The Best Chillums You Never Knew Existed (2023)

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Best Chillums 2023

Chillums are small straight tube pipes, that are perfect for smaller dosages, tolerance management, and on-the-go smoking. In this article, I tested to find the best chillums of 2023, worth your time and money. Let’s get started.

Best overall

-Reduces tar
-Reduces toxins
-Save 75% weed

Dynavape chillum
Zero Clogs

-Prevents clogs
-Scrapes resin

Gravs Dugout chillum
Best Stealth

-Pen disguise
-Deep glass bowl
-Cap cover

Impersonator Chillum
Best glass

-Ash catcher
-Thick glass

Best portable

-Bowl cap cover
-Travel friendly

Gravs Indestructible Chillum
Best travel

-Travel friendly
-Full kit

Jane West Compact Chillum
Smoothest Hit

-Carb hole
-Strongest hit

Gravs Helix Chillum
No cough

-Frozen glycerin
-Cools hot smoke
-No coughing

Glycerin Taster Bat

Below is a quick visual size comparison of all of the chillums and one hitter’s we tested. You will see a wide range of materials from wood, metal, borosilicate glass, glycerin, silicone, and even stealth bodies. 

best chillums
Chillum size comparison

In the next photo, we show all of the chillum and one hitter’s bowl capacities. Some of the chillum bowls can store much more grounded cannabis than one hitters, which is the primary difference between one hitters and chillums.

Large storage capacity: means you can get about 2-3 hits off the same bowl. This is common with most chillums as they have a larger bowl capacity.

Small storage capacity: is typical in one hitters and means you get about one hit per load. The smaller pipes in the photo are one hitters and the larger ones are chillums.

best chillum
Chillum bowl capacity

Best chillums 2023:

  1. Best overall: Dynavape ($89) 
  2. Best no clog: Gravs Dugout  ($49)
  3. Best stealth: Impersonator ($27)
  4. Best glass: Marley ($30)
  5. Best travel: Gravs Taster ($19)
  6. Best full kit: JW Compact ($38)
  7. Smoothest Smoke: Gravs Helix ($23)
  8. No Cough: Glycerin Taster ($28)

Best overall chillum

Get 75% more out of your herbs per hit

Why it’s the best: The “M” plus is a stainless steel chillum that uses induction heating to drastically reduce tar, carcinogens, and toxins per hit all while stretching your dry herbs by 75% compared to other handheld devices. With the “M” plus .5 grams of dry herbs will give you 4 incredibly productive hits compared to only 2 declining hits in a glass chillum.

Dynavap has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA, making Inc. 5000 two years in a row! They bring the power, purity, and efficiency of vaping into a handheld device with zero batteries or coils. No fire actually touches your cannabis here. The convection/conduction heating essentially “bakes” your cannabis, which promotes a slower and steadier release of cannabinoids. Smoking with this device is 3x more efficient than lighting your herbs directly – you get more THC, CBN, CBG, terpenes, you name it. You simply heat the stainless steel tip and once the optimal temperature is achieved you will hear a “click” in the cap, you can expect about 4 strong hits in lighting just once – it’s absolutely insane what this device can do.

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steel chillum
Testing the Dynavape Chillum
What we loved
  • Adjustable bowl: You can pack about .5 grams to .7 grams inside the bowl. If that’s too much you can actually adjust the bowl size down to hold the same amount as a one-hitter or chillum.
  • Ready-to-go: This is the first hand-held device that I could pack the bowl at home, take a three-hour hike, and smoke that same bowl I packed. No grinder or dugout is necessary.
  • Back-to-back hits: My beef with chillums is they generally give you 1-2 decent hits. The M Plus lets you pack the same amount and delivers 4, insanely productive hits, back-to-back off one light.
  • No coughing/phlegm: Because you are inhaling vapors and not smoke you get a very clean hit. This means a smoother, less harsh hit with little to no coughing and hardly any resin phlegm.
  • Easy to use: this device tells you when to stop lighting, when to inhale, and when the cap is cooled down to touch by a clicking sound – with zero batteries.
What we don't like
  • Learning curve: This vaporizing chillum is the first of it’s kind, and so it has a slight learning curve. For example, after you heat the tip for 3-6 seconds you will hear a click. If you continue heating you are now combusting and creating smoke not vapor.
  • Cooling time: It takes 30 seconds for the tip to cool off and actually makes a “click” sound when it is cooled. So after you smoke you can’t reload the bowl for 30 seconds because the tip covers the bowl and is hot to the touch.
  • Butane recommended: You can use a lighter to heat the tip, but a butane torch is recommended inorder to promote terpenes and flavonoids. If you prefer using lighters, expect longer heat up times and flavor loss.

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Best for no clogging

The one hitter dugout perfected

Why it’s the best: Finally, a chillum that solves what no other chillum can: resin clogging. Smaller devices are more susceptible to resin buildup, and chillums are no exception. This is the first device that is equipped to scrape resin right out of your bowl, so you maintain an extremely productive and efficient hit every time. Fewer clogs, less cleaning, more smoking.

The Gravs Aluminum 4-inch Dugout has a clever entry point at the bottom with a built-in poker and a scraper. Simply stick the chillum bowl in and spin to clear the bowl of ash, particles, and most importantly resin. The dugout features a poly carbonite viewing port, making it the first dugout where I could actually see while I was loading the bowl. The combination of the viewing port and the “teethy” open bore bowl made this one of the easiest one-hitters I’ve ever loaded, smoked, and cleaned.

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Stick and spin to clear resin and bowl
What we loved
  • Fastest Loading: the clear viewing port made it extremely easy for me to load the cannabis because I could actually see it.
  • Perfect for travel: The dugout makes it really travel friendly but the entire setup also comes with a travel case that can also fit a grinder and you can attach to a backpack or keychain.
  • No clogging: The recessed pin in the cleaning chamber unclogs the pipe pathway as well as scraps resin off the bowl chamber to prevent clogging.
What we don't like
  • Scoobies: There is no pinch in the bowl so when I pulled too hard I got some scooby snacks in my mouth.
  • Flip lid: The magnetic flip lid has a soft rattle to it brand new out of the box. 
  • Pouch: While the pouch is amazing the material has a static surface that attracts dust and debris.

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The stealth chillum perfected

Mama will never know

Why it’s the best: If you are into smoking weed in public, stealth smoking, or just don’t want your closest knowing you indulge this is literally the best chillum on the market. The Impersonator boasts an ultra-deep bowl equivalent to the length of half a joint (1 inch length) where you can place the pen cap cover over the bowl, and hide this loaded chillum in your pocket ready to smoke whenever you need. 

The unique deep bowl sets this apart from any other chillum on the market. The 4-inch long pipe is meant to be slowly pulled, so think of this less as a single-hitting pipe and more as a portable joint hidden in a ballpoint pen body. You want to pack the bowl loosely and pull lightly and you can get a good 4-5 beefy hits. The best part is with the pen cap over the bowl you can actually drop this and it won’t even break. Oh did I mention the price point of $27 is for three of these? 

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stealth chillum
Testing the Impersonator chillum
What we loved
  • One-inch bowl: The deep one-inch borosilicate glass bowl is equivalent to half a joint.
  • Discreet: I can pack the bowl, cover the bowl with the pen cap, and walk around with this in my pocket and nobody would know.
  • Accident friendly: With the pen cap cover over the glass bowl I drop-tested this on pavement and it didn’t even blink.
  • Cherry smoking: If you can get a nice cherry going the entire bowl smokes like a joint, with 3 inches of airflow to cool it.
What we don't like
  • Open-ended: There is no pinch in the bowl so if you pull too hard you will get scooby snacks. I recommend slow and steady inhales.
  • Pen cap cover: The pen cap actually has holes in it so if you have this loaded in your pocket, grounded weed can fall through the openings of the cap.

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Handblown glass chillum

Medical grade glass built to last

Why it’s the best: If craftsmanship is your cup of tea, the Marley Natural Taster is made from medical grade borosilicate glass, handblown, with real black walnut wood mouthpiece. This glass chillum feels amazing and weighty in the hand and the pinch bowl blocks ash and debris for an ultra-smooth pull.

This 3-inch chillum packs a punch and that’s because the mouthpiece actually tapers off forcing venture pressure for an ultra-productive hit. The entire setup is extremely clean and the sustainably sourced Black Walnut is finished with natural carnauba wax. Sexy, sophisticated, and simple.

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glass chillum
Testing the Marley Taster
What we loved
  • Confidence: This is not your average $10 glass chillum you find at your local headshop. The handblown medical-grade glass is extremely durable.
  • Venturi Pressure: Most chillums are straight tube but the mouth piece tapers down forcing pressure during the inhale process. I got very strong and productive hits with little drift smoke loss.
  • Ash catcher: One of the best internal ash-catching systems built under the bowl. Perfect for strong one-shot hits.
What we don't like
  • Harsher hits: The three-inch length makes this shorter than most chillums which means the hits were a bit harsh.
  • Pipe pathway: while this chillum was pretty easy to clean I would have loved to see a poker to help clear the ash-catching system. I ended up using a pin needle but the ash falls down into the center chamber.

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Best portable chillum

An indestructible glass chillum

Who this is for: Get the Gravs Taster if you want a glass chillum that won’t break if you drop it or even chuck it across the room. This is perfect for anyone that loves glass but is prone to accidents.

Why it’s the best: Gravs is an American brand that engineers their products to not only look amazing but to function beautifully. The 5.5-inch medical glass chillum comes equipped with a silicone skin shield essentially making this the first glass chillum that is indestructible and travel-friendly. What truly makes this a game-changer is the silicone cap cover. If you want to smoke at a picnic, hike, or anywhere on the go you can pack the bowl at home, then use the silicone cap to cover the bowl snugly. This allows you to carry a packed chillum in your pocket ready to smoke whenever you are. As far as smoking this device the bowl has peripheral notches that prevent ash and loose-leaf particles from entering your mouth, all while promoting terpene flavor. The deep bowl allows you to get up to 3 hits from one packed bowl making it perfect for micro-dosing.

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Testing the Gravs Taster
What we loved
  • Perfect dosing: Pack less in the bowl for one-hitter hits or pack a full bowl to get 2-3 hits. Perfect for managing doses.
  • Ash Catcher: The bowl has triangular slits where ash doesn’t flow through the center but smoke flows through the sides -genius.
  • Smoke on the go: You can pack a full bowl, then use the silicone cap to cover the bowl. You get 2-3 hits off the same bowl, whenever and wherever you want. 
  • Accident friendly: the silicone skin acts as a shield. Whether I dropped this on the carpet, hardwood floor, or pavement, this did not break.
  • Cap conceals smell: the silicone cap actually lets you leave a loaded bowl while helping to conceal the smell.
What we don't like
  • Less discreet: If you are looking for a super discreet chillum, the silicone body increases the size making it less easy to conceal.
  • Full bowl hits: the bowl is fairly deep so if you plan on packing and smoking a full bowl it’s equivalent to 3 one hitter hits in one. Smoking an entire bowl at once can lead to coughing if you are sensitive to hotter smokes.

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Best travel kit chillum

The first mini dab rig to make our list

Who this is for: If you are on the go and don’t like the idea of carrying a grinder and chillum in your pocket the Jane West Compact keeps your entire smoke set up in one place. Disguised as a functional high-end makeup compact, you can store two strains, a lighter, your chillum, poker, and check your makeup.

Why it’s the best: This 6-inch compact travel kit is ready to go whenever you are. There are two compartments labeled with a sun (Sativa) and moon (Indica)  where you can keep ground cannabis. Whenever you are ready to smoke you just pop open the storage, push and twist as you would any dug-out, smoke, and use the poker to clear your chillum. Once you’re done just toss it right back in your bag and everything stays locked in place.

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portable chillum
Hand blown glass with quality you can feel
What we loved
  • Poker: Hands down the best poker I’ve ever seen. It keeps the chillum super clean.
  • Built-in stash jar: Dark stash jar for two strain types (labeled for Sativa and Indica).
  • Travel-friendly: Every item you need from lighter, weed, chillum, and poker stays locked into place making this perfect for travel.
  • Discreet: This device looks and feels like a high-end makeup compact, and nobody will be the wiser.
What we don't like
  • Scoobies: The bowl doesn’t have any ash prevention system so if you pull too hard you will get ash and particles. Inhale gently and it works fine.
  • Hard to open: This might be a pro to some but opening this compact was fairly difficult. It’s good knowing things stay in place, but you really have to press the grey button to get this open. #weakthumbs

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The smoothest yet strongest

Your smoke forms a double helix

Who this is for: Get the Gravs Helix if you want a $20 chillum that does $100 things. Smoother hits or stronger hits, this glass chillum uses patented technology to give you things no other chillum can: power.

Why it’s the best: The patented venturi pressure system increases airflow by turning your smoke stream into a mesmerizing double-helix spiral. This spiraling effect in turn increases your smoke’s travel distance to provide a smoother experience, without compromising any THC loss. Straight tube chillums usually have a narrow interior path, usually in the shape of a thin cylinder which forces ash and plant debris directly into your mouth. The Helix was engineered by Will Menzies from Gravs to solve all of these issues. To top it off this device has a carburetor to increase the intensity of your hits similar to the strength of a spoon pipe. With the patented venturi cooling and the carburetor this 3.5 inch chillum gave me the strongest hits out of any on this list, with an added touch of smoothness.

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smooth chillum
Testing the Gravs Helix chillum
What we loved
  • Milky Inhales: The only chillum where we could milk the inhale, for very gradual and productive combustion compared to narrow devices that overburn.
  • Patented cooling: As you inhale you can watch as the smoke creates a double-helix similar to a DNA molecule suspended in mid air as you inhale – the only chillum patented on the market to do this.
  • Cooler hits: The helix funneling cooled the smoke enough to where this was the smoothest glass chillum we tried.
  • Less THC loss: The helix funnel allows the smoke to vortex in mid air without touching any of the helix glass body which means less flavor
  • Power hits: One of the only chillums to provide a carburetor option, which clears the entire chamber for a shot-gun burst of THC to your lungs.
What we don't like
  • Larger body: Most chillums can slide right in your pocket, but due to the conical helix shape, this device wouldn’t fit in any of my pockets except for my jacket.
  • Delicate: Most glass chillums are fairly thin, short, and rigid which makes it fairly sturdy. The Helix has a much wider interior space which makes the surrounding borosilicate glass a bit more delicate – handle with care.

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The no-cough glycerin chillum

glycerin chillum
Frozen glycerin cools hot smoke

Who this is for: If you struggle with asthma or coughing fits, this chillum uses glycerin technology to cool your heated smoke by up to 300 degrees for a cough-free smoking experience.

Why it’s the best: This ingenious device is your typical glass chillum but the entire interior of the glass is filled with FDA-approved glycerin. It takes about one hour to freeze, but it converts your chillum into a mini deep freezer. When you spark up, the heated smoke has to travel through the narrow pathway surrounded by frozen glycerin. The result is the hot smoke is cooled tremendously, resulting in a smooth, cough-free experience.

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What we loved
  • No coughing: The frozen glycerin cools your smoke and prevents coughing and throat irritation.
  • Deep bowl: You can pack fairly large bowls here, achieving 2-3 solid hits per pack.
  • Back-to-back: Most chillums get extremely hot on the second and third hits. The glycerin chamber lets you take back-to-back hits without the pain, which helps you to complete the entire bowl without the sting.
  • Ash catcher: The mouthpiece pinches in to prevent scooby-snacks (ash and plant particles) from entering your mouth
What we don't like
  • Must buy two: Unfortunately you have to buy two of these to complete an order. Is it worth it? In my opinion to prevent coughing, yes. Keep both frozen, so if you ever forgot to freeze one, you don’t have to wait an hour for the glycerin to freeze.
  • Condensation: If you take this out the freezer, smoke it and place it back in the freezer. If you leave it out, condensation can build which can lead to clogging of your pipe. If you forget to put it back in the freezer just let it air dry overnight (another reason why having two is great).

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What we tested for

best chillums 2023
We really tested these chillums

Here is a full breakdown of our chillum review scoring system.

Below you will find why I docked points and why each of the four scoring components was essential qualities for an exceptional chillum.

Score 1: Harsh or smooth?

I rate chillums based on how smooth or harsh the hits are. The shorter the pipe the less travel distance the smoke has to travel which means you get a ton of hot smoke. Now-a-days chillums have unique preventative measures to increase travel distance, cool smoke, and deliver a smoother experience. If the chillum was uncomfortable, harsh, irritated my throat, or made me cough in a painful manner I docked a point.

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Score 2 - Ash prevention

The worst thing about chillums and one hitters is the Scooby snacks. That’s the mouthful of ash and plant debris that fly into your mouth. It’s common and almost expected with classic chillums, but with all the new and innovative chillums hitting the market we are seeing more and more preventative measures from bowl pinches, triangular grooved bowls, and even flat cheese grater style bowls. We are looking for chillums that can give you an ash-free experience – no more scooby snacks!

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Score 3 - Durability/build

If you walk into any headshop you can pick up a $5 glass chillum. These are factory-made and will shatter from the lightest tap. We are looking for chillums built to be accident-proof. From steel chillums to glass with protective covering, we docked points if the chillum was not built to last.

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Meet your expert

Jake Dela Cruz

Jake Dela Cruz

Organic cultivator

My name is Jake Dela Cruz and I’m an organic cannabis cultivator. As an cultivator I’m around plenty of cannabis and that means I’m smoking plenty as well. When I’m trying to manage my tolerance or just take a nice small hit chillums are my go-to smoking device. I tested each of these chillums on the list with strains I grew myself like the Dosilato strain and the Gumbo strain.

Jake De La Cruz
I grow my own weed

While there are dozens of chillums to choose from I tried to find the best of the best. What separated a mediocre chillum from the best was its ability to block ash (scooby snacks), manage airflow, and most importantly stay durable. I hope our recommendation can help you find your next favorite chillum. 

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