6 Out of This World Alien Bongs (Tested 2023)

6 Out of This World Alien Bongs (Tested 2023)

(From UFO bongs to Roswell Grey Aliens We Tested Them All)

Astronomer David Kipping says there is a 75% chance that there is life beyond earth.

But today there is a 100% chance you will see some badass alien bongs.

Whether you are looking for UFO bongs or just a great martian alien bong our team searched the far reaches of the internet to find you your next galactic pipe.

DHC Alien Bong

alien bong

Best Overall
Alien Bong

Hemper UFO Bong

Best Premium
UFO Bong

Full Alien Bongs Design

alien smoking bong

Best Value
Alien Bongs

Finding The Best Alien Bong of 2023

Whether you are into the Roswell Greys, Zeta Reiculans, or even sci-fi Giger Aliens we did our best to find some cool alien bongs that fit every extraterrestrial fan. We bought and tested all these alien pipes and bongs to find you the best.

Our Favorite Alien Bong

alien bong bowl

Martian Madness Alien Bong


The most popular style of alien is the Roswell Gray Aliens. While this alien bong bowl is simple, the aesthetics is amazing. With holographic reflective alien green, this alien glass bong was by far our favorite to look at and smoke. (This piece also functions as an alien dab rig.)

Product Highlights

  • Water Filtration
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • Martian Green
  • Helix Funnel

Best UFO Bong On the Market

ufo bong

Hemper UFO Water Pipe


Hemper released the first ever UFO bong, and we love it! This UFO water pipe is abducting your friendly farm cow, and we love how the smoke spirals through the beam. Great quality and hands down the best flying saucer bong on the market. (This piece also functions as an alien rig).

Product Highlights

  • Percolator Filtration
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • Smoothest Rip
  • High Quality Glass

Full Body Alien Mini Bong

alien water pipe

Full Body Grey Alien Pipe


If alien head bongs aren’t enough and you want a full bodied alien water pipe, this mini Martian is for you. This alien green pipe is the only extra terrestrial glass piece that boast head to toe – well tentacles. 

Product Highlights

  • Hand Blown
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • Full Body Design
  • Strong Hits

Acrylic Alien Head Bong

alien head bong

Grey Alien Head Bong


Another great option is this acrylic alien head bong, that comes in various color optins if alien green isn’t your thing. Roswell Greys, and most aliens are known to be .. well,  Grey. So for the true fans of The Greys this affordable alien bong is for you.

Product Highlights

  • Water Filttration
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • Best Price
  • Easy to Clean

Best Hive Alien Bong

alien face hugger bong

Giger Style Bug Alien Water Pipe


If your a fan of HR Giger’s aliens, Starcraft’s Zergs, or the Tyranids, this silicone alien bug bong is a good fit for you. The style of this alien bong is more of a bug type. You know, the terrors of the galactic that come to infest their neighboring planets.

Product Highlights

  • Water Filtration
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • Multiple Alien Colors
  • Great Price

Best Functioning Alien Bong

alien glass bong

Alien Glass Bong


Looking for an out of this world, spaced out Alien bong? This one-eyed cyclops style alien strays from the typical Roswell Grey alien bongs, for those of you into a more nostalgic child hood alien. Out of all the alien bongs we tested this was the best functioning of them all. (This piece can also function as an alien dab rig).

Product Highlights

  • Best Smoke
  • High Quality Glass
  • Alien Inside Bong
  • Great Rips

The Three Most Popular Galactic Alien Bongs

When you think “alien” the image that comes to mind is different for everyone. We made sure to hunt for three of the most popular styles of extraterrestrial bongs. 

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1. Roswell Grey Alien Bongs

The Roswell Greys, also known as Grey aliens or the “Grays”, is the most widely accepted image of extraterrestrial aliens. True believers of the Roswell UFO incident well love this style of alien bong.

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2. Extraterrestrial Green Alien Bongs

For those of you that don’t care for the realistic aliens and love a little bit of Martians green from popular movies such as Toy Story, then you will want to go for the E.T. alien green style. We made sure to find some awesome picks in our recommendation.

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3. HR Giger Alien Water Pipe

H.R. Giger is famously known for creating the bug style aliens, that has developed a cult following. Other popular forms of bug aliens gained mass popularity like the Zergs and Tyranids. While we couln’t find an alien face hugger bong, we did catch wind that a new bong company will release full bug style alien bongs.

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Research Behind Best Alien Bong 2023

best alien bong

Daily High Club is a phenomenal smoke shop selling bongs, dab rigs, weed pipes, and many other cannabis products. Their alien bong was a delight to test, let’s break down what our experts had to say.

How was the quality of this Alien Bong? This is considered more of a “mini-bong”, and while the glass is a bit thin, the quality was great because of the reflective alien green.

How Was the Smoke? The bong rip on this alien water pipe was surprisingly smooth. There was a bit of harshness since this is technically a mini-bong but with less water filtration their is also less THC reduction.

The Verdict: This isn’t the highest grade alien smoking bong, but the price is extremely affordable and the design is one of the best we have seen for any E.T bong. The smoke was smooth, the rips were strong, and the glass color is stunning! 

Definitely pick this if you want the best price without sacrificing quality or desig.

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Research Behind Best UFO Bong 2023

Hemper created the first over UFO vortex bong, and with over 144 five-star reviews people are absolutely loving this UFO water pipe. So let’s get into what our experts thought after testing this flying saucer bong.

How was the quality of this UFO Bong? Made from top-notch borosilicate glass, this UFO bong is 6 inches tall making it more of a mini-bong.

How Did this UFO Bong Smoke? Equipped with an inline diffuser percolator, this UFO bong provided extremely smooth rips with plenty of bubble filtration.

The Verdict: With one of the most clever designs, smooth rips, and even equipped with venturi inlets to vortex your smoke in a spiral pass the abducted cow, this UFO water pipe is amazing!

Definitely pick this if you want a great priced UFO bong that smokes smooth.

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Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Alien Bong?

Our team of experts, or long time veteran stoners, love nothing but to find and test the best stoner gadgets. While there weren’t many alien bongs on the market, we searched the far reaches of the web to find every awesome alien smoking bong we could find. From cool alien bug bongs, alien pipes, and even a UFO bong, we found the best out of this world extraterrestrial bongs.

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