3 of the Best Bubblers You will Find Today 2022

3 of the Best Bubblers That you Need to See (2022)

(We Bought and Tested Industry Leading Bubblers to Find you the Best)

We all love a device that is portable, easy to use, and set up, all while giving you a sensational smoking experience.

If you want an efficient and seamless way to smoothly smoke your delicious dry flowers, then a bubbler is perfect for you. 

After reviewing 40 glass bubblers and testing 10, these are the top 3 best bubblers you will find on the cannabis market today.

Cali Crusher


Best Overall

Marley Natural


Best Premium



Best Budget

Owning A Portable Bubbler Is Like Being Able To Bring Your Best Friend Everywhere You Go

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best bubblers?

  • We Reviewed over 40 types of glass bubblers on the market.
  • We Bought 10 of the best smoke bubblers.
  • We Tested the 10 bubbler pipes to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their bong held up.

We tested 10 glass bubblers from an array of different brands, styles, and designs. We compared each glass bubbler amongst each other to compare durability, function, portability, percolation intensity, and overall performance so that we make sure we filter out the bad eggs and provide our users with nothing but the best standing bubblers.

If you are new to glass bubblers, however, then we strongly recommend you skip below to learn: what is a bubbler? There are many great functions to a bubbler and it’s best to first understand if this cannabis product is a fit for you.

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Finding the best bubbler pipe comes down to your personal preference and what type of design you’re looking for.

In our research, of the 10 glass bubbler pipes we tested, we found the best bubbler for overall use, the best premium glass bubbler, and also the best bubbler pipe on a budget. Take a look at the results for best bubbler pipes of 2022 and make sure to check out the research hours behind our testing for more product tips and best practices with a portable glass bubbler.

Best Bubblers Index

3 of the Best Bubblers You Will Find Today

Glass bubblers are an awesome smoking alternative if you need something more lightweight in size and portable. Not to mention they come with a built in water chamber that functions to produce numerous bubbles that percolate and filter both the smoke and water. And that’s the beauty of a bubbler. It’s typically small enough to take with you, easy to use, and delivers quite an exceptional smoke inhale. Take a look at our top 3 recommendations for best glass bubblers.:

Best All Around Bubbler for Overall Use

bubbler pipe

3 in One Bubbler


Smoke Cartel never seems to fail when providing some of the best cannabis selections for smoking. We found that smoke was smooth and exceptional no matter the method of smoking we chose. This is truly an exquisite bubbler that functions remarkably well to ensure you have the best smoking experience.

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Best Bubbler on a Budget without Sacrificing Quality

bubbler bong

7 Inch Dichro Glass Bubbler


Toker supply has done it again with yet another awesomely priced cannabis product. If you are looking for a bubbler that delivers a powerful hit with high quality thick borosilicate glass at a very affordable price, this is the one. This glass bubbler pipe is both for the avid smoker or the beginner just starting out. 

Skip below to see our research on Best Budget Bubbler.

Best Premium Unique Glass Bubbler

glass bubbler

7 Inch Dichro Glass Bubbler


If you have the means of spending a little more for quality and performance, then this Marley smoked glass bubbler from Smoke Cartel is the go to. Made with durable glass and a quality diffuser, this is the ultimate bubbler for smooth hits every time!

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3 Reasons Crusher HYDRA 3 in One Bubbler Won Best Overall Bubbler

smoke bubbler
  • Amazing Design
  • 3 In one versatile use (one hitter, bubbler, spoon pipe)
  • Amazing smoke and water filtration
  • Aluminum grade shell (extra protective layer)
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Small room for water chamber

It was a difficult decision for the team to make on which glass bubbler pipe was the best overall bubbler, due to so many different designs and styles. It always feels like the ones we never thought would pass end up being the best ones we choose. Bubblers are actually quite simple in their design, which makes them popular among those in the smoking game, but because of its simplicity, it makes it hard to compare them to each other. However, it isn’t long before we test them for ourselves over and over again to really see and feel it’s functions and how well they deliver their claims of a smooth smoke. Read below to see how we tested this 3 in one Hydra bubbler and what components made it surpass the others. 

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Best Glass Bubbler for Versatile Smoking Alternatives

"I LOVED how this bubbler can be reassembled into 3 different smoking options. I personally prefer to use it as a standard bubbler but will periodically transition it into a one hitter when around family members. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to switch it up now and then. Hits wonderfully!"

Catalina Q.

We can comfortably say, that despite the overwhelming amount of cannabis glass products out there, this Hyrda 3 in one was certainly a rarity.  Common glass bubbler pipes typically come with a standard water chamber with basic diffusion and simple design. This one in particular however, has a remarkable 3 options for you to choose from which makes it easy for all users to smoke depending how they feel, without having to use another piece. This unique 3 in one Hydra bubbler is the absolute perfect pick for those who want versatility and a device that is multi functional. This bubbler can be dissected and taken apart in order to function as a one hitter or spoon pipe, so you have an amazing 3 options to choose from depending on your mood. We thought the idea itself was fabulous to feature such a design, but after testing each method, one hitter, spoon pipe, and as a regular bubbler, we found that all methods smoked surprisingly well and smoke production was efficient.

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Quite Simply the Best Glass Bubber Pipe Ever Designed

"When it comes to glass bongs or pipes, Im not exactly the greatest at maintaining it for long before breaking or shattering it. Thats why I loved this bubbler in specific because I don't ever have to worry about it coming apart into a million pieces. I also love how easily portable it is and I bring it with me almost everywhere."

Korye L.

Over 85% of bubblers on the market are made from glass, with the other percentage being other materials such as silicone, ceramic, or acrylic. But that’s why this specific bubbler made quite the impression when we saw that it was made with an aircraft grade aluminum shell which essentially makes this bubbler virtually indestructible. Breaking your precious glass bubbler is now a thing of the past, and you can now smoke with relief knowing that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. One of the members from our team thought we should try to push it off the island table and onto the floor to see the damage, and the only damage that was done was water on the floor along with some snicklefritz of buds. 

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Try This Glass Bubbler Pipe and Enjoy the Smoothness of Smoke in Every Hit

This bubbler pipe delivered a remarkable smooth and clean smoke inhalation despite only possessing a removable downstem for percolation. Though there was slight harshness in smoke depending on the hit, it still was a very easy inhale that didn’t overwhelm or irritate my lungs. It didn’t make me cough up a storm and I still got the high I was looking for. For the price and quality, I’d say this bubbler pipe is the ultimate all in one for all your needs. If you want a quick, efficient, and easy high, this is the product for you.

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Research Behind Best Budget 7" Dichro Glass Bubbler

glass bubbler pipe
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Powerful hits
  • Bent Neck Structure (prevents water splashback)
  • Multiple color options
  • Great for portability
  • Features a deep bowl (pack more cannabis)
  • Features a carb hole (clears smoke or allows for stronger hits)
  • Fixed downstem (filtrates water and cools down smoke)
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping is free and arrived on time. Packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • No percolator

Bubblers can range from as cheap as $20 and go anywhere to $200+ for a higher end piece. This is quite a price difference and we wanted to put ourselves to the challenge of determining why these prices are set, if they are worth it, and if there are affordable options that still carry out the same quality smoke experience. We were happy and also shocked when we found this Dichro glass bubbler from Toker Supply. Read below to see what key points we tested for to give it the rating we did. 

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Buying Cheap Bubblers? Save Yourself the Headache

There are tons of bubblers and glass bubbler pipes that are flooding the market these days and it can be enticing to purchase a cheap one so you can save money. The issue is, over half of these cheap bubblers are terrible for longevity and more times than not, fail at delivering and providing consistent quality hits. They aren’t reliable and will generally go breaking down on you very quickly. So in the end, you aren’t necessarily saving money if it means you’re running back to the headshop every month. But this is why our top pick for best budget bubbler was this unique Dichro glass from Toker Supply. It was exceptional for the price, and out performed many of our other bubbler candidates by far from the quality it provided, truly making this piece a must have for those looking for a more affordable option without sacrificing value.

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A Powerful Hit of Cannabis at the Fraction of the Cost

"As a daily smoker, I really appreciated the fact that the bowl was deep enough to fit and pack more weed than most of my other glass pieces. I like to take monstrous hits when I can and this was a great alternative to my bong which is not nearly as small and compact as this bubbler."

Damerian P.

A glass bubbler is great in that it is small and compact, which makes it much easier for smoke production to occur. This means denser smoke, and denser smoke means a stronger instantaneous hit as compared to a bong which has much more surface area for smoke to go through. No matter the amount of cannabis that we packed in the bowl, each and every hit was as powerful as the last, and the high was very much comparable to that of a bong, but with more flavor profile. Again, due to the size of the glass piece, more flavor is lost in larger designs. 

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Remarkable Bubbler Design and Functionality

"This bubbler was given to me as a gift and I immediately fell in love with it. The colorful designs was one of my favorite things about this bubbler. I eventually decided to make it part of my collector items and made it part of my display of glass pieces."

Katrina D.

Standing at just 7 in, this bubbler is awesome for on the go travels or if you are someone who needs something more portable. It’s design makes for an easy grip and sturdy hold while puffing away without worrying about it slipping from your fingers. We also can’t forget the attractive vibrant color scheme this bubbler offers, making this appealing for those who are also into collector items or display pieces. The water chamber holds a sufficient amount of water that creates both large and small bubbles to ensure a steady and proper filtration. No to mention that the glass was surprisingly thicker than majority of bubblers that we found and tested.

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Research Behind Best Premium Bubbler From Smoke Cartel

pipe bubbler
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from hand blown borosilicate glass 
  • Powerful Water Filtration
  • Features a carb hole (clears hits and allows for stronger hits)
  • Fixed 8 slitted downstem diffuser 
  • Consistent with quality and function
  • Great for portability
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Price is higher than most

After much digging and researching, we ended up not even testing bubblers that were over $200 since we found that anything around that price range was specifically due to brand name, which doesn’t always align with quality as it does with the feeling of owning something with a known or popular brand. With that said, there were still exceptional glass bubblers that performed extremely well and matched the price for what it delivered. I know for me, if I’m going to pay a little more for quality, I better receive just that on top of some extra perks. So keep reading below to see how and what e tested for in a premium glass bubbler. 

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Amazing Durable Design and Functionality

Our favorite aspect about this bubbler was that is was hand blown borosilicate glass. If you aren’t familiar with glass blowing, hand blown glass has a transparent finish as compared to a machine or factory. Glass is better because it can be intricately designed to the tee with almost any style or modification the individual wants. There is also a large amount of effort on the glass blower as these pieces are typically very expensive due to the art and time that it requires. When we saw the price point for a glass bubbler such as this, we knew we had to try. To our surprise, it performed beautifully and consistently making this our top choice for a premium bubbler that delivered strong tasty hits. Oh, and how could we forget the bowl size, it was decently sized, allowing us to fit up to a full gram of ground up weed in the bowl.

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How this Premium Bubbler Pipe Has a Feature that Enhances the Intensity of Your Hits

"Although it isnt uncommon for bubblers to come with a shotgun hole, not all of them do. But it is a feature that I look for and prefer over ones that don't provide it. I find that a shotgun hole makes my hits wayy more intense which is perfect for getting me the buzz and high Im looking for!"

Teyano G.

This Marley bubbler pipe features a carb hole that functions as what is known as a ‘shotgun’ effect and allows you to cover the opening in order to produce denser smoke that is then inhaled. How does this effect smoke experience? Well, one things for sure, we were higher than high after just three rounds of testing just how powerful the carb hole was and the difference it made when taking hits, no matter the size. So whether you are taking a baby hit to get the day started or a monstrous right before bed hit, this carb hole allows you to take advantage of all that your dry flower has to offer without wasting a drop of THC.

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Why This Built In Ash Catcher is a Must Have

"I used to think that ash catchers weren't necessary as I clean my pieces regularly. However upon using this bubbler with their added ash catcher, I found that I only needed to clean my bubbler once a week as compared to every 3 days. So yes, I would strongly suggest using an ash catcher from now on because it makes such a difference in keeping your bubbler clean."

Lawrence N.

An ash catcher, yes, we’ve said it. A bubbler with a built in ash catcher is by far ahead of its game for smaller pipes. Generally, small handheld pipes or bubblers are as mentioned previously, simple in design. Therefore, something like this built-in ashcatcher system certainly gives an added benefit that enhances your overall smoke experience while keeping and maintaining your piece clean and residue-free. Even after 9 rounds of smoking, there was little to zero amount of ash floating in the water chamber.

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What is a Glass Bubbler?

A bubbler is a cross combination of a bong and a water pipe. It is much smaller in size, which makes it more portable friendly and an easier hand held option as to a giant bong. All bubblers come with a built in water chamber that allows for the formation of numerous bubbles that help filtrate and more importantly cool down the harshness of smoke. Ever hit a dry pipe and then a water pipe after? Well, we did, due to the amount of testing and comparisons that we had to do and man, all we can say is, it is a noticeable distinct difference in smoothness and smoke quality. That’s what makes a bubbler a bubbler, it’s in the name itself, it creates tons of bubbles in order to provide a cleaner and smoother toke while allowing you to take tasty hits whether big or small.

How Do Bubblers Work?

Using a bubbler pipe is simple:

  1. Pour water into water chamber of the bubbler.
  2. Pack the bowl with desired amount of cannabis.
  3. Cover the carb hole if there is one present.
  4. Light the cannabis and inhale while releasing finger from carb hole. 
  • Remember that if there is no carb hole present, you can light and hit the bubbler as you would normally a bong or water pipe.

How to Clean a Glass Bubbler

Cleaning bubblers are extremely easy:

  1. Empty water out from bubbler pipe. (If your piece does not have a fixed bowl, then remove this piece to the side)
  2. Fill bubbler with one cup of isoproyl alochol.
  3. Put in 1/4 cup of sea salt.
  4. Carefully shake and stir the alcohol and salt contents within the bubbler for approx. 5 min.
  5. Pour out alcohol and salt, and add hot water to the glass bubbler. Stir again for another 3 min to make sure all residue inside is washed and taken off. 
  6. Let your glass bubbler sit out to dry. 
  • If you have a bowl that is not fixed, you can follow the same rules for cleaning the bubbler, only except place bowl in a ziplock bag and add the alcohol and salt contents in to mix. Rinse with hot water and let dry. 

What Makes a High Quality Glass Bubbler Pipe?

Smoke bubblers or glass bubblers, are considered high quality in our eyes not just by serving it’s basic function, but also if it goes above and beyond to ensure a quality hit that is consistent and exceptional. Factors like glass design, added features, and performance are all components that we take into consideration when determining the best of the best bubblers on the market. 

Using Thick and High Quality Borisicliate Glass

We have stressed multiple times on the importance of glass thickness and borosilicate quality in terms of a high quality glass piece, or in this case, a glass bubbler. Anything below 5mm, and I wouldn’t count on it lasting for more than 6 months, and that’s being nice. 5mm and above, and you can bet that’s a piece worth investing in, since you won’t be watching your heart shatter when its broken in a million pieces on the floor. Specs are generally listed in the specs, but if it isn’t, you will be able to tell within seconds of evaluation upon seeing it in person. Also, the thicker the glass, the better suction you will have with smoke, which makes an easier pull on your part and a much more direct inhale. 

Having Built in Features in the Bubbler Pipe Design

Basic smoke bubblers have a water chamber and a fixed bowl that is integrated within the piece. If you keep browsing the internet, it won’t be long til you find other options with percolators and extra added features such as the Marley glass bubbler with its built in ash catcher system. These are the types of pipe bubblers that you want to be spending your time and money on because they are worth it for the long haul, but also because you can’t go wrong with extra filtration. It only serves to enhance your smoking experience tenfold and results in way smoother and cleaner hits.

Presence of a Carb Cap in a Bubbler

When you light up your steamroller pipe whether it is an acrylic steamroller, wooden steamroller, or a giant steamroller pipe, what is important  is the placement of the carb hole to the steamroller bowl area. The reason steamrollers are such powerful cannabis smoking tools is because you allow for the entire pipe to be filled with smoke just like a bong, and the carb hole is placed at the far end of the pipe, so once released it flushes all the smoke in the pipe into your lungs. If you see a steamroller pipe with no carb hole or the hole is placed in the middle or side, then you know it does not deliver at the highest quality.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Bubblers?

As your reviewer and researcher I have smoked countless amounts of different water pipes, bongs, and bubblers. This is why testing for the best bubblers on the market was a fun and exciting time for both me and the team. After reviewing dozens and dozens of reviews through forums, videos, and social media, I was then able to compile a list of pros and cons for all types of smoke bubblers and glass bubblers, to then start testing each against each other. It was an exhilarating experience, and I can’t wait to review more in the future as better devices and smoking methods are designed. If there is a particular glass bubbler you would like us to personally review, feel free to let us know so we can add it to our list and check them for quality and consistency. If they end up making the cut, we’ll offer them on our website! 

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