Gas Mask Bong

When it comes to a gas mask bong, besides Seth Rogan’s band of roommates in the movie “Knocked Up” we haven’t seen much as far as how they work and how great they are. Our team of cannabis experts have strapped their face into numerous gas mask bongs so you can find the absolute best.

It may come as a surprise but gas mask bongs are an absolute delight as they waste no smoke and no THC and that means you get more high out of less flower. This is an awesome combination and solution for savvy smokers.

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Best Gas Mask Bong and Deals

If you are looking for the best gas mask bong you have come to the right place. We have tested many mask and have found what we believe to be the best gas mask bongs and the best deals you can find from trusted online head shops. Browse through our research so you can find the best gas mask bong for your custom needs.

Learn More About Gas Mask Bongs

The gas mask bong is unique and very different than many other bongs. Learn everything there is to know about these special mask bongs, how they function, best practices, so you can have the best experience with your own gas mask bong. We break down how well the adjustable strap works, if no smoke is truly wasted, and just how much higher you can get with a rip from a bong gas mask.

So Why Choose a Gas Mask Bong?

If you are looking to add fun to your part or  you just want to taking your smoking sesh to the next level, then the gas mask bong is definitely for you. When smoking from a typical bong, not all the smoke is inhaled which results in inefficient smoking. The gas mask bong solves this issue by trapping all the smoke and THC inside of the mask, making it mandatory you clear it all. It’s a great gift, an awesome laugh, and an amazing high.

Learn Why Gas Mask Bongs Are Great

At first glance you may think the gas mask bong is just a novelty item or a gag gift, but the reality is these are great and functional smoking devices. You may not want to strap this on in the car for a joy ride, but in the privacy of your home this is a great option. If you are the conscious smoker and want to get the most bang for your buck, the gas mask bong helps you save money by getting higher on less weed. Check out some of the other great reasons you should choose a gas mask bong:

Adjustable Straps

Gas mask bongs generally come with an adjustable strap so you can fit the mask to your comfort. You want to get the mask tight enough where no smoke escapes, but you also don’t want it too tight as blood flow to the brain is important. The straps allows for any adult to use the mask, so in essence: one size fits all.

No Smoke is Wasted

The best benefit of the gas mask bong is that it forces you to smoke everything that you pulled from the bong. Next time you smoke from a regular bong you will notice there is always wasted smoke that rises to the air. The gas mask bong holds all that lovely THC potential for you to inhale through the mask with no possibility of escape. This is great if you want to get the maximum high from your weed.

You Get Higher than High

Since you are not letting any smoke escape you do, in fact, get much higher. Gas mask bongs give you an increased % of THC simply because you are not wasting any smoke. You can get high off less which is always great for your wallet.

Why Trust Our Research with Gas Mask Bongs

Testing the gas mask bong was fun for our entire team. We spent hours testing different strains and different gas mask to find out just which one is the best. We made sure to compare the hits against normal bongs and even high end power bongs. Our reasearch tested the functionality of straps, how the smoke was contained, if any smoke leaked, and also how comfortable of an experience it was.

We also reached out to many people via hashtags on social media to find out how their gas mask bong has held up over a 6 month and 12 month period. Not only that we went over 100 reviews to find out all the praises and complaints about each gas mask bong so you don’t have to.


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