What is a Weed Pipe and the Pros and Cons 2023

What is a weed pipe and the pros and cons

When it comes to smoking weed for the first time, a weed pipe is everyone’s go-to device. Why? Because they’re simple, easy to use, and packs a punch when needed.

But precisely what is a weed pipe?

A weed pipe (sometimes called a “spoon pipe”) is a handheld pipe used for smoking ground cannabis herbs. Weed pipes are popular because of their simplistic design: you have a bowl for placing your dry herbs, a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke, and a carburetor to clear the pipe’s chamber of smoke.

what is a weed pipe

In this article, we go over the pros and cons of a spoon pipe, variations, and costs, and compare them to popular alternatives such as bongs, steamrollers, and chillums.

Are weed pipes good for beginners?

Yes, weed pipes are good for beginners because there are fewer steps and no water when compared to bongs and bubblers. The strength of a pipe’s hit is also weaker than a bong, making it a great starting place for those with lower tolerance that want to feel the full effects of their strain, but not go overboard.

If you are considering smoking weed, a pipe is one of the best options because they are usually a fraction of the cost of bongs. That doesn’t mean pipes are the best device on the market for cannabis, they are just the best introductory device.

There is a slight learning curve when using the carburetor but you can check out our full visual guide on how to smoke a bowl for the first time, for a full walk-through with using a pipe.

What are the benefits of weed pipes?

benefits of a weed pipe

The benefits of a weed pipe are affordability, they smell less than bongs, require no water, have fewer bacteria because they are waterless, and are much easier to clean. Another benefit cannabis pipes have other handheld devices like chillums, is the carb hole allows you to increase the strength of your hit when needed.

I have dozens of different cannabis smoking apparatuses at home, and if I had a long day and I don’t feel like setting up my bong or dab rig, a weed pipe is the fastest and easiest way I can get my smoke on. 

They smell less, are easy to hide (they can fit easily into any weed stash box), are easy to travel with, and they are extremely affordable.

What are the cons?

The biggest complaint users have with pipes is their harshness. Spoon pipes do not offer water filtration, so the smoke can be much hotter. Hotter smoke can lead to harsher hits and even coughing. Cannabis pipes tend to be much smaller, and the less distance your smoke has to travel the less time the hot smoke has to cool down.

Another downside of pipes is they tend to get dirtier quicker because of their size. So if you smoke every day, expect to clean your pipe at least twice a month at minimum.

Check out our guide on how to clean a weed pipe to remove all the stubborn resin from the interior.

Pro-tip: The cannabis industry has progressed tremendously over the last five years, and now you can find pipes that use patented technology such as frozen glycerin or extended mazes which helps the smoke to cool down tremendously before reaching your lungs. The result is a much smoother smoking experience, but these premium pipes tend to cost a bit more but are well worth it.

You can see our testing on these amazing no-cough pipes on our best weed pipes list.

What's the difference between a weed pipe and a bong?

The two most popular ways to smoke cannabis are undoubtedly with a bong or a pipe, when it comes to borosilicate glass.

The difference between a pipe and a bong is big, as both provide entirely different and unique experiences. A weed pipe does not use water or filtration, and the hits are usually half the strength of a bong. Smoking from a pipe is faster, less harsh, and also easier than a bong.

Why use a bong: Most people switch from a cannabis pipe to a bong when the pipe no longer delivers strong enough hits to get them the same level of high. Bongs are meant to deliver much stronger hits known as “bong rips” but there are far more steps and maintenance compared to pipes.

Why use a pipe: if you are new to smoking weed, have a low to medium tolerance, and want a device that has the least steps and maintenance but at the same time is versatile through the carburetor. Pipes are easier to store, clean, and smoke, but don’t deliver as strong of a hit as a “bong rip” would.

Read our full guide on the differences between a weed pipe and a bong.

Cost of a weed pipe

Marijuana pipes generally have a wide range of prices and that’s because quality, branding, design, and features all influence the price. Typically the cost of a pipe can go as low as $5 and up to $100, with the industry average being $30 for a standard quality pipe.

I tend to pick the higher quality pipes because they solve some huge issues for me such as coughing fits due to my asthma. You can check out our guide on weed pipe cost for a closer look at the different tiers of pricing for pipes.

Different styles of weed pipes

The world of pipes can get a bit confusing as there are now various sub-categories to handheld pipes that caters to very specific demographics. Here are all of the following types of pipes:

  • Chillums: Smalles pipe meant for stealth, microdosing, and small hits (see our best chillums)
  • Spoon pipes: standard glass pipe with bowl and carb, great for beginners
  • Bubblers: a glass pipe with a water filtration base for cooler hits (see our best bubblers list)
  • Hammer Bubblers: the same as a bubbler but with more water capacity (see our best hammer bubblers list).
  • Steamrollers: a glass pipe with a much stronger carburetor for stronger hits (see our best steamroller pipes)

For a full breakdown of the above pipe styles – pros and cons – check out our visual guide on different types of weed pipes.

Final Thoughts

Jake Dela Cruz

Jake Dela Cruz

Organic cultivator

My name is Jake Dela Cruz and I’m an organic cannabis cultivator, so not only do I grow my own weed I’m also smoking smoking daily from a bowl. A weed pipe is one of the most iconic cannabis smoking devices, popular for its simplicity, speed, and size. The carburetor is the key feature that makes the spoon pipe popular because it allows you to introduce airflow, pushing the smoke into your lungs in one powerful burst.

In this article, we discussed what is a weed pipe and the many pros and cons of a pipe, and the key differences between a bong and a pipe. If you are brand new to smoking weed, I couldn’t recommend a better device than a pipe. A cannabis pipe is a great way to start learning how to smoke and as your skills and tolerance increase you can use the carburetor to adjust your needs, making it a very versatile product, even though it is so beginner-friendly.

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