3 of the Best Bubblers For Ultra Smooth Pulls (2023)

5 of the Best Bubblers
for Ultra Smooth Pulls (2023)

Written By: Jay Hyung
Bong Engineer

Bubblers are portable and easy to use, all while giving you the smoothest smoking experience.

They are one of the best devices for beginners delivering ultra-smooth rips to help prevent coughing from weed.

If you want an efficient and seamless way to smoke your delicious dry flowers, then a bubbler is perfect for you. 

These are the top 5 best bubblers you will find on the cannabis market today. (Learn if a bubbler pipe is right for your)



Zero Cough

Best Bubbler




Best Priced

5 of the Best Bubblers
You Will Find Today

Glass bubblers are an awesome smoking alternative if you need something more lightweight in size and portable. Not to mention they come with a built in water chamber that functions to produce numerous bubbles that percolate and filter both the smoke and water. And that’s the beauty of a bubbler. It’s typically small enough to take with you, easy to use, and delivers quite an exceptional smoke inhale. Take a look at our top 3 recommendations for the best glass bubblers:

#1 Best bubbler that
cools smoke 300 degrees

best bubblers

Cools smoke 300 degrees

This Freeze bubbler uses frozen glycerin (FDA-approved) to cool your smoke by 300 degrees!

Before smoke passes through the glycerin coils it first gets slammed by water and bubble filtration as well. The result is a mind-blowing smooth rip that feels like air.

This is the best bubbler pipe for eliminating coughing completely but it’s best for at home use as it can be very delicate.

#2 Best Bubbler for
Filtration and Flavors

glass bubblers

Zero flavor loss

Pulsar is an American cannabis brand known for using the highest quality with its scientific glass (medical grade glass).

This bubbler boasts a double filtration system in one: a mini egg-style diffuser and a disc percolator. This produces an insane amount of bubbles and bubbles equals to cool and smoother rips.

Our team voted this the #2 best bubbler for smooth rips without losing any terpene flavors.

Best bubbler on a budget
without sacrificing quality

best bubbler

$20 Bubbler

If you are looking for a zero-fuss classic bubbler with a $20 price point this is an amazing option.

Made from the highest quality borosilicate glass, this is the best bang for your buck when it comes to a classic glass bubbler.

The curvy design and bent neck shape let our team pull as hard as we wanted without any splashback. The hits were smooth but the design was smoother.

Most aesthetically
pleasing bubbler

best bubbler 2023

Most beautiful bubbler

Design matters and this gorgeous bubbler has a beautiful fumed marble glazed exterior.

No more staring at dirty bong water, keep your smoking station looking beautiful. Not only does this bubbler look great it’s also the most practical on the list for daily use.

What makes this bubbler unique is the removable downstem which makes it much easier to pack, smoke, and clean.

The best Jamaican
inspired hybrid bubbler

bubblers 2023

Best quality hands down

The Marley bubbler is 100% handblown from premium borosilicate glass: craftsmanship at its finest.

This is the only glass bubbler I can actually recommend as portable due to how thick the borosilicate glass is. The walnut wood accents are sustainably-grown and add such a beautiful touch.

The tall design with the percolator globe pumps out bubbles that will bring the heated smoke to a much smoother and comfortable pull.

How did we test to find the Best Bubbler?

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best bubblers?

  • We Reviewed over 40 types of glass bubblers on the market.
  • We Bought 10 of the best smoke bubblers.
  • We Tested the 10 bubbler pipes to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their bong held up.

We tested 10 glass bubblers from an array of different brands, styles, and designs. We compared each glass bubbler amongst each other to compare durability, function, portability, percolation intensity, and overall performance so that we make sure we filter out the bad eggs and provide our users with nothing but the best standing bubblers.

If you are new to glass bubblers, however, then we strongly recommend you skip below to learn: what is a bubbler? There are many great functions to a bubbler and it’s best to first understand if this cannabis product is a fit for you.

Why are bubbles important
when smoking weed?

Bubblers use water, your inhale, and a downstem (glass straw with slits) to produce bubbles.

Why are bubbles important when smoking cannabis: bubbles create more surface area for heated smoke to pass over. As the smoke touches the bubble it cools down the smoke delivering a much smoother hit. 

When you think of bubbles think of cooling, the more bubbles and the more movement in the chamber the more your smoke is cooled down delivering a much smoother hit (which reduces coughing and enhances terpenes profiles).

Why choose a bubbler pipe?

A bubbler give you the best of a weed pipe and a bong.

It is much smaller in size, which makes it more portable and much easier to handle.

All bubblers come with a built-in water chamber that allows for the formation of numerous bubbles that help filtrate and more importantly cool down the harshness of the smoke.

But what really makes a bubbler great? Here are three things about bubblers you might not know about yet.

1. Bubblers produce
denser THC smoke

A glass bubbler is great in that it is small and compact, which makes it much easier for smoke production to occur.

A smaller device means denser smoke, and denser smoke means a stronger instantaneous hit as compared to a bong which has much more surface area for smoke to go through.

The more surface area there is the more chances for THC loss as resin build-up occurs.

With bubblers, there is the minimal surface area for denser smoke but the water filtration allows to cool the smoke so you can enjoy ultra-dense rips with a smoother touch.

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2. Bubblers promote a
richer terpene profile

All bubblers are known to utilize water filtration that immediately cools the smoke when it passes through the water.

On top of that, the water chamber filters out ash, resin, and even tar. 

When you smoke from bubbler cannabis taste better because the smoke is ultra-dense (smaller device) but filtered out of ash, resin, and tar which enhances the terpene profiles immensely.

3. Bubblers are a great
for first time smokers

If this is your first time smoking weed then a bubbler is the perfect piece for you.

With a bubbler, you simply add water, use a weed grinder to grind the cannabis, and then load the bowl and smoke.

There are minimal steps and the device is much smaller and easier to handle. On top of that the water filtration eliminates the harshness in hits making it much easier for beginners to learn what they like.

Testing the #1 best bubbler
for the smoothest hits

The Freeze bubbler was unlike anything I ever tested and that’s because it has features that no other bubbler has: glycerin cooling.

Full disclosure: this product is delicate and the glycerin chamber needs to be frozen for 1 hour before use.

It’s the glycerin coil that lets this glass bubbler deliver air like rips so let’s talk about the glycerin chamber first.

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Does the glycerin chamber
really cool the smoke?

testing bubbler

So how does this bubbler cool the smoke by 300 degrees?

It’s simple actually, the smoke has to travel through glass coils surrounded by liquid glycerin (perfectly safe).

When you freeze glycerin the smoke now has to travel through sub-degree temperatures which cools the smoke tremendously.

Hot smoke is extremely irritating to your lungs and by cooling it you reduce the need to cough.

What’s crazy about this device is it’s not just the glycerin chamber that cools but also the six tree arm percs (which is a ridiculous amount of filtration for a bubbler).

Let’s take a closer look – literally.

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The 6 tree percolators
pumps bubbles galore

freeze pipe bubbler

A standard bubbler usually has one downstem to create bubbles for filtration and cooling (Learn how bubbles cool smoke).

The Freeze bubbler has SIX of these downstem filters packed into one giant 6-arm tree percolator. 

Even without the cooling glycerin, the 6-tree arm percolator cools smoke tremendously. Now add the cooling glycerin and that’s how you get air-like pulls.

How it works: When you light your cannabis the smoke is hot and that is what causes irritability and coughing. With this glycerin bubbler, the smoke is first forced through maximum bubble filtration through the 6-arm percolator. After the smoke is cooled and purified here it then travels through sub-zero temperatures cooling the smoke an additional 300 degrees.

The result is a cough-free bubbler smoking experience.

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Why I believe this is
the #1 best bubbler

I struggle with asthma and uncomfortable coughing fits when smoking from most cannabis devices.

This is the first bubbler that completely eliminated coughing for me – personally.

That’s a huge deal because the reason you want to use a bubbler is for smoother rips. If you are looking for pain-free smoking this is the #1 glass bubbler.

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Testing behind the
best priced bubbler

glass bubbler pipe

Bubblers can range from as cheap as $20 and go anywhere to $200+ for a higher-end piece.

We wanted to put ourselves to the challenge of finding a $20 bubbler that actually will stand the test of time and we loved this bent neck bubbler for a few reasons besides the price. Let’s dive into the testing.

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Buying cheap Bubblers?
Save yourself the headache

There are tons of bubblers and glass bubbler pipes that are flooding the market these days and it can be enticing to purchase a cheap one so you can save money.

The issue is, over half of these cheap bubblers are terrible for longevity and more times than not, fail at delivering and providing consistent quality hits.

They aren’t reliable and will generally go breaking down on you very quickly. So in the end, you aren’t necessarily saving money if it means you’re running back to the headshop every month.

This bent neck bubbler was our best budget pick not for price alone but because it’s made from high-quality borosilicate glass. 

Borosilicate glass is the highest standard of glass (the same used in medical labs).

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A built-in splash guard
with easy smoking

We love bubbles simply because the bubbles help cool the smoke and the size of the device is still compact saving us tons of space.

The issue with most bubbles (especially more affordable options) is the harder you pull the more likely dirty bong water will splash back into your mouth and that’s more then nasty it can get you sick.

The bent neck shape design in this budget bubbler allows you to pull as hard as you want with zero water splash back and that is an amazing feature to have in a $20 product.

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This bubbler had the
highest bubble production

pipe bubbler

The reason you buy a bubbler is for bubble production.

A lot of stoner engineering was done here to create the ultimate bubbler engine with extra water space (for more bubble production).

While this doesn’t look like the traditional bubbler the bubble production was insane. Plus it comes with a banger so you can dab it with this bubbler (or just choose a bowl for dry herbs).

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why this is one of the best bubblers of 2023.

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Double water filtration
for maximum bubbles

Bubblers usually have one downstem and a tiny bit of space for bubbling.

Pulsar engineered this glass bubbler pipe to have one of the strongest bubble production due to the double filtration system.

The egg-shaped diffuser in the center produces bubbles but also at the bottom is a disc percolator pumping out an additional production of bubbles.

The result is a swirl of bubbles helping to move your heated smoke around and cool it down immensely.

I loved how sturdy this
bubbler sits (accident friendly)

Bubblers can be pretty fragile especially made from glass. Traditional glass bubblers are curved and honestly are very prone to breaking because the shape doesn’t sit sturdy idle.

This means that it’s much easier to tip over your bubbler or accidentally drop and break.

Pulsar designed this bubbler to sit confidently as a bong would on your table but without sacrificing the overall dimensions of a classic bubbler.

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What Makes a High
Quality Glass Bubbler Pipe?

Smoke bubblers or glass bubblers, are considered high quality in our eyes not just by serving it’s basic function, but also if it goes above and beyond to ensure a quality hit that is consistent and exceptional. Factors like glass design, added features, and performance are all components that we take into consideration when determining the best of the best bubblers on the market. 

Good bubblers are
made from borosilicate glass

We have stressed multiple times on the importance of glass thickness and borosilicate quality in terms of a high quality glass piece, or in this case, a glass bubbler. Anything below 5mm, and I wouldn’t count on it lasting for more than 6 months, and that’s being nice. 5mm and above, and you can bet that’s a piece worth investing in, since you won’t be watching your heart shatter when its broken in a million pieces on the floor. Specs are generally listed in the specs, but if it isn’t, you will be able to tell within seconds of evaluation upon seeing it in person. Also, the thicker the glass, the better suction you will have with smoke, which makes an easier pull on your part and a much more direct inhale. 

A good bubbler
produces a ton of bubbles

Basic smoke bubblers have a water chamber and a fixed bowl that is integrated within the piece. It’s all about the filtration piece in the water chamber.

A standard bubbler has a diffused downstem with decent bubble production.

Look for a bubbler with percolator diffusion which produces much more bubbles with different bubble dimensions (very large bubbles mixed with smaller ones).

Why Trust Our Research
on Finding the Best Bubblers?

As your reviewer and researcher I have smoked countless amounts of different water pipes, bongs, and bubblers. This is why testing for the best bubblers on the market was a fun and exciting time for both me and the team. After reviewing dozens and dozens of reviews through forums, videos, and social media, I was then able to compile a list of pros and cons for all types of smoke bubblers and glass bubblers, to then start testing each against each other. It was an exhilarating experience, and I can’t wait to review more in the future as better devices and smoking methods are designed. If there is a particular glass bubbler you would like us to personally review, feel free to let us know so we can add it to our list and check them for quality and consistency. If they end up making the cut, we’ll offer them on our website! 

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