easy to clean, you are good to go. With the size of a chillum pipe generally being on the small side, the resin and tar build up can happen rapidly, almost after the first use. What you want is a high quality chillum that is easy to clean so that you are motivated to clean it after every use or every other use.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Chillum One Hitter

Cannassentials is made of a team of cannabis experts from all over the United States. Our team is equipped with a wide range of experts in different areas, as well. We have growers, edible bakers, 24-7 stoners, and weed connoisseurs. Our team has curated and researched products from some of the most famous cannabis companies in the industry. From Daily High Club, Mooselabs, Resolution, to TheDART. We love take research and testing very seriously here. Because you have to know how extremely delightful it is to be able to test marijuana and marijuana products as your job.

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