DC Weed – How to Buy Weed in DC Safely in 2023

DC Weed - How to Buy Weed in DC Safely in 2023

(New to Buying Weed in DC? We Built the Complete Guide)

DC weed is now legal, but take that with a grain of salt.

As a DC resident for over 20 years, I have seen all the beautiful changes in the DC marijuana market.

Initiative 71 is the law that brought about the explosion of DC recreational dispensaries and DC weed delivery businesses. The only catch is the I71 law does not allow for sales of recreational weed in DC – so is weed legal in DC, really?

Keep reading to see the best Washington DC recreational dispensaries and learn everything you need to know about how DC locals buy weed in DC safely with no medical marijuana card.

Where to Get Weed in DC 2023

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Best Weed in DC

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Best DC Smoke Shops

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DC Weed Delivery

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  • Safe Weed Delivery in DC
  • Premium Indoor + Organic Flowers

Want to Learn How to Buy, Weed Laws, and More?

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Why Trust Our Research? We have worked with many of the most popular DC recreational dispensaries in helping with their branding, development, and deployment through cannabis SEO. With over 5 years of experience since Initiative 71 first was passed, we understand the DC marijuana market and how to buy weed in DC safely. If you are wondering where to buy pot in DC this guide will break everything down.

We were careful which DC marijuana storefront to work with as many operations were running very shady tactics such as advertising premium flower such as ice cream cake strain but delivering dry outdoors (known as Reggie).

From our four years working with DC smoke shops and weed deliveries in DC, we have simply, over time, found the best of the best. All recommendations are because we know the business, staff, and quality of products to be the best of weed in DC for any DC recreational dispensary. 

Our recommendations come from the first-hand experience as we know the quality of DC cannabis, where the cannabis is coming from (DC grown or imported), and we understand which businesses actually put the customer experience first.

While we know which Washington DC weed stores to work with, each month we pay a visit to the storefront to make sure each recreational dispensary DC brand is still holding quality.

Washington DC Recreational Dispensaries - Best of 2023

Finding the best Washington DC smoke shop isn’t always easy.

When searching for a DC smoke shop you generally start by looking at their I71 compliant flower menu, right? The photos always look amazing, you purchase your free cannabis gift, and once you get home you quickly find out that the DC marijuana you bought isn’t what was advertised. 

The simple truth is there are a lot of DC weed stores, but not a lot of great ones. Most Washington DC smoke shops are selling “reggies” which is the DC slang for mediocre weed. Luckily, I have taken the time to visit the majority of these DC smoke shops to find the best and revisited just to make sure that customer services and products stayed consistently up to par.

(Verified Brands - No Medical Card Required)

Most Trusted Washington DC Weed Store Front

Gifted Curators DC


Gifted Curators is one of the first I71 compliant Washington DC cannabis storefronts. The only DC weed store with over 2,000 five-star reviews. This is for good reason, their beautiful shop is located in the heart of Adams Morgan and they have one of the most expansive menus we have ever seen. The strains are top-notch LA dispensary quality, and the best thing about Gifted Curators is every month they have brand new fresh strains.

Best Recreational Dispensary in Washington DC

VIP Peace

Gift Givers DC


Gift Givers offers one of the easiest online ordering process with walk-in, delivery, and even curbside pick up. One of the most trusted DC recreational weed brands is 100% I71 compliant and gifts in DC, MD, and VA.  The customer experience, cannabis quality, and prices have been spot on every time we ordered they deserve a spot as #2 best smoke shop in DC.

Best Cannabis in DC - Legacy DC

Legacy DC


It’s been a long time coming and Legacy DC has finally opened! The Legacy in NYC is one of the most trusted brands in the big apple and their DC weed store is nothing but amazing. You’ll walk into a beautiful street art gallery with a rustic and modern vibe. They offer premium strains like Purple Punch for only $50 and top-shelf cannabis. Definitely check Legacy DC out.

The Difference Between DC Smoke Shops and Dispensaries in Washington DC

So what is a DC smoke shop exactly? And if recreational weed is not legal in DC then what the heck is a DC dispensary recreational?

To answer your question they are one in the same, but a brief history of the DC cannabis market will help you understand better.

Washington DC Head Shops (or smoke shops) are actual brick-and-mortar locations that sell recreational marijuana.

Correction, they do not technically “sell”. Using the Initiative 71 law they found a unique loophole. The law states you can gift marijuana legally, and DC residents birthed the “gifting market”.

So what they do is sell you a certain item such as a t-shirt, art print, digital download, sticker, for what price the weed would be, and then “gift” you the DC weed. 

Clever, huh?

When you are visiting DC smoke shops you can often visit their website and purchase online and pick up in-store. The purchasing process is a bit unique because you technically have to purchase the item (such as a sticker at inflated prices) and once that transaction goes through then you select what marijuana gift to pick up.

When ordering in-store you want to make sure you have the proper I71 verbiage down. If you don’t you will totally spook out the store and they will not sell to you. To learn how to properly order DC weed in a smoke shop click to skip below to learn how to buy weed in DC.

As stores first initially opened up in 2019 everyone held their breaths waiting to see how the DC mayor, police, local law enforcement would respond. The chief of police in DC announced that this was not a concern and over the years the “DC gifting shops” that were once called smoke shops are now slowly accepted as Washington DC recreational dispensaries.

Weed Delivery DC - Best of 2023 Verified

I’ll be completely honest, I know a ton of people in DC and Northern Virginia. The fastest way to get scammed when buying DC weed is by ordering DC weed delivery services.

I hear horror stories all the time from my friends.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good delivery services for marijuana in DC. But there are just way too many scams opening up all over Where’s Weed and Weed Maps which makes those larger sites much less safe to work with.

Luckily for you, the list of 420 delivery services in Washington DC I have are all 100% legit. The drivers are so nice you feel like you got weed delivered by a Chic fila employee. Check out these top-rated DC cannabis delivery services (some also function as Washington DC recreational dispensaries as well).

(Verified Delivery Brands - No Medical Card Required)

Royale Dankness DC Marijuana Delivery

Royal Dankness


Royale Dankness DC is easily one of the best marijuana delivery services in the city with their inflation busters menu with extremely affordable deals daily. There delivery time is from 30 minutes to one hour and you must have a photo of your ID and selfie as a first time customer.  Royale Dankness has rooted themselves as one of the most trusted 420 brands where simplicity is key. Text your order anytime from 8 am to 6 pm with one of the lowest delivery fees at $10!

Peace in The Air DC Cannabis Delivery Service

Washington dc weed delivery

Peace in the Air


Peace in The Air I71 Delivery has been known to carry quite an extensive menu with their premium flowers to their delicious mouthwatering cannabis-edibles. With great service and so much to choose from, you are bound to find something that you will love. They are also a storefront but offer a fast delivery service for those in need of some of the city’s top-grade cannabis products.  

Fat Budz DC Weed Delivery

dc weed delivery

Fat Budz DC


Fat Budz has been one of the original DC weed delivery brands in the game and have built a large and trusted following. Fat Budz carries premium quality buds (with different price tiers know as Octanes), concentrates, edibles,  shrooms, and cartridges.

What we loved about this delivery service was it was one of the best in DC for price conscious orders known as “inflation buster” deals!  If you’re looking to buy weed in DC, they are a reliable, safe, and trustworthy cannabis delivery service that won’t let you down. 

How Does DC Weed Delivery Work?

So how does getting weed delivered in DC really look like? If your working with big brands such as Cloud 9 they have delivery apps where you can track your drivers.

Most often you call in an order and they have you send a picture of your ID. This is to protect their drivers from robberies. You then select a time and date, and good DC cannabis delivery services have general locations for the pickup that is safe. 

Average waiting times can be 1 hour but if you are tracking your driver you can just show up when you see the driver is moving. Once your weed delivery driver shows up, you want to hand them the cash in exchange for the goods. You can ask for them to give you a second to take a look at the bud to make sure you are satisfied.

Pro-tip: Protect yourself from scammers by never ordering from a weed delivery DC business with zero reviews or no recommendations. Only take recommendations from trusted sites that actually tested the services like Cannassentials, Gentleman’s Toker, and Urban Aroma.

Best DC Dispensaries

There are currently 7 medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington DC. A DC medical marijuana card is required in order to buy directly from DC Dispensaries.

While prices may be a bit higher than recreational weed in DC, you can at least not worry about quality and scams when purchasing marijuana through a DC weed dispensary. Also, DC medical marijuana goes through a stringent process of approval to vet their weed for mold, toxins, and so much more.

If you are suffering from medical conditions it’s nice as well to know that the cannabis is tested for potency in medical properties such as CBD.

For the 22 million tourists that pass through a year, your best bet is ordering weed through a recreational DC smoke shop or DC weed delivery, because you will need to be a DC resident to buy medical marijuana here.

Not to be confused with DC weed stores, DC smoke shops, or DC recreational dispensaries. All three of those are one and the same and do not require an MMJ card. A DC medical marijuana dispensary requires a card and you can get very consistent medical marijuana. For alll other recreational dispensaries in DC you do not need a medical card.

This is of course one of the safest was to purchase marijuana in Washington DC. If it’s your first time at a DC dispensary this guide on weed measurements will break it all down for you.

Takoma Wellness Center DC Medical Dispensary

dc medical marijuana

Takoma Wellness


Takoma Wellness Center has been around since 2013 and has really made a name for themselves with their remarkable service and products. They have been known to carry some of the city’s highest-grade medical cannabis. With such great service and knowledge of their products, we highly recommend taking a trip to this DC smoke shop when considering your next purchase of cannabis in our nations capital.

Capital City Care DC Medical Dispensary

Capital City Care


Capital City Care has been serving patients all around the city with its premium cannabis products. Capital City Care is a wonderful medical cannabis dispensary that offers patients professionalism and high-grade marijuana. They have been recognized for their wide menu of tinctures, topicals, edibles, pre-rolls, and even cannabis extracts for all you concentrate lovers out there. If you have a medical card and are in need of exceptional quality cannabis, you can be confident Capital City Care is here for you.

National Holistic Healing Center DC Medicinal Dispensary

dc disepnsary

National Holistic Healing


National Holistic Healing Center has been providing patients with severe and chronic illnesses with some of the highest quality medical-grade cannabis. With frequent repeat customers and happy guests, they are quickly gaining popularity in the medicinal world of cannabis. If you have a med card and are looking to buy weed in DC, take a trip to the Healing Center.

DC Medical Marijuana VS DC Recreational Dispensaries

There was a time where the medical dispensaries had the best marijuana in town, and that was that.

Now you can expect local dealers and Washington DC recreational dispensaries to have weed that is just as good as the medical dispensaries. So if you don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy weed in DC, and the cannabis is just as good if not better – what’s the point in DC dispensaries?

Keep in mind all this AAA DC weed is coming from growing operations in California, New York, and other major cities. The cannabis is not regulated which means during the growing process your cannabis may be subject to

  • Powdery Mildew
  • Mold
  • Eagle 22 (toxic pesticide)

From my experience with unlicensed grow operations in California, almost every warehouse had these three issues. They went ahead and bagged up over 2,000 pounds of cannabis and distributed them nationwide. So as far as medical-grade marijuana in DC, you are getting the safest and cleanest smoke. 

When you are thinking recreational dispensaries in DC you are paying for convenience with no application, no medical cards, and of course much shorter lines. Medical you are paying for safety and not necessarily a high-quality smoke but a much better-processed bud with a regulation on pesticides.

How to Buy Weed in DC (Updated 2023)

how to buy weed in dc

So can anyone buy weed in DC? 

Yes, but it requires certain verbiage to learn how to buy weed in Washington DC properly.

It doesn’t take long for you to be a pro at ordering weed in DC. I’ll go over some very important things you need to understand such as what “gifting” means and also the proper verbiage to buy marijuana in DC.

Think of it as a secret code you use that lets the Washington DC recreational dispensaries know that you are not a narc.

I’ll also go over examples step by step so you really understand all the curveballs and so you make sure you actually get the DC weed you want. Let’s dive right into learning how to buy weed in DC!

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Understanding What Gifting Weed and I71 Compliancy Is

"Knowing how to buy weed in DC properly is the difference between you getting escorted out or coming out with some fire DC cannabis"

So what in the world is “gifting weed” in DC mean?

To understand what gifting is you first have to understand the law Initiative 71 which was passed February 26, 2015 – also known as Prop 71.

The law allows for DC residents 21 years or older to grow a certain amount of cannabis plants, and for residents to gift each other cannabis or DC THC products. But nowhere in the law does it allow for the purchase of recreational marijuana in DC.

So as to this date, recreational marijuana is still illegal in DC – crazy right? I know you are wondering how in the world are all these DC weed delivery and DC recreational dispensaries selling weed in DC, right?

Well, the keyword in the law was that residents were allowed to “gift” marijuana. So the DC ever-innovative DC community created a powerful loophole in which they sold an item such as a t-shirt, art print, or sticker for the same price as the marijuana. Once you purchased this item then you received the weed as a gift.

Law enforcement decided not to pursue this matter and let the DC residents purchase recreational marijuana this way just as long as they “gifted”. So when you are trying to buy weed in DC make sure you are referring to marijuana always as a “gift”.

But there is a lot to ordering weed in DC as far as verbiage goes. Let’s take a deeper look into this in the next section.

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Learning I71 Lingo for Proper Verbiage

how to order weed in dc

Verbiage is everything when ordering cannabis in DC.

Remember, most DC smoke shops and weed delivery businesses are trying to stay safe legally. If you come into their store trying to buy weed outright this is illegal and you not only jeopardize yourself but their store as well. It’s common for law enforcement to pose as undercovers and walk into these DC weed stores to try to test their verbiage when ordering.

Whether you are ordering from a DC weed delivery business or a DC Head Shop the rules are the same. Start by asking to see their “I71 Gift Menu“.

This is one of the best ways to start the conversation! It’s letting them know you know that you are ordering a gift.

Here is an example of how a conversation will go:

Buyer: “Hi I would like to see your I71 Gift Menu Please”

DC Smoke Shop: “sure here are all our gifts”

Buyer: “Ok I would like to buy this $70 art print and take this 8th of Tropicana Cookies as my gift”

DC Smoke Shop: “Sure no problem let me ring you up for this art print first”

Notice the unique verbiage there? You have to always refer to the marijuana as a gift and the item (sticker, art print, etc) as the item you are purchasing.

If you are confused about what item is attached to what gift you can always ask. For example, you can say: “I am looking to buy your art print but which art print do I purchase to get a free 8th gift?”

Once you have the lingo down, buying weed in DC isn’t that hard. For those of you, that really want to explore all curveballs and unique striations keep reading the next section.

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How to Buy Marijuana in DC Step by Step

There are a lot of ways to buy weed in DC. From DC Weed Delivery to DC smoke shops (DC dispensaries recreational), and even oddballs like pop up shops. In this section, I’m going to show you how to do it whether it is online or in-store! 

Scan through this section to find the situation that best fits you!

How to Order Online DC Weed Delivery

  1. Visit the website you want to order your DC pot from (see our recommended DC weed Delivery services)
  2. Select their gift menu. Some gift menus show flowers directly with a price and some are more conservative showing an item to purchase that matches with a cannabis gift.
  3. Choose the item you want to purchase that is linked with the marijuana gift and add it to the cart and check out!
  4. Some websites are set up to not charge you until you meet in person. They will give you an email or text to tell you to come into the store for the pickup.
  5. Make sure you bring your ID to prove you are 21 years or older.

How to Order  in Person at a DC Smoke Shop

  1. Find a trusted DC smoke shop to visit such as the ones recommended and verified above.
  2. Call to make sure the store is open and make sure you have your ID to prove you are 21 years old.
  3. Go to the store and when you are up with the budtender ask them to see their I71 compliant gift menu.
  4. Once you see what DC weed you want on their menu you can simply ask: “what do I need to purchase to receive this free marijuana gift” and the budtender will point you in the right direction.
  5. Oftentimes DC weed stores only sell one time item like an art print so you would say “what art print comes with this free 8th of Blue Dream”?

Once you know how to purchase cannabis in Washington DC it actually is very easy. You feel comfortable when ordering and so does the Washington DC recreational dispensary serving you.

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Can Tourist Buy Pot in Washington DC?

There is 24 million tourists traveling through DC every year and the numbers are rising.

As a tourist, you generally don’t qualify for a DC medical marijuana card. So tourists that want to catch a nice THC buzz are left with few options for purchasing mamajuana in DC. 

Luckily the gifting community for weed in DC is the perfect way for tourists to buy weed in our nation’s capital.

All the same, steps apply as mentioned above, you just need to find a trusted dc smoke shop or trusted dc weed delivery service. Once you have that follow the proper verbiage and you are good to go to order!

But remember if you plan on flying home with your weed, that is an entirely different story! My best advice is to smoke all your precious goods in DC and just grab some more the next time you come.

It won’t be long until your state is going to legalize marijuana eventually, right?

Pro-Tip: Remember when DC speaks of DC weed stores, head shops, smoke shops, or Washington DC recreational dispensaries they are all one and the same operating under the “DC gifting laws” of Initiative 71. If it is a DC medical marijuana facility then you will need a medical card.

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3 Things to Avoid When Trying to Buy Cannabis in DC

For all you extra careful folks out there that want to make sure you do not get into any legal issues, this section is for you!

The three major things to avoid when buying weed in DC is:

1. Never ever order from a DC weed store or DC cannabis delivery that has no reviews on google. This is the fastest way to get scammed!

2.Don’t ever trust the pictures on Where’s Weed and Weed Maps. Those directories never verify stores as we do. We get to know the owners and actually walk into the stores and order the weed, and yes we smoke the hell out of it. If you want safe options for buying weed make sure to see our recommended list of trusted DC weed vendors.

3. When ordering outside of a DC recreational dispensaries (such as meeting a driver up for weed delivery in DC), do not ever pull out a wad of cash. Keep your wallet or purse out of sight and have only the cash in your hand. This is best practice if you do decide to order from a delivery service that we have not recommended. Again, I have heard a lot of horror stories from friends and you can google about them too.

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Legal Updates on Buying DC Marijuana 1/02/2023

The law clearly states that anyone in DC can:

“Transfer 1 ounce of weed or less of marijuana to another person who is at least 21 years old, so long as there is no payment made or any other type of exchange of goods or services;” – DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Because of this law, so many DC marijuana shops are popping up, claiming to be recreational when in fact recreational is still legal.

So how are DC residents expected to purchase marijuana without a medical card?

“Home cultivation is permitted of up to 3 mature plants or 6 mature plants in a household with multiple adults who are 21 and over. Up to one ounce of marijuana can be shared so long as there is no exchange of money, goods, or services.” –DC Mayor

We can hardly expect residents to grow their own marijuana, so the gifting market exploded as stores sell t-shirts, art prints, stickers, and gift you marijuana for free – as this abides by the Initiative 71 laws.

Because the gifting market provides for a large % of marijuana sales in DC, District Police Chief Robert Contee stated: “many have taken on a mindset that marijuana is not really a big issue in our city.”

The Chief of Police in DC went on further to mention all of the robberies and shootings that happen because of this “grey market”.

You can avoid all of these issues by only going to trusted gifting suppliers that operate fully within the Initiative 71 legal boundaries.

Interestingly enough, Queen Adesuyi went on to say: “The police chief wants to blame cannabis for the violence of the unregulated market when the blame should be aimed at U.S. senators who have continued to prevent D.C. Council and the Executive from implementing regulation and other reforms that aid in both public health and safety,” – Queen Adesuyi, Drug Policy Alliance

The struggle to fully legalize DC marijuana on a recreational level is finally starting to see some light as a house of subcommittee approved a large-scale funding bill that prevents banks from being punished for working with cannabis businesses – which will ultimately allow for DC to have a legal marijuana market.

So let’s take a closer look at how the gifting community works and how to purchase your marijuana safely in DC.

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DC Weed Laws - Initiative 71, Loopholes, and More

DC weed laws are tricky!

You have hundreds of DC weed shops and delivery services available so at first glance you would think recreational marijuana is legal in DC.

But it’s not.

The only true legal weed in DC is the one you purchase with a medical marijuana card. But that takes time and money and I guess we can just say DC residents are impatient!

Let’s break down just how people (residents and tourists) are buying recreational weed in DC legally and break down the laws so you understand that buying recreational weed in DC is actually pretty easy and completely safe.

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Is Weed Legal in DC or am I Missing Something?

is weed legal in dc

Is weed legal in DC? Yes and no. What an annoying answer I know but after you read this section you’ll understand why.

Initiative 71 was passed to legalize recreational weed but the law did not allow DC residents to buy weed in DC. So the only option was for you to grow your own cannabis in DC.

Growing cannabis takes a lot of work, money, and you most likely won’t get your harvest right for the first year or two. That’s a tremendous learning and financial curve that just is a bit too much to ask for when you can go down the street and purchase from a dealer.

So the clever residents of DC figured out a loophole in the Initiative 71 law. The law states that you can gift up to an ounce of weed. With that miracle sentence in the law, DC smoke shops began emerging selling items such as art print, t-shirt, sticker for the price of weed, and then gifting the weed.

The Chief of police in DC made a statement that they will not be pursuing this “gifting market”. So in legal terms, when you purchase marijuana in DC through this loophole, technically you are buying weed legally, but you need to think more than you are “receiving weed legally” – because ultimately the weed was a gift.

So is weed legal in DC? Not really. Can you obtain weed legally in DC through the I71 loohope – hell yes!

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Initiative 71 - Understanding this Wonderful Law

Initiative 7

In 1998 Initiative 59 was passed allowing those with serious illnesses such as fatal diseases to use medical marijuana as a treatment.

Fast forward 20 years later, Initiative 71 also known as “Prop 71” won the vote by 70% legalizing recreational marijuana in DC.

The issue was in the intricacy of this law. Initiative 71 allows DC residents to grow cannabis for recreational usage but did not legalize the sales of recreational marijuana. So as far as recreational cannabis is concerned it’s technically illegal to buy weed in DC this way.

This left residents in DC with only the option of growing their own weed.

And DC wasn’t having that.

As mentioned above, this is how the gifting community was created. Initiative 71 states that you can gift up to an ounce to any other DC resident. You cannot trade, barter, or sell, you have to gift.

So DC smoke shops and weed delivery in DC began selling merchandise such as art or stickers and then gifted the weed. 

So it would look something like you buying a $70 sticker but you get gifted an 8th of DC weed.

If you are ready to buy weed in DC, we recommend you learn how to order correctly with proper verbiage.

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DC Marijuana Laws - Everythng you Can Do or Shouldn't Do

As far as DC weed laws go, sometimes it’s best if you understand fully what you can and what you cannot do. Scan this list so you get a full understanding.

  1. It is now legal for adults 21 years or older to possess up to two ounces or less of marijuana.
  2. You can also grow weed in your primary residence (6 plants with only 3 in vegetative and 3 in flowering) – Click to skip below to learn more.
  3. You can transfer up to one ounce or less as long as no money, goods, or services are exchanged and the recipient is at least 21 years old.
  4. You can only consume cannabis in DC on private property.
  5. Federal property is still illegal to smoke weed in DC (click below to learn where to smoke weed in DC)
  6. You cannot smoke in public even if the car is stopped.

Here is a list of some penalties and fines if you were to violate any of the DC weed laws.

  • You can face up to 6days in jail or a $500 fine if you are arrested for smoking or consuming cannabis in DC public areas.
  • If you sell marijuana you can face up to 6 months in jail or a $1,000 fine for a first offense.
  • Business owners that allow people to use marijuana can lose their business license and their certificate of occupancy.

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Rider Lift for Legal Recreational DC Weed Sales

A long-standing rider has been placed over DC for quite some time now, blocking the city from allocating any budget to the legalization and regulation of marijuana sales.

This rider was why the city of DC reacted with marijuana sales through the I71 gifting market.

The Appropriations committee set out new legislation to omit the rider, which goes directly against President Biden’s wishes.

What this means is that DC will soon allow for the sales of recreational weed in DC. What does this mean for I71 gifting shops?

For starters, many of the gifting stores will become recreational weed storefronts and the need for gifting will slowly fade. This means a much easier process for residents buying weed in DC and for businesses much less legal pressure with law enforcement.

You will be able to purchase marijuana in DC without a medical card at any recreational DC dispensary. DC weed events will also be able to take place with much fewer legal constraints.

Truly an exciting shift in the DC cannabis market. 

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Where to Smoke Weed in DC, Growing, and Medical Card

Smoking weed in DC and the topic of DC weed itself can be very confusing.

You have what the law says and you have what the locals do – which can seem contradictory.

That’s because there is a white market, a grey market, and a black market.  In this article, we generally will be talking about white and grey market cannabis in DC.

So let’s get into the details about what the law has to say and what locals actually do as far as where to smoke weed in DC, growing cannabis DC, and your medical marijuana card.

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So Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in DC?

where to smoke weed in dc

DC weed las clearly state: “homegrown; home use”. This means that you are supposed to grow your own weed and smoke it in your home.

It’s not really practical so of course, DC locals are finding clever ways to smoke weed in DC.

So what do the locals do? Well here is a list of some of the places that DC residents do smoke at. Full disclosure technically these places are still illegal so do so at your own risk.

  • In nightclubs such as Rose Bar, Eighteenth Street Lounge, and most rooftop bars you will see people in the later nights lighting up blunts. Go to the DC nightlife and ask anyone in line – just don’t sound like a narc.
  • Georgetown is a spot common for people to roll up joints as well at night. Remember to observe the scene first. Don’t just go there lighting up, make sure the crowd is moving in that momentum.
  • Alleyways of U Street is another common location. Again observe the crowd.

Remember it’s illegal to smoke anywhere in public in DC If you were to get caught eating an edible in your parked car you can still get hit with a ticket.

Most of DC is made up of Federal property such as public housing, museums, and parks and you definitely want to avoid trying to smoke there at all cost.

If you are looking to buy weed in Washington DC make sure to check out our list of verified Washington DC recreational dispensaries.

Pro-Tip: One of the safest ways to do this is to get a THC vape pen. This will give you much more stealth and you can smoke in broad daylight in any of the above-mentioned places.

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What is the Rules on Growing Cannabis in DC?

dc growers

If you want to follow the law without ever straying then all recreational dispensaries near me will be out of the question in your next search in Google.

All weed shops in Washington DC (DC recreational dispensaries included) are technically not fully legal. So you will either have to get a medical card or grow your own cannabis.

With Initiative 71 law passing, DC residents were now presented with the motto from government officials: “homegrown; home use”.

DC allows residents 21 years or older to grow up to 6 plants per adult. If you exceed more than three adults in the house the maximum number of plants allowed is 12 per household.

The DC cannabis plants must be grown in a non-public room that is not accessible to minors. On top of that, you can only have half the plants at any given time in a vegetative state.

Cannabis plants start as basic green-leafed plants bearing no fruits. This cycle is known as the vegetative state. Once the cannabis plant begins bearing “fruits” or “buds” this is known as the flowering state. 

Technically you can’t buy weed in DC but we already talked about the gifting community and how easy it is to purchase DC weed. But the I71 law was meant for residents to grow their own cannabis in DC and smoke it.

With that being growing cannabis is no easy task. Believe me, I spent time with some of the best growers in California and grow operations.

Trying to grow plants in a grow tent can be tricky. Get ready for heavy investments in your water bill, electricity bill, time, and equipment.

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How to Get Medical Marijuana Card

If you are looking for the safest way to buy weed in DC then you are going to want to get a medical card.

So how do you get a medical marijuana card in DC? Well, the first step is to qualify yourself!

You must be at least 18 years old, a DC resident, and you must qualify through a physician for one debilitating medical condition.

If you are good at all the above, follow these steps on how to get a DC medical marijuana card:

  1. Go to your physician in DC to e evaluated and approved for a debilitating medical condition.
  2. Once you have the recommendation from your physician, apply for a DC medical marijuana card online and pay the fees.
  3. Once you submit your application, just wait a week or so for them to approve and send you your medical marijuana DC card!

Here is a link for the actual application if you want to gauge the questions they will ask and the requirements.

e While most states have a specific list of qualifications as far as wellness goes, DC is surprisingly relaxed as far as what “qualifies” for a medical condition. Whatever condition your doctor deems debilitating will pass you for a DC medical weed card!

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Top 5 DC Weed Strains (And Where to Find Them)

As far as popular DC weed strains derived from Washington DC, there isn’t anything notable yet. The truth is most of the DC smoke shop and DC weed delivery vendors are supplying their weed from out-of-state.

So if you are looking to buy weed in DC technically you are buying strains from states like California and New York.

So this is why you are seeing award-winning cannabis strains in DC. Here are some of my favorite strains and the DC recreational dispensaries you can find them at!

Note: These strains go fast so if they are no longer available you can trust that these weed shops still have amazing quality. I visit these shops regularly and if I see anything inconsistent I remove the entire brand from my page. Also it has become very popular now to use cannabis while smoking lavender and it is absolutely soothing. 

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1. Gifted Curators: Fire OG

Washington dc marijuana

Shop Gifted Curators – Verified

Fire OG is an Indica dominant strain that has euphoric and potent effects. It is also arguably one of the strongest of OG strains that have been becoming a fan favorite throughout the DC. With red and frost red like hairs, this strain is without a doubt an extraordinary marijuana strain. Not only that Gifted Curators has over 1000 Five-star reviews and the owner himself does an amazing job securing some of the best strains you will see nationwide. The Gifted Curator’s Washington DC recreational dispensary is known for holding some of the hottest strains in DC.

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Peace in The Air: Blue Oreos

best dc weed

Shop with Peace in The Air – Verified

Blue Oreos is an Indica dominant hybrid known to have sedating effects that will put your body at ease and relaxed. With high euphoria sensations and a sweet flavor profile with earthy-like hints, this strain is quite remarkable for that good night’s rest. Peace in the Air is one of those DC dispensaries recreational stores that just have strains you see out of the movies. How they do it I don’t care – just so long as they continue doing so. The DC residents love Peace in the Air and so do I.

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Gifted Curator: Gelato 33

d.c. weed

Shop with Gifted Curators – Verified

Gelato 33 is a marijuana strain that has a very well-balanced hybrid effect with dense and delicious buds. Filled with terpenes and tangy hairs, this strain provides a sweet citrus-like taste with fruity flavors that you will absolutely love. If you are looking for an uplifting and energetic high, this will be the perfect selection for you.

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Legacy - Super Lemon Haze


Shop Legacy DC – Verified

Legacy DC is the first to bring down the Super Lemon Haze to DC. Well, the first real one we have seen. With a THC % of 21 get ready to get lifted to new heights. With a zesty lemon flavor and aroma, this strain packs a punch!

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Gifted Curator: Cookie Dawg

marijuana in dc

Shop with Gifted Curator – Verified

Cookie Dawg is an Indica dominant strain with high amounts of THC. While being known as a sedative strain, it’s also perfect for those who need to increase or stimulate their appetite. It has a savory and delicious flavor profile that every cannabis lover out there will appreciate. With strong effects and a toasty sweet smell, Cookie Dawg will not disappoint.

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DC Edibles - Best of 2022

When it comes to edibles, DC is chock-full of them. From pastries to cookies, to famous brand mock-ups you can get your hand on just about any type of edible.

What I felt was important was consistency. All edibles may look the same on the outside but did they infuse the THC properly? Did the properly decarboxylate the THC before applying it to the edibles?

If you ever got a bag of edibles in DC and it got you super high, then the next week you buy the same bag and it was a dud – it’s because their technique is not consistent.

So our recommendations are based on consistently great edibles in DC.

Pro-Tip: You can find much more Edibles in DC at Washington DC recreational dispensaries compared to a medical store, also all the same rules apply to buying pot in DC as it does for edibles.

dc weed edibles

1. Exclusive Mellow Bars - Gifted Curators DC

Shop with Gifted Curators – Verified

Our new favorite edible in DC hands down.

Mellow bars give you that nostalgiac rice Krispies treat with oozing marshmallows. Each pack comes in four squares and covers all ranges of dosing. If you want a nice buzz take one square, if you want to fly high two squares will do wonders.

These things are no joke so no need to take all four squares at once this pack is definitely worth the price and hats off to whoever made these because I have never had one inconsistent dosing. My advice stock up before they are gone.

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best edibles dc

2. JackPot Edibles in DC - Gifted Curators

Shop Gifted Curators – Verified

These mouthwatering gummies are the perfect infused treat for all you edible lovers out there. With a whopping 400mg, these gummies will have you lifted like no other. Whether you’re out with friends and family or want to take it easy in the comfort of your own home, these tasty gummies are the perfect edibles no matter the time of day or occasion. 

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bag head boys DC

3. Bag Head Boys- The Best Edibles in DC

Shop Legacy DC – Verified

Bag Head Boys has been known to be one of the strongest edibles in DC. Legacy sent us their batch and it packed a super strong punch. With four gummies at 100 MG per pieces, you may want to consider trying just a half a gummy when starting out. Truly a great value!

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dc edibles

4. Gifted Curators: OMG Chocolate Orange Soda

Shop Gifted Curators – Verified

These THC-infused chocolates are a phenomenal treat, especially for those with a sweet tooth or craving. At a high 500mg per bar, you can expect to be glued to your couch. Since this is a chocolate bar, you can microdose by starting with a small amount and then ingesting more if needed. We suggest taking it easy with these bad boys and anticipate on an intense body high.

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Peace in the Air Edibles

5. Peace in the Air - Rocket Chocolates

Shop Peace in the Air – Verified

One of the best chocolate edibles in DC. With a power-packed 350 MG, we tested eating this bar in increments in four parts, and we consistently got the same power pack high. This means the bars are dosed evenly which is a huge problem lately. Definitely check this chocolate edible out!

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Popular DC Concentrates

DC went under a scare as many vendors were selling THC cartridges infused with vitamins that were sending people to the hospital. It’s been well over a year now and I feel that the market for concentrates is much safer. Until I know for sure that all carts are safe I will not be recommending any weed vapes in DC at the moment. As far as concentrates such as wax, budder, rosin, live resin, I have a nice list for you on your next purchase of THC products in DC.

dc concentrates

1. DC Dabbers: THC-A Diamonds

Shop DC Dabbers – Verified

This concentrate is quite the potent extract, with crystalline structures and high terpenes for the best flavor profile. If you’re looking for a pure THCA extract, I strongly suggest giving these guys a shot. All I needed was one hit from my rig before feeling that instantaneous and powerful high that this concentrate is known to deliver. DC Dabbers is the king of Washington DC recreational dispensaries that has a strong foot-hold on concentrates.

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dc concentrate

2. DC Dabbers- Sugar Wax

Shop DC Dabbers – Verified

This type of concentrate has become one of my personal go-to’s for a tasty dab. Known for its sugary consistency and texture, this cannabis concentrate is made through a chemical extraction process that is made from dry flowers or freshly frozen cannabis plants. Packed with flavor and terpenes, this strain will deliver a salivating inhale with every hit.

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dc shatter

3. DC Dabbers: Shatter

Shop DC Dabbers – Verified

Known for their brittle and glass-like structure, these types of concentrates are very popular for concentrate lovers. DC dabbers switch up their premium strains every week so you have endless options to try out all your personal favorites.

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dc dabber

4. DC Dabbers: Bubble Hash

Shop DC Dabbers – Verified

Recognized for being one of the highest quality forms of solventless marijuana in the cannabis market, this bubble hash is remarkable in both flavor and effects. This product has received some of the highest ratings and has been known to deliver powerful effects throughout your body and mind.

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Washington dc concentrates

5. DC Dabbers: Crumble Wax

Shop DC Dabbers: Verified

Crumble wax has been popular for its unique texture, consistency, and high amounts of THC. Similar to other types of concentrates, crumble compresses cannabis into an extremely potent and pure form of marijuana extract with strong effects. I’ve only had the pleasure of trying this once and I will never forget the high I received from just a small amount.

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Summary - Checklist for Buying DC Weed

For all of you that want to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, this is the full summary for DC weed and how to find the best cannabis from the safest Washington DC recreational Dispensaries.

Think of it as a checklist for everything you need to know on how to buy weed in DC.

  1. As far as finding the best DC dispensary recreational or DC weed delivery make sure to visit our recommended vendors. This is going to save you a lot of time and headache.
  2. Make sure you fully understand Initiative 71 and how to buy marijuana in DC legally through proper verbiage.
  3. If you are feeling unsure and are wondering is weed legal in DC make sure to read our legal section above. We assure you that you can purchase weed safely without a medical card.
  4. Looking to find the best weed in DC? Then you are going to need to learn how to properly buy cannaibs in DC.
  5. Not sure where to smoke weed in DC, we gave recommended locations above – put proceed with caution it’s still illegal to smoke in public in DC.
  6. Want a quick rundown on DC weed laws before trying to buy marijuana in Washington DC? Click to jump back up to the DC legal weed section.

14. King BudzMenu  
Call King Budz at 202-638-9920

4. Peace In the AirMenu 
Call Peace in the Air at 202-905-2330

5. VIPeace: Menu 
Call VIpeace at 202-525-1348

9. Natural Vibes: Menu 
Call Natural Vibes at 202-246-6013


8. High There DC: Menu 

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