7 of the Best Gas Mask Bongs to Strap Your Face Into 2023

The Best Gas Mask Bongs
to Strap Your Face Into 2023

Sometimes smoking from a bong is just not enough.

There comes a time in every stoner’s journey, where they wake up in the morning and say, “Hey I need to strap my face into a gas mask bong and just see where life takes me”.

Today is that day! Gas mask bongs are an incredible way to get high off your stash, with much less saving you money and cannabis!

But did you know a gasmask weed pipe actually delivers more THC than a bong? Check out our top picks for best weed gas mask:

Venturi Bong Mask

weed gas mask

Best Overall
Gas Mask Bong

Anonymous Mask

gas mask for smoking weed

Best Premium
Weed Gas Mask

TS Weed Mask

gas mask bong

Best Cheap
Gas Mask Bong

Best Gas Mask
Bongs of 2023

Finding the best gas mask for weed was indeed a challenge. Most of the weed mask were either sold out or discontinued. We scoured the internet and could only find 7 bong mask that was worth testing. After 8 days of testing we were able to find the top 3 cannabis gas mask of 2023.

Best All Around Weed Gas Mask with Venturi Cooling

gas mask for weed

Venturi Gas Mask Bong


It comes to no surprise that this bong mask has taken the new position as #1. Not only does it have all the features that most gas mask bongs come with like exit valves and adjustable straps, it also comes with the first-ever venturi cooling system and a downstem.

This means that your smoke will be cooled by a nice layer of bubble filtration and then cycle through the venturi system to deliver the smoothest possible smoke possible with any weed gas mask – hands down. Don’t take our word for it, check out what the actual testing was like with our experts who strapped this bad boy to their face! Skip below to see our research on best bong mask

Best Marijuana Gas Mask on a Budget

marijuana gas masks

Acrylic Gas Mask Bong


This gas mask bong currently has 77 five star reviews.  We took a close look at the praises and complaints on this mask and quickly got to work testing against them. Surprisingly, this mask fit very well and functioned very efficiently. Don’t take our word for it skip below to see our research on this cannabis mask. 

Best Premium Gas Mask Bong Worth The Price

Anonymous Bubble Gas Mask Bong


The truth is there were not many premium or high end gas mask bongs, but we did find one that had amazing and versatile design. This Anonymous gas mask bong not only has a premium bubble based bong design but also delivers on aesthetics that most gas mask bongs fail to deliver on.

Equipped with ventilation system, exhaust valves, and a downstem and bowl, this bong mask not only looks bad ass, but still delivers a cooled and filtered hit that a bong can’t quite compete with. Check out what our experts had to say when testing this marijuana mask.

Skip below to see our research on best expensive gas mask bong.

More GasMask Weed Smoking Pipes We Loved

gasmask weed

Gasmask Weed Double Pipe


This gasmask weed bong is awesome. Yes it has a double pipe for maximum smoke cooling and filtration, but it does something that no other smoke mask bong does! It allows you to pack and light the bowl very easily compared to any other mask on the market. If this is your first time smoking from a gasmask weed pipe then you’ll love how beginner-friendly this mask is.

smoke mask weed

Rasta Smoke Mask Weed Pipe


If filtration and cooling is key, there is something about this compressed bubble bowl that we absolutely loved. In our test it had the best pull with some powerful filtration. It was also the first smoke mask weed pipe that had an amazing design with ridged edges and a beautiful sky blue water chamber.


Gun Metal Skull BongMask


Looking to strap your face into a weed gas mask? What about looking scary as hell while doing it? This gunmetal pirate gas mask bong is sure to be the light of the party as you and your friends hotbox your face in. The straight tube actually gives pretty decent filtration and the entire contraption comes apart for easy cleaning. And yes smoke can exhale from the eyes – bad ass!

420 gas mask

Curved 420 Gas Mask


Looking for a 420 gas mask that sort of kind of does everything well? Water filtration, check! Curved pipe for easy bowl packing and lighting, check! Premium metal downstem with awesome smoke release functions, check.  With a one size fit all and adjustable straps that create an airtight seal around your face, this gas mask bong is perfect for any stoner.

A Gas Mask Bong is like Smoking 5 Bong Rips in One Hit

We tested primarily acrylic mask bongs because frankly there were no other materials that were not sold out. We would have loved to see some glass gas mask bong but could not find any (contact us if you do). Check out our testing to find the best bong, ice bongs, and alien bongs. We used the following strains to test: White truffle strain, Dosilato strain, RS11 strain, and Gumbo strain.

In our research we checked to make sure that the mask fits comfortably, was easy to smoke, wasted no smoke, and the comfort level of trapping smoke in with your face. We also tested a standard water pipe the following day against each of the gas mask bongs to test how high we got with the weed mask compared to a bong.

If you are new to weed smoking mask, then we recommend you skip below to learn: how to use a gas mask bong. If this is your first time smoking weed we wrote the ultimate beginners guide.

How to Use a Gas Mask Bong Like a Pro

how to use a gas mask bong

Understanding the basics of how to smoke a bong mask is important. If you don’t understand how to use your weed mask bong then you may be in for a few rude awakenings. Watery eyes, choking on smoke, and a few other discomforts. 

Follow these basic instructions on how to use a gas mask bong:

  1. First, make sure to add the proper water levels in the bong chamber of your weed smoking mask. Tilt your bong mask to the side the downstem should still be submerged. A simple test is putting the mask on and inhaling (with no smoke) and the water chamber should fiter.
  2. Next you want to pack the bowl with flower. Make sure to grind the cannabis properly. Light the marijuana in the bowl and you should see the bubbles begin to filter any resin and tar as the chamber fills with smoke. Get the amount of smoke you like and then remove the bowl and inhale deeply.
  3. This is where things can get a bit tricky. Depending on how your weed smoking mask is shaped and built determines what you do now. If your smoking gas mask has holes then smoke will naturally exit the mask. The issue is if it does not you need to open the exit valves so you can exhale smoke out of the mask. If not there will be a lot of excess smoke recirculating inside of the bong mask. 
  4. During the inhalation process when smoking your weed mask bong, you can also close your eyes and also try only breathing through your noise. If you leave your eyes open and breathe through your noise – this will help prevent any discomfort.

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Tips On How to Smoke a Gas Mask Bong

To smoke a weed gas mask, it does take a few attempts. When I smoked the bong masks we tested there was a lot of trial and error. People think that this is just a novelty item but if you learn how to smoke a gas mask bong correctly you can save a ton of cannabis which in turn saves you money. Here are some expert tips on smoking your gas mask bong.

  • Do not light the bowl again as there is still smoke inside the mask, you want to take two more lighter inhales and clear out the gas mask bong first. 
  • After the first major inhale your next inhales should be softer with your eyes shut and breathing only through your mouth. This will help you clear the rest of the smoke getting you a more powerful hit.
  • Have a friend help you light so you can focus and brace yourself for the powerful hit. I would like to compare the hit of a  gas mask for weed just like a steamroller pipe. They should have named it a gas mask steamroller in my opinion.

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Anatomy of a Weed Gas Mask

bong mask

A shout out to whoever created the first pot gas mask (if you know who did please let us know to give credit). While many people believe this is a gag item sent as a gift, a weed gas mask is truly a one-of-a-kind cannabis smoking device that delivers a powerful hit of THC.

The anatomy of a gas mask bong is half water pipe and half gas mask. A gas mask is usually used to protect the person wearing it from gases, airborne pollutants. The opposite is the case for a gas mask bong as it helps do the opposite and traps smoke inside of the mask.

While designs change the anatomy is generally the same where a water pipe is connected directly to a gas mask. There are release valves that can help you exit your smoke. If you are brave enough your exhaled smoke can be trapped in with you to smoke, sort of like you are shotgunning yourself inside of the mask.

The anatomy of all marijuana gas masks is built to give you a more powerful hit per smoke.

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How to Clean a Gas Mask Bong

Cleaning is fairly easy with a marijuana bong mask. Think of your gas mask as two parts. One is the mask and one is the bowl. You want to continuously clean your bong water and bong with safe cleaners like Resolution Gel and for the mask portion a nice disinfector will work perfect especially if you are going to share the mask, which is quite common. Resolution gel can clean any bong in just 60 seconds so it’s a really fast and efficient way to keep your cannabis gas mask clean.

How Expensive are Gas Mask Bongs?

Cheaper gas mask bongs generally range from $20 while more high end cannabis mask bongs are $40-50. We have yet to see a very premium gas mask bong created yet. If you know of one and would like for us to test it and review it please contact us!

3 Awesome Benefits of a Weed Gas Mask

After investing over 45 hours for this ultimate gas mask bong review, we can tell you there are plenty of reasons you will want to use a gas mask bong.

Here at Cananssentials our motto is “honest cannabis reviews” and to be quite honest, I did not believe any of these products would actually be recommended as functional cannabis smoking devices. We were glad to be proven wrong as any gas mask for weed is a great product that offers many benefits that no other smoking devices do. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons a weed smoking mask should be in your arsenal of cannabis smoking tools.

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A Bong Mask Can Save You Cannabis and Money

Yes you heard right! After we tested gas mask bongs for 45 hours we found that compared to a standard water pipe, weed pipe, and all silicone pipes, the bong mask is the ultimate smoking device that can save you money and cannabis.

Standard cannabis smoking devices are designed for you to take a rip and exhale. Take a close look next time and you will see that there is still smoke coming from your bong when you release it. This trail of smoke is called “slipstream” and holds precious THC that is wasted! A gas mask bong traps all the smoke in your mask and allows you to get more cannabis per hit.

Using a gas mask bong daily will save you cannabis in the long run which ultimately will save you time and money as well. In 2023 after all the drama you know we need to save our hard-earned money.

Some other great devices that allow you to get the most out of your stash are steamroller pipes, large steamroller pipes, and the tolerance lowering chillum.

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A Gas Mask Bong increases the THC Transfer Rate

You heard it here first! THC transfer rate is the actual measure of the % of THC transferred from flower to user. MAPS and NORML found in their combined research, that 60-80% of the THC burned in rolled cannabis and bongs were lost due to “slipstream” smoke. (Fact medically reviewed by Dale Gieringer, Ph.D.)

A weed gas mask was designed to prevent the loss of the slipstream smoke by keeping any potentially “lost smoke” trapped in with you so you can get as much THC as possible. This means when you smoke with a weed gas mask you are getting much higher THC transfer rates as you would smoking a regular bong.

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A Gas Mask for Weed Rip is Like a Hit Plus a Shot Gun

We all remember the days when the blunt was in rotation and your friend would reverse the blunt in their mouth to shotgun smoke into your mouth. While this may not be directly happening with a weed gas mask, the trapped smoke in your mask is like multiple pockets of smoke waiting to be inhaled that would have otherwise been wasted. 

If you are feeling brave, keep the release valves closed and the smoke you exhale can be recycled for you to resmoke as if you were getting shotguns back to back.

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A Weed Gas Mask Brings Adventure Back Into Your Stoner Life

We all remember the days we first experimented with cannabis and were introduced to all these exciting equipment such as bongs, dab rigs, and recyclers. Now it’s barely a thought as we take our rips.

When you buy a weed smoking mask, there is something fun and exciting about it that reminded all of us who tested about the good old days.

There was a mystery, excitement, and a bit of worry as we tested and learned how to use a gas mask for weed. And nothing is more fun than when friends come over to smoke and you get to pop their pot gas mask cherry!

If you are looking for new adventures in your cannabis journey a gas mask bong is king, but some other fun first-time products to try are electric dab rigs, a coffee mug pipe, and also a glycerin coil bong.

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Research Behind Best Cheapt Gas Mask with Bong

weed smoking masks
  • Powerful THC Hits (Do not smoke back to back bowls)
  • High-Quality Build
  • Water Filtration
  • No Hassle Bowl
  • Exit Valves for Release of Smoke
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Takes practice to learn how to smoke
  • Can be hard to light alone first few times

It was actually a very easy decision when testing between the 7 gas mask bong that the Toker Supply mask was the best overall budget option. At such an affordable price you get clean aesthetics, practical functions, and amazing water filtration. This was originally our top pick for best gas mask bong but recently lost its position to the venturi weed gas mask (see below). Not only that the mask performs very well, take a look at the research below.

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What was the Comfort Level of this Budget Mask Bong?

"Honestly I hated the mask when I first got it. I even left a bad review haha. But a few months later I kept trying and once I got the hang of it it really is amazing. It will not be comfortable the first few times but just hang in there and you'll get it"

Mary Anne N.

It was an easy choice for this mask because more than half the mask did not fit well or adjust well to the face. We have to factor in that not all face shapes are the same, and in truth real gas mask are never very comfortable, their sole purpose is to protect you from gas. The marijuana gas mask bongs aim for a very different intent, as their objective is to trap smoke in.

So how comfortable was this mask with all the smoke trapped in with your face? Well, the honest truth is that all the mask we tested it felt about the same with the smoke trapped in. Some of our experts did just fine, some coughed, and some had runny eyes. But one thing we can all agree on is that we got a hell of a lot higher using this mask compared to a standard bong.

Think of it like this, a bowl is like jogging, a bong is like running, and a gas mask is like sprinting. It is not as comfortable but it gets you amazing results as far as THC is concerned. Just a note, most of the bong masks we tested had valves, and you want to make sure to leave the valves open so you can breathe and exhale smoke.

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Was There any Smoke Leaks in this Gas Mask Bong?

As mentioned above, if you leave the valves closed (gas mask have valves on both sides to allow you to breathe through if needed) then much more smoke is trapped inside of the marijuana gas mask. In our initial testing we thought keeping all smoke contained inside the mask was how the gas mask bong functioned, but in truth there is a nice balance between smoking with the bong mask and then exhaling the smoke through the valves. For example, Frank tested the gas mask bong by taking four bong rips in a row without allowing ventilation and let’s just say we thought we needed a paramedic on standby. 

To smoke this thing efficiently, we recommend taking a rip with the valve opened. So smoke leaks was not a huge factor in ranking because all mask should allow the exhaled smoke to release through, otherwise there is just too much discomfort. The Toker Supply Gas Mask Bong trapped smoke in when you needed it and allowed for proper ventilation on the exhales.

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How High did the Best Gas Mask Bong Get Me?

"When it comes to actual flower there is nothing that gets me higher than the mask. It really gets you extremely high but just takes time to get the hang of it"

James K.

So the big question remains: just how high did this weed smoking mask get us compared to a standard water pipe? Well that was an easy observation because on the 8th day of testing we all smoked from a water pipe and every single researcher marked down that all 7 gas mask bongs did get us higher in one bong rip than a standard water pipe. We believe because it forces you to take all of the smoke that would of otherwise have been left over in a bong. 

Not only that, there is a certain feeling when you are inside that mask, maybe the little bong devil on your shoulder, that just screams at you to “inhale this as hard as you can”. While we can’t pinpoint the actual reasoning behind how well the marijuana mask bong delivered in THC, we do know that the high was much more. So if you are looking to save money on your stash and get higher with less, than the gas mask bong is the way to go!

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How was the Filtration, Cooling, and Function on this Weed Mask?

Compared to our budget bong recommendation we loved that there was a circular water chamber that sort of “designated” a chamber for water filtration. How well did it filter the smoke? Well, the downstem worked as well as any standard bong, nothing very flashy here. So filtration was standard and cooling was decent. We did however enjoy the functionality of the mask as you can take off the bong to clean and it makes it much easier for storage. 

The smoke traveled through very well and the valves release smoke on exhale smoothly (only if you were taking one hit at a time and controlling this tempo). We loved how there was additional gas mask bong attachments for this mask, such as adding a quartz banger and smoking dabs with this mask. So in other words you could changes this into a gas mask dab rig and it would be much less harsh because there is no smoke, but instead vapor. Also, we realized some of the mask bongs were much harder to light on your own but this mask was very easy, because the shape of the bong. 

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Research Behind Headway Acrylic Gas Mask For Weed

mask bongs
  • Powerful THC Hits (Do not smoke back to back bowls)
  • Smoke exit and release valves
  • Water Filtration
  • Great Bowl Positioning
  • Venturi Cycling for Cooling
  • Amazing downstem and water filtration
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Takes practice to learn how to smoke
  • Can be hard to light alone first few times

We always try to find that one winner in the lot that still performed moderately well, but the price was unbeatable. In our case with the testing of various gas mask bongs we loved the Venturi Mask because it truly gives you premium features that no other cannabis gas mask has on the market with prices much lower!

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Was This Acrylic Venturi Gas Mask for Weed Comfortable?

With the testing of all 7 gas mask bongs we found that comfort level was about the same all around. The sole purpose of the weed gas mask is to trap smoke inside so we are forced to inhale as much as possible. In that case our entire team had mixed responses between comfort levels. This showed us that comfort levels in a bong gas mask really comes down to how you smoke with it and your personal tolerance level to being clouded with that much smoke. In my case I coughed and my eyes watered but Laila was able to hit it multiple times like a champ and had no issues. 

Where the bong makes up for in discomfort it makes up for a power-packed high. The adjustable straps fit just fine, and the mask it’s self had a great build pretty above standard from all the other mask we tested and performed as well as our premium gas mask bong. 

What set this marijuana weed mask was really the curved pipe.

The biggest complaint we had was putting on this mask and trying to light your cannabis or even load the bowl with flower. For the cheaper gas mask, we had to shove the mask into our face just to see the bowl to light, this curved tube allows you to easily pack cannabis into your bowl, light, and smoke all by yourself! This may seem like a small detail but compared to the experiences of the other bong masks this made a huge difference!

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Why We Loved the Amazing Venturi Curved Pipe

Dude most comfortable mask I ever smoked from. Not sure why but this thing is just so much easier to use."

Michael C.

This product got shipped to us around September of 2023 and we were extremely excited when we saw the bowl. The spiral shape allows for a venturi effect, which cycles the smoke a few times allowing to cool it down before reaching your lungs.

This is how some popular pipes operate and we knew that one of the complaints of using these 420 gas mask was really the smoke in your nose, eyes, and the heat of the smoke.

The smoke must first travel through the water filtration system, then through the cycling features of the tube, which delivers truly the smoothest hit we ever had the pleasure to experience with a smoke mask for weed.

Every one of our experts who tested this product agreed this is truly the best gas mask bong on the market, and knocked down the TS bong mask down a notch moving this up as the best there is.

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How High did this Bong Gas Mask Get Us?

"If you are hurting like I was hurting in 2020 then this mask will get you high off very little bud. So I get super high and save money and my greens and that makes this thing awesome"

Richard K.

Higher than high!

In our test all 7 gas mask bongs got us all very high compared to a standard water pipe. The results were varied but most of the participants in the test stated that we felt the one hit in the cannabis bong mask was equivalent to about 1.5 – 2 bong rips from a standard water pipe. So this weed gas mask delivered great results but at a much more affordable price. 

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Does the Overall Best Gas Mask Bong Prevent Slip Stream Smoke?

Gas mask bongs need to trap in smoke effectively in order for you to get more intake compared to a regular water pipe. All the gas mask we tested did trap smoke in efficiently but we found that best practice is you leave the exhale valves on both sides open. The tempo in which you want to smoke is: light the cannabis, inhale the smoke, force exhale through the valves by exhaling downwards, and then inhale 2-3 times to clear out the mask. Make sure to do this before lighting another hit, because you may trap too much smoke for your eyes comfort. So for the amazing price this venturi acrylic cannabis gas mask definitely gets the job done.

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Research Behind Premium Skull Shape Weed Gas Mask

marijuana gas masks
  • Powerful THC Hits (Do not smoke back to back bowls)
  • Highest Quality Build
  • Water Filtration
  • Ergonomic Design (Curved Pipe for easy use)
  • Exit Valves for Release of Smoke
  • Downstem and Bubble base for high filtration and cooling
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Takes practice to learn how to smoke
  • Can be hard to light alone first few times

This gas mask for weed was by far all of the teams favorite, because they got a bit creative and strayed away from the typical gas mask look and made a much more unique design. Anonymous conveys so much mystery and what’s not to love about this design!  Not only was this mask versatile the design is beautiful. Let’s see what our experts had to say when testing this product out for a duration of 10 days.

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How Much More Comfortable was an Expensive Gas Mask Bong?

The anonymous weed gas mask was the only mask that was a gas mask foundation base with an actual design mask on top.

As far as comfortability, the mask fits snug and traps smoke in like a champ. Slip stream smoke is how you lose a large % of THC whether using a bong or a pipe. This weed gas mask trapped all that potent THC with no issues.

Smoking a gas mask bong you always tend to struggle when lighting by yourself, especially if it’s a straight tube and the water begins slipping backward in the water chamber. The bubble bottom with the downstem is perfect as you can tilt the entire contraption backward and the water will stay keep the downstem submerged.

This is something that truly allows this to function without the hassles you would normally find with straight tube weed masks.

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How Well Did This Cannabis Mask Cool the Smoke

"Yes the mask worked really well, and to be honest I didn't think I would see that much bubbling but it really did offer much more filtration than I would have thought. Yes you can definitely let your readers know this is worth the buy, I don't use it often but when I do I never regret that I bought it."

Frank W.

One of the major issues when we tested the majority of our gas mask bong was that the smoke delivered was already a bit of a discomfort to the nose, and then the lack of water on straight tube pipes just sent blazing hot unfiltered smoke to your lungs.

Yes that hurts a lot. But this anonymous gas mask bong truly excelled with the large bubble base bottom of the water chamber and efficiency of the downstem. Obviously it won’t compare to the level of Grav Labs laser cut percolators but this marijuana gas mask filtered and cooled this water extremely well helping to deliver a cooler smoke.

This makes using this mask much more efficient compared to waterless bong masks. So the bonus is you get an amazing design but the true premium features shine in the filtration and ease of use with this product.

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How High Did This Expensive Weed Mask Bong Really Get Us?

"Yeah, this thing really gets you lifted. Just take your time and light a bowl and finish it all before lighting again. You will be surprised how high you get off just one bowl"

Sammy F.

We mentioned that all the gas mask bongs got us almost twice as high as the standard pipe. So if you want to get very high off less, then any of the gas mask bongs we recommended will work. If you can dish out a couple more bucks then we recommend getting this mask just for the simple fact it was the easiest to smoke. With it being so much easier to smoke we were able to focus on the inhalation process and get ourselves very smooth and powerful rips. This is how we felt that the Anonymouse Gas Mask Bong was able to get us the highest out of all the gas mask bong.

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What Makes a Great Gas Mask for Weed ?

Testing 7 weed mask bongs was very interesting as we had to figure out what truly made for a high quality gas mask bong.  We found that the bong and bowl shape was very important, the comfort of the mask, and the ventilation system as well.

Bong and Bowl Shape is Very Important

The shape of the bong (the attachment pipe that goes into the mouth end of the gas mask) is critical. Some of the water pipe mask we tested, the bong attachment was too long and angled too low. So imagine you are inside the mask and because the mouth portion of the mask sticks out, it’s hard to look down and actually see the bowl end you need to light. When we tested for quality we were looking not only for the bong to filter as well as a standard water pipe, but for the the shape of the pipe to be efficient for the purpose of the marijuana bong mask.

The Comfort and Shape of the Mask

Nobody wants to put on a mask that feels horrible. While most of the mask we tested were not designed for comfort, they did fit snug and were comfortable enough. Some of the cannabis mask we tested had issues with their straps, or the shape of the mask and position of bong were so awkward that it kept bending the mask from the weight of the bong which restricted the breathing room inside the mask. We factored in that a well built and thought out weed mask bong is one that was designed for basic comfort that allowed for functionality when smoking.

The Ventilation System on the Weed Gas Mask

One big misconception is that when you use a weed gas mask is that you fill up the mask and just keep inhaling and exhaling. The issue with that is you are going to exhale smoke back into the same smoke you are attempting to inhale. We noticed on our first inhale the smoke tends to rise a bit near your nose and eyes, so if you open the exhalation valves, you can force the exhale smoke down through the valves by blowing very hard down. Then you can inhale the rest of the smoke that way you are smoking the correct smoke and not exhaled smoke. All the bongs that we recommended had a great ventaliation system.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Gas Mask Bong

In the case of testing the gas mask bongs our entire team participated, just because everyone wanted to have bragging rights that we used this thing. Our team of cannabis experts has more than ten years of experience with smoking cannabis and using it with various products. We are the SEO cannabis experts behind the success of some of the leading industry cannabis companies such as Daily High Club, Moose Labs, and The Dart Co when it comes to well researched expert cannabis content. 

We spent a total of 8 days testing 7 gas mask bong and an additional 8th day to test a standard water pipe against the gas mask bongs. Not only that we researched hundreds of reviews on weed gas mask, watched a dozen videos, and then made sure to scrape all data on star ratings. We took these reviews and then looked for these key points when testing to see just how great each product truly was.

When it comes to a gas mask bong, they are amazing products if you know how to use them correctly. If you have an understanding of how to exhale the smoke out of the valves and inhale the smoke incorrectly, then you will have an amazing experience with any of the products we recommended. A weed gas mask is an awesome tool that saves money, cannabis, and brings new adventure in your stoner journey you forgot you could have. We recommend everyone to try a gas mask for weed!

Feel free to share your experience with your mask bongs and if you have any recommendations for a gas mask for smoking weed then feel free to reach out to us so we can review any new bong mask and update this article. Thanks for your time.

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