3 Ways to Enjoy Weed as a Gateway to Serenity and Bliss

How to use weed for bliss

It’s common to enjoy medical marijuana and its recreational high, but did you know you can also use it as a gateway to serenity and to enhance activities that need a tad bit of inspiration and creativity?


In this article, we share some tips on how to use cannabis for serenity and bliss, through meditation, provoking creativity, and with infused cooking.

1 . Meditative Smoking Sessions

Cannabis meditation sessions are a unique way to add the calming effects of cannabis to the calming effects of meditation. In this, you do not just smoke weed for the sake of it but also use it to deepen your meditation experience bringing about a much more serene experience. I recommend choosing strains that are known for their mood-enhancing properties, and strains that aren’t too strong so you don’t lose conscious control of your meditation.


You can search online platforms that sell weed strains to ensure you have the right strain. For example, Huzzah and Eigth Brother are some indica strains that will help enhance mood. You can also visit nexusdelivers.com/ to learn more about such strains and get them delivered to your doorstep according to your taste. The main aim here is to improve the meditative experience while benefiting from your favorite weed strains.


The process is simple; you have to choose a place to meditate with less disturbance. Then, smoke the strains and shift your focus out of your head chatter and into your breathing and your body.  If you prefer high THC strains, it will help you calm the constant chatter in your mind, while CBD will help let go of the stress. So, the next time you are using weed, think of integrating it with a meditation session for a nice gateway into serentiy and bliss.

2. Creative Pursuits Enhanced by Cannabis

Did you know that cannabis has been a muse for artists for a long time now? They have been using it to enhance their creativity and bring their imagination into existence. It is true that if you consume cannabis responsibly, some of its strains can help you increase alertness and perception, and stimulate the brain’s frontal lobe to open your mind to new ideas.


Whether you write, compose, draw, paint, or indulge in any other creative work, weed can help you enhance your thoughts in a very blissful aspect. From my personal experience as an oil painter, the strains do matter and for me, I like a nice Sativa dominant as it doesn’t get my body too lazy to want to paint in the first place. Your body’s response may vary from strain to strain, so experiment with different strains and find the one that helps you diminish self-criticism while sharpening your senses.

3. Marijuana Infused Cooking

What about skipping smoking marijuana and instead infusing your dishes with it? Sounds fancy, right? Well, weed-infused food and drinks are turning into a trend now. What I love about THC-infused drinks is that they have a much faster onset when compared to edibles, last longer than flowers, and are much healthier than smoking and consuming carb-loaded treats.


This allows you to dose much more accurately because you won’t be waiting 2 hours like edibles, or run the risk of getting an edible hangover.


Unlike inhaling weed, THC-infused drinks have a much longer-lasting high, which allows you to feel your medical marijuana strain


And what THC-infused foods, you can elevate the dining experience and turn the whole thing into a serenity-filled evening. THC and CBD in weed work with the ingredients in the dish and create charming flavors.


There is no hard and fast rule to use any specific strain. Instead, I recommend the strains according to your taste and requirements. For example, some like to infuse hybrid stain for a mixed result, while others typically go for THC-high strains to get the psychoactive effect in their body – the choice is entirely up to you!


Interestingly, you can infuse your drinks, make cookies and gummies, or even mix them with butter to create a funky spread for your bread. There is no limit to what dishes you can make with weed. So, use weed to add an adventurous taste to your meals and create a serene experience for yourself and others around you!

Final thoughts

In this article, I discussed three ways to use cannabis for a much more serene experience compared to just a high. By now I hope you understand that the world of marijuana offers a vast landscape of possibilities to play with. From meditation and cannabis to using specific strains to provoke creativity and inspiration, cannabis can be used for happiness not just as a way to escape reality.


But, in all of this, it is important to understand that cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You need to experiment with different strains and then choose the ones that fulfill your requirements. Each individual reacts differently to it, so be responsible with its use and dosage. So, get out there and enjoy the bliss that you create for yourself through marijuana.

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