The Best Pokémon Bongs for any True Pokémon Stoner (2023)

The Best Pokémon Bongs
for Any True Pokémon Stoner (2023)

Written By: Jay Hyung
Bong Engineer

Trying to find a good Pokémon bong is like trying to catch Articuno on Seafoam Island for the first time.

It’s not that easy.

We put together a list of some of the only remaining Pokémon bongs you can find today (2023).

Some of these Pokemon water pipes are one-of-a-kind and handmade, so you can expect some hefty price tags on a few of them.

The best Pokémon bongs
you can buy right now

Pika Pika

Hand Blown
Pokemon Bong

Best Pokémon Bong

Hand Blown
Bulbasaur Bong

Best Price and Design

psyduck bong

Pokémon Stoner's
Dream Pipe

6 of the best Pokémon bongs
you can buy today

Pokémon’s customers range from young kids all the way to full grown adults like me.

You won’t see Nintendo cranking out any Pokémon bongs or supporting the Pokémon stoner community, so we have to rely on hand made art here.

All I can say is – support these artist for bringing our favorite pocket monsters to life!

Here are the top 6 Pokémon bongs of 2023:

A 100% Hand Made
Pikachu Pokemon Bong


American Made Art

Trident Glass is one of the OG’s of glass blowing that survived the nasty raids in 2003 when glass was considered outlawed. Everything you see on this Pokémon bong was hand blown, hand made, and handcrafted.

The price tag is bit hefty but as far as a Pokemon bong goes this bong is adorned with Piachu, Meowth, Charmander, Snorlax, Jiggly Puff, Evee, and even Ash.

A Rare Pokémon Stoner
Product with a Limited Run

Cute Pokémon Bongs


A hand blown Pokémon Bulbasaur bong made by the notorious California artist: Saiyan Glass.

Full disclosure, he only makes one and takes custom orders as well. So definitely check out his work. His Pokémon glass bongs are rare and the price point is very high. If you are looking for one of a kind art this is it!

Cute Pokémon Glass Bongs
with Authentic Heads

psyduck bong

Psyduck Pokemon Bong


While searching for Pokémon bongs I stumbled upon this little gem.

Not only is it affordable the design is probably the best on the list. I would say it’s the first Pokemon water bong that captures the shape and design of the actual Pokemon.

Plus this thing is shatter proof, travel-friendly, and extremely affordable.

This is the perfect gift for any Psychic Pokemon lovers, or Generation 1 Pokemon fans.

Pokeball Glass Bong
For the Minimalist Look

The Perfect Pipe for Cornering


The official “Pokebong”. This Pokemon glass bong keeps things simple with the classic beaker shape. The Pokeball design is classic and timeless and the price point here is great as well.

The design wasn’t enough for me to personally purchase this but I thought I would include this for a more minimalist option as far as Pokémon aesthetics go.

A Pokémon Recycler Bong
with an Ultra Smooth Rip

Best Smoking Pokémon Bong


If you care more about your Pokémon water pipe functions over design, Glass City released a powerful Pokémon Recycler bong.

Equipped with a Pokeball inline diffuser and made from the highest quality borosilicate glass. For an ultra-smooth rip, premium recycling filtration, and a decent price tag we think this product is perfect for any Pokémon stoners out there.

Mew Bong for the
Psychic Pokémon Stoner

pokemon water pipe

Snorlax Pokémon Bong


Another one-of-a-kind hand-blown Pokémon Mew bong made by the notorious California artist: Saiyan Glass.

Full disclosure, he only makes one and takes custom orders as well. So definitely check out his work. 

Perfect for any one that is a fan of the legendary 151 Pokemon Mew.

Squirtle Bong for the
Water Pokémon Stoner

squirtle bong

A Pokémon Stoner's Dream


Who doesn’t love Squirtle?

Here is another hand-made Pokemon bong by Saiyan glass with a cut scrunch-faced Squirtle.

Full disclosure, he only makes one and takes custom orders as well. So definitely check out his work. 

The color and expression is spot here and this is the perfect Pokemon water pipe for any water Pokemon lovers.

Why are Pokemon
bongs so hard to find?

As I mentioned above, Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures have no plans of releasing any Pokémon Bongs and that’s because their primary audience are children.

This is fair, but what about all the hundreds of thousands of generation 1-3 fans that are now dubbed “Pokémon stoners”?

Pokemon the company won’t be releasing any cannabis products anytime soon, so we have to rely fully on the few bold companies willing to try to make them.

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The Fumed Pokémon
Glass Bong Review

Stoner pokemon

We didn’t actually buy this product to test but  I’ve reviewed plenty of bongs and we can talk about some of the features without testing it.

So before you shell out $369.99 (the current price) let’s talk about design.

I believe the design here kept true Pokemon fans at heart. You get 7 Pokemon-themed millies, with Evee, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Mew, Ash, Meowth, and many more.

This is still, by far, the best out of all the Pokémon bongs out there on the market if you factor price in as well for 2023.

The only catch: There is only 1.

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How Did This Pokémon Water Pipe Smoke?

This is 100% hand made. You can tell from the tiny details this stoner Pokemon bong has like the tiny bubbles and the ergo grip in the center.

The ergo grip does also act as an ice notch (for more information check out our Ice bong page).

But essentially before you light up, you can drop ice cubes and try to get it locked in the notch. This helps cool the smoke down for a more comfortable smoking experience so this is a plus!

There is a nice long down stem here, which acts as a filtration device alongside the ability to add ice in the neck you can get a very smooth smoke here!

Is it worth the heavy price tag? Just depends how much you love Pikachu!

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Pokémon Stoner Spotlight:
The Psyduck Silicone Bong

Psyduck Pokemon Bong

I freaking love this Psyduck pipe.

I get a ton of compliments at the office every day.

Yes, this will be the first pipe you ever own that you will display proudly.

Plus I love silicone bongs because they are cleaner then glass.

Pokemon Stoners Rejoice!
It's All in the Details

Finally, a full Pokemon bong that actually has the dimensions and proportions correct.

No matter how great glass is you can’t get very authentic-looking shapes or colors.

Only silicone can pull off colors and art and this is the first Pokemon water pipe that actually looks like the Pokemon.

In this case Psyduck. So Pokemon fans rejoice, we may be seeing more authentic-style Pokemon silicone bongs soon. Fingers crossed!

Medical Grade Silicone:
Better Art and Cleaner than Glass

Only medical grade silicone can capture the authentic details that glass cannot.

Also …

Platinum medical grade silicone is so clean it harbors no microbiocidal growth, meaning it’s much cleaner and healthier to use than a glass bong.

Glass harbors tons of diseases in the bong water and it’s something I try to be more vocal about.

When you can, try to go waterless and if you have to choose between glass or silicone, silicone is much healthier to smoke from – long term.

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Hand Made Bulbasaur
Pokémon Bong Review

Pokémon stoner

Saiyan Glass is a well known glass blowing legend.

He started small, his original work is – meh. But boy did he improve.

Glass blowing is honestly not the best medium to capture very great details. But luckily Pokémon have very little details and some can be made into glass.

There are a lot of artist out there but for now this is the best I found making true form Pokémon bongs.

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This Pokemon Glass Bong
Is Really Expensive ...

This Bulbasaur Pokemon bong is a whopping $1,749.00. 

It’s tiny, and you may think the price tag is too high and it definitely was for me.

The truth is it’s art. If you buy this you are buying one of a kind glass blown art.

You can visit his Instagram where he drops all his latest projects that any Pokémon stoner would love.

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Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Pokémon Bongs

The journey to find the best Pokémon bongs was a daring one. Tons of Alibaba Pokémon glass bong knock offs (cheap cheap) and everything else on the internet was sold out.

A Pokémon water pipe is hard to come by and the ones in the list, most of them are way over priced and the art just isn’t up to par. I can seriously say, if you are a Pokémon stoner fan and you want something that will satisfy your soul, I definitely say go for Toy Pipes because they are the only product from this list I bought and I am patiently waiting for all their next stoner Pokémon drops.

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