The Most Innovative Smokeless Bongs of 2023

The Most Innovative
Smokeless Bongs of 2023

Smoking discreetly at home is done best with a smokeless bong

Being able to take a big rip without blowing your spot is what makes using a discreet bong so great.

A smokeless bong that burns dry herb has not yet been created, but in the concentrate world, vapor is the closest we are to a true smokeless bong.

We tested multiple smokeless bongs and put our nose to the case on which one actually is the most stealth for no smoke bongs at home.


smokeless bong

Best Overall
Smokeless Bong


smokeless and odorless bong

Best Premium
Smokeless Bong


best smokeless bong

Best Budget
Smokeless Bong

A Smokeless Bong Allows You To Smoke at Grandma's House

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best smokeless bongs?

  • We Reviewed all smokeless bongs we could find.
  • We Bought the most expensive and the least expensive smokeless bongs.
  • We Tested smokeless bongs to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their bong held up.

We tested the best true smokeless bongs on the market to bring you the most discreet smoking experience.

If you are new to discreet smoking with smokeless bongs, we recommend you skip below to what is a smokeless bong. If you are brand new to cannabis check out our full guide on how to smoke weed.

Looking for more: If a smokeless bong isn’t quite right for you make sure to check out the hard-hitting and money-saving gas mask bong or see our review on best water pipes. For smooth-hitting bongs check out our review on glycerin bongs or ice bongs.

For a more premium functioning option, we also reviewed the best honeycomb bongs and for a budget option the best silicone bongs. You can always up your cannabis gear as well! Make sure to check out our testing on best stash boxes and best cannabis grinders.

Constant Variables: We know what’s important to on-the-go smokers who want to be secretive smoking in public. When using a smokeless bong, discreetness is key, functionality is needed, and the option to be able to dab is always appreciated. Additionally, being able to pick a heat setting that is perfect for you is preferred. We tested these smokeless bongs using CBX White Walker OG dry herb with 31.04% THC and .11% CBD. When testing smokeless bongs using the same strain each time, we were able to gage the amount of vapor produced as well as the level of high reached from each smokeless bong.

Finding the best smokeless bong is ultimately going to depend on your personal preference and whether you like herb or concentrates, or both.

Just a quick note, we tested the smokeless bongs that were portable and handheld smokeless bongs and compared them to smokeless bongs that are considered to be desktop and stationary. 

When it comes to smoking from a bong that produces no smoke, all concentrate devices are considered “smokeless”. So make sure to check out our list of best nectar collectors, silicone nectar collector, and dab rigs as each product is unique in it’s own way but all of them produce zero smoke and only vapor.

Best Smokeless Bongs of 2023

To be able to test a smokeless bong on how well it functions, we tested them in the park, in a car, and used it in the same house as our grandma (true story), to truly be able to put it to the test. A smokeless bong should produce no smoke at all, while there is still vapor, the amount of it dissipates in seconds and smells far less than that of weed smoke from an actual bong. Take a look at the winners for 2023 smokeless bong:

Best Overall Smokeless Bong with Concentrate Option: Carta Vape

how does smokeless bong work

V2 Vape Rig


The Carta Vape Rig V2 smokeless bong is the only smokeless bong with a double feature that allows you to take dabs and smoke dry herb out of the same smokeless bong. All you need is the dry herb atomizer to make this a true smokeless bong. Check out the features of this smokeless bong: Skip below to see our research on best smokeless bong

Best Budget Smokeless Bong: Puffco Peak

how does a smokeless bong work

Smokeless Vaporizer Bong


The Puffco Peak is a great starter smokeless bong. With it’s haptic feedback, you will be made aware if you’ve left the device on, so that you never run the batteries out for no reason. Check out the features of this smokeless bong: Skip below to see our research on best smokeless bong.

Best Premium Smokeless Bong: Volcano Hybrid

scientific smokeless bong

Volcano Desktop Vaporizer


Storz & Bickel were the first to create a smokeless bong. They knew what they were doing when they chose to have this vapor bong Made in Germany. The most high quality materials, and the best workmanship. Check out the features of this smokeless bong. Skip below to see our research on best smokeless bong.

Why the Volcano Hybrid Smokeless Bong is the Best Smokeless Bong

smokeless weed bong
  • Amazing Quality
  • Made In Germany
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Balloon Valve Option
  • Tube Kit Option
  • Tube Kit Swivels 360 Degrees for Party Mode With Friends
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Sells at high price

What makes a smokeless bong a favorite? For us, a smokeless bong just makes sense that it shouldn’t produce any smoke, so no regular ordinary bong would do. A great smokeless bong should offer mouthwatering taste that you can’t find in smoking dry herb from a bong. A smokeless bong should also heat up quickly and finally be easy to maintain. The Volcano Hybrid Smokeless Bong checked off on all of these things.

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Smokeless Bong Should Produce No Smoke

"This vaporizer is for you if you want the best vaporizer available. It has no competition. 12 years or longer ago I got my first Volcano but being a smoker back then I was not ready for it. Today I own a Mighty a Plenty and now a Volcano Hybrid. Each one the top of its class on the market. And my new Volcano Hybrid tops them all. Worth every $."

Pascal M.

Finding a smokeless bong that produces no smoke is what turned us on to vaporizers. It just make sense that a smokeless bong doesn’t produce any smoke. Since a vaporizer doesn’t produce smoke but offers a huge rip, similar to a bong, a smokeless bong is what we found. The Volcano offers no smoke, just a cloud of vapor that disappears in seconds. Grandma didn’t even notice.

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A Great Smokeless Bong Should Offer Mouthwatering Taste

What makes a smokeless bong so great? A mouthwatering rip, every time. Not only does a smokeless bong not produce smoke, but it offers a taste that you will not get from a regular bong. Since you are not burning dry flower with a flame, you are heating it up to create a vapor, no smoke is produced. The Volcano offers a very clean tasting hit that tastes exactly as your bud smells. Delicious.

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Smokeless Bong Should Heat Up Quickly

While testing different smokeless bongs, we realized, the sooner you can take that rip the better. Which is what makes these smokeless bongs so amazing, to us. The Volcano heats up in 39 seconds. It doesn’t get better than that. We’re very antsy to get high, around here.

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A Smokeless Bong Should be Easy to Maintain

"This is the greatest vaporizer on the planet . Best user experience, best quality vapour and the best company behind it. If you take your medication seriously.............there is no other choice. Awesome"

Lee A.

Providing an easy clean is helpful. If a smokeless bong is easy to disassemble, then it is easy to maintain and keep clean. When using a smokeless bong, it’s safe to say you prefer to smoke cleaner, so using a Volcano that comes apart easily makes for an easy clean.

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Why the Carta Vape Rig V2 is the Best Smokeless Bong for Concentrates

weed smokeless bong
  • Portable Design
  • Purchased attachment allows for you to smoke herb or dab concentrates.
  • High Quality Taste
  • Two In One Device
  • Bluetooth Features
  • Custom Glass Options
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • INITIAL Charge Time Up to 1 Hour

When we were looking for a good smokeless bong that gave us the option for smoking dry herbs and concentrates we found the Carta Vape Rig to be the best. With haptic feedback that tells you the device is still on, and a quick charge, you will never not be high.

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Smokeless Bong that Offers 2-in-1

"Best portable dab rig!! Love it, works like a rig but on the go, and removable batteries are the move!!"

Chris H.

There is no other smokeless bong on the market that offers the 2-in-1 feature of concentrates and dry herb. We were skeptical at first that one device could carry out two functions, but we were highly surprised when we discovered it could! Works great on the go, so you can comfortably smoke stealth.

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Smokeless Bong that Offers Haptic Feedback

Unlike the competitors on the market, the Carta Vape Rig smokeless bong lets you know when it is still on so you don’t waste battery life. This feature we found came in handy since we’re primarily forgetful around here.

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Smokeless Bong Should Charge Quickly

"I can’t believe I didn’t upgrade from my little pen til now. This thing is so smooth even with big dabs! I’m in love."

Sarah S.

Charging in just 30 minutes is another feature that made us fall in love with this smokeless bong. Don’t you hate it when you’re ready to leave the house and realize you’re going to be late because you forgot to charge your smokeless bong? At least in this case you’ll only be 30 minute late.

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Why Grass City's Puffco Peak Smokeless Bong is the Best Portable Smokeless Bong

bong smokeless
  • Great Design
  • High-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Silicone Base
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Clearest Expression of Potency
  • Highest Expression of Effects
  • Strongest Expression of Flavor
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Minor Issue when pulling a hit, vapor can sometimes get trapped

The simple-to-use design of the Puffco Peak smokeless bong is what made us fall in love with this one. It’s perfect for the beginners, which we are not, but we did realize in the process of testing. We love this smokeless bong for it’s esthetically pleasing design. Although you can’t hit dry herb from it, we still think it’s pretty great.

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Smokeless Bong That Offers a Smooth Hit

"The Puffco Peak has arguably the best hits of any e-rig. It tastes great with thick, satisfying hits on all temperatures. It's attractive and inviting, and easy to use"


Nothing starts off the day better than a rip from the Puffco Peak smokeless bong. Since you are smoking vapor and not burning flower, the hit is much smoother than that of a regular bong. In our research, we may have coughed once or twice, but the Puffco Peak never produced a coughing fit. Great for smoking in public because a cough fit may just be the thing that gives you away.

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Smokeless Bong That You Can Take Anywhere

We loved the Puffco Peak because it was so nice to take out and about for the day. We loved using this smokeless bong in the car and at the park. Since this is a smokeless bong and since we were using concentrate, it was very discreet and the smell vanished in seconds.

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A Smokeless Bong Should Offer Multiple Heat Settings

"The look and build quality of the Puffco Peak are both excellent. ... The Puffco Peak's base is made out of silicone and it is very durable. Even though glass parts are more likely to break and are more fragile, the Peak's borosilicate glass is resistant to heat and doesn't crack easily."


Don’t smoke as much as your friend there? Choose from the different settings that the Puffco Peak smokeless bong offers. You have 4 different options to choose from. This makes it great for multiple friends hitting this smokeless bong in one sesh, together.

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What is a Smokeless Bong?

A smokeless bong is a device for smoking weed that packs a huge punch but doesn’t produce smoke. The smokeless bongs mentioned are considered to be smokeless because they produce vapor upon exhalation, not smoke. This is generally what makes a smokeless bong a smokeless bong.

How Does Smokeless Bong Work

Using the smokeless bong is simple:

  1. Turn device on and allow to heat up
  2. Place herb into the flower chamber
  3. Allow smokeless bong to fill up with vapor
  4. Inhale vapor from smokeless bong

What Makes a High Quality Smokeless Bong?

We tested many smokeless bongs for things like heat time, charge time, how long the charge lasts, how sturdy the device and the material, how well the smokeless bong was made overall. We also tested to see if it was actually a smokeless bong and what that means is no smoke!

In our research, we came up with the top picks based on durability and functionality.

A German Made Smokeless Bong

When we hear “made in Germany” we know it’s going to be top quality. A Volcano smokeless bong is made in Germany and that means it is made of only high-quality materials. This smokeless bong will always outlive all the rest. When you feel it you’ll be able to see what we mean. Sturdy is the word-y.

Heats Up in Seconds

Finding a high quality smokeless bong that heats up quickly is what sets the Volcano smokeless bong set aside from the rest. Sturdy and efficient is what we look for and that’s just what we got. With other smokeless bongs on the market that aren’t as well-made, heat up wait time can take minutes.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Smokeless Bong

We didn’t take on the task of finding the best smokeless bong lightly. We wanted to be sure we hit all the key marks of what makes a smokeless bong the best. Discreet smoking is one of the most important skills to master. We wanted to be sure we gave the best feedback for any situation that would call for a smokeless bong.

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